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In the Game

I was having problems sleeping and at the time I thought I'd consult with my jamming buddy who was a guitar player I'd met about a year earlier, about my paranoia. Although I'd never disclosed the invention to him, he knew I was going to build "a mini dumpster truck," long before the new cab and chassis had even arrived. As time went on, he appeared to have some sort of underground knowledge about me and I remember being surprised when Rodney warned me not to leave anything on my hard drive. I wondered how he even knew I'd even owned a computer. My guess is that it was because our song list was printed out on a mechanical dot matrix printer. During these times, I knew I had heat on my tail and after informing him about the suspicion, he mentioned that the black market value on my truck was about $200,000. The next time I saw him he said it was worth about $150,000 to $175,000. I still wonder if having him say such things was an effort by the city to try to get me to sell it or to scare me into thinking it would end up being stolen.

On the following Friday, I went out to Westport to work over the weekend. I realized I hadn't sleep for two nights, but at the end of the second day, Saturday, my jug of drinking water was empty and went to the local store and bought a new one. Once I had the new jug of drinking water, I kept it with me and on Sunday night, I slept very well. I went back home to Tacoma about mid day on Monday and found it very easy to lie down on the floor of my trailer and pass out. I'd never done such a thing before and I wondered if it was old age or the result of smoking too much pot. I had a tremendous loss of energy and also wondered if it was some kind of illness I'd never experienced before.
       Looking back on it now, I realize I was simply experiencing withdrawals from tainted water. I realize the water I took out to Westport must have had some kind of methamphetamine in it because in the days following that Saturday, I began to have better sleeping habits. However; within a couple days after jug of water from Westport was gone, so were the better sleeping habits.
       During that week I found myself being followed around and at first I thought I was just imagining it; but after a while it became obvious I wasn’t. The deal is; you can't out run a radio and I was being double teamed. I saw the same person in a vehicle waiting for me at an up and coming intersection that I'd seen behind me earlier in the day. It was basically a matter of seeing the same car too many times in one day.
       By the second half of the week I wasn’t getting an adequate amount of sleep again. I was under stress because I was aware of being followed. However, I wasn’t aware that my drinking water was tainted once again. One of those days during the week, the old man next door while he was inside his house said, "I’d be out there running that chain hoist if I were him." The next time I saw Rodney was during that week and he told me that my truck was worth only $80,000 to $100,000. He said the patent was stolen the first time I went to a public notary.
       I asked him, “What you would do if you were in my shoes.”
       "License your name," he said. "If they even use your name, you'll make money from it."
       “You think so.”
       "I'm your witness -- I know you invented it before you even got the truck. I know you’re the true inventor of it" .
       I said, "How can you be a witness to it?" I've never disclosed the invention to you.
       "No matter what, I know you are the true inventor of it and if you license your name, they will have to pay you to use it."
       I realized that no matter what happened; I was indeed a part of history not only because of the fire, but the fact that I had created an important invention. I had no doubt the story of what I was going through was the makings of a valuable book and worthy of having a movie about it. In fear of the story idea being stolen, I thought it would be a good idea to document the idea of the story as a way of more or less staking claim to it.
       I nervously went home and started out typing a synopsis. Looking at how I typed the original synopsis, I can clearly tell I was quite looped at the time because the spelling was extremely bad and the phrases were quite disorganized. I was suffering from sleep deprivation without knowing it. I didn’t even run spell check on it before printing out a copy.

This is the synoptic, but of course I've fixed it up a bit so it can be read and be somewhat more comprehensible.

My Last Five years of Hell What Will Happen to Me Next The Adventures of Sunnyside Sattler I had an idea today that if my trucks dose well, so will a book about my life at the time this is going on. I thought I might call it, "My Last Five years of Hell."
       This is a story about a man who is a victim of Affirmative Action who also becomes the creator of a gigantic mark in technology. His innocent idea for a work truck became victimized by a conspiracy to protect Affirmative Action and the conspiracy un-folds in the neighborhood, local government and the local city hall, business world, patent industry, friends and in inter-national interest as well. Is it Paranoia or True? The truth is that he will not have known because of the deck of cards being dealt before the second conspiracy began. All he wanted is to not to be out at night, nine months out of the year, unloading painting equipment. Battling his way through his life and praying to God for help to overcome the obstacles set before him.
       The results in Sunnyside's quest is to give people a better chance at get the right jobs they’re qualified for and make the firemen's job safer. All he wanted is to be a surfer dude bass-player living on his sailboat in Australia.

The next time I saw Rodney, I had him sign and date the synopsis before I put in a safe deposit box.

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