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Back to the Snoopy City

John and I would usually meet at least once a month for break-fast. I would usually make my house payment in cash and the meetings were also our way of keeping up on each other. Our relationship had grown over the years and I had considered John to be what a friend described as a surrogate father. John has proven to be the one I can count on the most and I entrust him with my life. He is the key person in my will and I’ve depended on my trust in him to keep me alive. Needless to say I’ve felt I owe him much graduated for that.
       A few times at breakfast I mentioned to him about the small trucks or cars bearing the City of Tacoma labels I'd notice drive down the ally behind my house. By the sound of the tires rolling on the ground I could tell they would slow down as they would pass by my property. When I'd catch them doing so, they would act as if they weren't paying any attention to my place. Backing my suspicion, I watched the vehicles drive the whole length of the ally without stopping for any apparent reason. When witnessed the city’s vehicles turn onto the next paved road, my guess that they were cursing the alley because of me.
       I also became aware of suspicious people in the same restaurant when John and I would meet for breakfast. One time I was aware that I was feeding information to a couple guys sitting in the booth next to us behind John. I spoke about the fire and that I was being watch by the city as I mentioned it to John over breakfast. As we got up to leave, I heard one of the men say to the other, "What's wrong with this picture?"
       It wasn't long before I met the building inspector, Dan McConaughy. He said he had red tagged my house shortly after the fire and that I couldn't live there without a temporary land use permit. He told me to go down to the City Land Use Office and apply for one.

Once down at the City of Tacoma's Land Use Department, I found out I needed a building permit before I could get a temporary land use permit and before I could get a building permit, I needed a blue print for what I was going to build on the property.
       Another requirement was that I needed a paper signed by all the property owners next to my lot, granting me permission to live in my trailer while the house was under reconstruction. I felt if any of my neighbors had any grudges against me, I was bound to have a problem with such a requirement, especially if the city encouraged them to do so.

I bought a computer program for designing floor plans and went down to the Tacoma City Land use Department with it. I was informed my floor plan wasn't complete enough for their approval and an approved blue print was needed before they would grant a building permit. I learned that not only did I need an approved blue print for what was going to be built on the property to be able to purchase a building permit, but I would also have to supply a plan stating just where the trailer would be set-up while I was rebuilding the house before purchasing a temporary land use permit. Of course all these permits had a spendy price tag attached to them. I'm sure many of you can relate to the experience and are thinking: Stupid Rule Number 67: Been there done that.
       What they didn't tell me about is that there was such a thing as a 30 day temporary land use permit. I didn't know about them until later when I read about them in a news paper. Kaiser Aluminum Company got a couple thirty day temporary permits in a row for trailers used as living quarters for strike breakers that were brought in from other parts of the country during the strike.

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