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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book.

Strange People

At first I thought I was being approached by strange people because I was driving my truck around with wheels hanging off the back and just having a truck that was different was attract-ting the attention. There seemed to be two kinds of people that would approach me; some knew I was an inventor of the work truck of the future and seemed to be excited about it; and the other seemed to have some kind of knowledge about the truck, but by the things they would say lead me to believe that they had been clued in somehow but lacked knowledge of the unique part of my truck that made it novel. It was easy to tell because they lacked the knowledge that there was something novel in the design of the truck and it was obvious they didn't know what they were looking at or what they should be looking for. The easiest way to tell this was by the way they would look over the sides of the system but never curious about the back of the truck. It was like they had been clued into a story plot, but not the whole story or the part of the story that really mattered.

Just as the time I was looking for a job at a fabrication shop in Puyallup where a truck driver had just delivered a load of steel. He spotted my truck and asked me about it. I spoke in general terms without pointing out anything. He acted as if I was a dumb shit for thinking it was anything new and the only one on the street. He said, "They're all over the place on bigger trucks." Of course the idiot didn't know what he was looking at and I sure as hell wasn't going to show him.

Still to this day most strangers are like that and I tend to stand in the way or distract them from looking too closely. As a result, many don't realize I've done anything out of the ordinarily, when in fact if they knew what to look for, they would say I did. I know this to be true because after I've had certain people signed a confidential form and then show them the assisting mechanical, they’d say they didn't even notice it in pictures and say it’s different and quite amazing.
       Because of my innocence and trust in people, I found myself being sucked in to their game at times. It caused me to have some misconceptions and I've learned since then that a person in my position can't trust anyone. I found myself in strange situations where I wasn't aware of what was really going on; Just as the time I wasn't aware that someone was putting drugs into my drinking water. It made my anxieties more intense and it became difficult to sleep at night. I was suffering from sleep deprivation and didn't realize it was the reason I'd usually wake up after only a couple hours of sleep and have problems dozing off again. I'd keep a bowl next to my bed so I could smoke some pot when I'd awake and managed to pass out again, only to sleep for a couple more hours at a time. It wasn't long before my mind was filled with imagination and paranoia.
       Several times I had strange people come out of nowhere and say strange things to me. I couldn't even go up to the corner grocery store without being approached. They said things like, "I can't believe you are actually driving it on the street."

One night when I was walking home from the store, I came to face a young oriental guy walking from the direction of my house and he said to me, "You're lucky you are still alive."
       Another time guy approached at the corner grocery store and said he liked my truck and asked me if I would sell it to him. I said, "No, I have to let my lawyer finish my paper work." He chuckled and said, "You're not going to get a patent on it." I thought, gee what an asshole, wonder how he knew about what kind of paperwork I was talking about?
       These types of strange people became a part of my everyday life and I have to admit that the experiences I describe are a little difficult for the average person to believe, but if a person has ever experienced just how conspiracies really work, I'm sure the experiences would prove to be quite annoying to them. It's just part of the game when there are people out to drive you crazy.

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