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It would be nice to have a larger bed

After I came up with the retainer money I was anxious to have a second bed. I wanted a cube, but my budget would only let me build a larger flatbed.
       Ken allowed me to set up shop in his driveway again and I imagine his wife Pam, had a few thing to say when she found a power cord running through their kitchen again. However, one thing Ken and I had in our favour was that Ken does most of the cooking. Although some might think a gal might have been a little upset about some guy setting up shop in her driveway, I do think it's safe to say Pam was quite supportive of my project.
       With some left-over steel and a couple hundred dollars available on my credit card, I managed to build a __ inch wide bed. I went with the __ inch wide floor because if you buy the steel in twenty foot lengths, you get 3 cross-members out of each twenty foot piece and there isn't any waste. I should have used 2 X 1 1/2 by 3/16 angle instead the 1 1/2 X 1/12 by 3/16, but it not only cost less money, it was weighed less too. As it turned out, the bed only weighs about 700 pounds when trimmed out with wood and now I know better to go with the heavier angle iron. But what the heck, even though the cross members ended up a little bowed; it's done everything I've wanted it for.
       Shoot, one time I just put a piece of floor decking in the middle of the floor, (with a couple screws to hold it in place so it wouldn't slide when I dumped it) and I hauled over 5,000 pounds of concrete on it.
       I named it the "P____ B_____." It was to be nothing too fancy because I just wanted something cheap and simple. Something I could slop paint around in. A practical light-weight design was the just the thing I was looking for. It's been the work horse for my truck and well deserving of its name. I like it better than having a full eight foot wide bed because it's easier to see around and it fits easily through an eight foot wide garage door.
       I arrived at Ken’s place with my welder and everything pre-cut inside my P_______ W_____ bed. I rolled off the bed and man-aged to weld the new bed together over the back of my truck while it was parked in their driveway in two days.
       The back wheel assemblies have proven to be the hardest parts to fabricate. When the welding was done I took it home and fastened the plywood floor and mounted the 2 by 12 sideboards.

At first I was worried about people trying to copy my invention so during the construction I usually kept a bed on it. If I didn't want to load a bed on to it when I needed to run down to William’s Oil Filter, I'd cover the carrier with a canvas tarp by tucking the tarp under the carrier before lowering it all the way down to the truck chassis.
       I longed for the ability to drive around with nothing on it, but I also wanted to make sure it would be difficult for someone fit a tape-measure inside the carrier so I figured the next best thing would be to build a small wooden cover for it.
       The result was I came up with what I call my "C____ T____." Since the truck its self had all the goodies like air conditioning, electric windows, power seat, and cruise control, it was the closest thing I've ever had to a Cadilack, but Cadilacks have big trunks so that was what it needed for those times when I’d be only going to the grocery store. To stay away from trademark problems, I've adopted the word “Caddie.”
       It's based on a couple two by fours and it has a trunk for goodies and it’s like turning my truck into a little more than a car. It's ideal for towing trailers because it's narrow and allows for tight corners without having to worry about jack-knifing the trailer. Over the years I've made some modifications to it and it works out to be my small truck now.
       It worked out real slick when I had my 80 inch bed loaded up with equipment and stored in a self storage unit. Since I can wheel the Caddie Trunk around by hand; it makes for quick and convenient bed changes without reloading it back on my truck just to put it in the storage unit after loading the heavier 80 inch bed. Also I was able to pull it outside by hand for when I needed to roll off the loaded 80 inch bed into the storage unit at the end of the day. As you may guess; it saves a lot of bed changes and time.

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