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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book.

Eyes of the City

A few months after the fire, there was a strange occurrence just kitty corner from the remains of my home. The Fire Department appeared to be answering a medic call because of an illness of a neighbour. As a couple paramedics were inside the house tending to the patient, there was an older man standing outside the house in the front yard. It lead me to believe that he was a look-out just in case I might drop on over to harass them. I assumed the Fire Department and the City of Tacoma was well aware of me so I assumed the local fire department was well aware of my street address since it probably haunts them to this day.

I thought to myself, “It appears they know whose neighbourhood they were coming to. Looks like they must have sent the man standing outside along to ward off any trouble I might create.”

I took it as an incentive to walk across the street to play into the game. I began to harass him by telling him about the fucked up crew they’d stuck me with and the lousy job they did while fighting my fire. After antagonizing him a bit, I was sure my guess was right because he was well aware of just who I was. He said, "You're not going to get anything for it."
       From the way he reacted I was sure the city had informed him about me. I bet they told him that I hadn't filed for income taxes and their plans were to make me look bad if I tried to sue the City. I’d bet the City figured I would at least hold off until I cleared up my debit with Uncle Sam and I also think it's safe to say the city planed to make sure I wouldn't be able to pay taxes in any near future because their plan was to make sure my income wouldn't amount to much for at least the next three years as an effort to run out the statute of limitations.

I made no secret about what happened during the fire. Whenever I'd see city employees working around town, I would ask them, "Hay, where's your women and minorities?" Some-times I'd follow up by telling them about the fire department and how they screwed up. I thought I might gain some support from some of the employees who were against affirmative action and they might bring the issue to the attention of the local government. I thought they wouldn't want the media to get a hold of the story without the City trying to set things right beforehand. I was hoping the City might realise their mistake and help me with some compensation for the ordeal so I could replace every-thing I lost; sooner than later. No doubt I was wrong to think that they would at least help me with the process of rebuilding my house.

As you may have guessed, I had not seen the video tape of the fire yet and I was quite naive to how things are done in the corrupt society and government we deal with from time to time. The truth is: Things are not as righteous as they are conveyed to be in the US.

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