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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book.

So you make mountains out of a mole hills?

It was obvious the city was worried I would find a lawyer to help me file charges for the endangerment of my life during the fire. The experience at the bankruptcy lawyer's office motivated me to approach a couple attorneys just to see how fired up things would get. Since it worried them just having me talk into a bankruptcy lawyer’s office; I wanted to see the reaction I would get by taking the tape around to a couple law firms. It gave me the idea that it might be a good idea to retain a lawyer before my sentencing.
     . A few years prior, I'd met an attorney at an office on Gravelly Lake Drive in Lakewood. He mentioned he liked making mountains out of mole hills so -- I thought his firm would be a good place to start. Once I arrived at the office, I had to wait a few minutes in the reception area before meeting with an attorney. Although the attorney wasn't the son I’d met earlier, it happened to be his father -- the senior partner of the firm. As we met in a conference room, our meeting was interrupted by a phone call. (I realize now it must have been the conspirators on the line.)
     . After the interruption I told him about the fire which started a conspiracy lead by the city in the efforts to incriminate me while running out the statute of limitations on the incident. I described how they altered the video tape of the fire and informed him about the way they set me up for a felony conviction, as well as the pending trial I was facing.

Without examining the video tape I had with me, he said that he didn't feel he was interested in my case because of the expense of hiring experts to prove the fire department's liability for the endangerment during the fire. He said he wanted a chance to consult with an expert on the case before he would be retained for such a trial. He also said if the county convicted me on a felony charge, he would not want to represent me because it would be hard to convince a jury that I was a person of credit-ability. As you can assume, the city had written felon all over me.
     . I stopped by another firm and was surprised to see the attorney assigned to meet with me resembled the guy an ex-girlfriend had dumped me for. Although he listened to my presentation, I was sure it was just out of curiosity. Of course just as I expected, he ended up giving me the brush-off -- saying he didn't have enough time available to commit to such a trial.
     . I would have to wonder why he didn't ask for my name or come right out and say he wouldn't take on my case. It's my understanding that, it wouldn't be such a good idea for a law firm to try to sue the same local government it plans to try other cases in. It's my guess it would have to be an easy multi-million dollar case, before a private practice attorney would want to go up against the county they work in. I suppose it would have to be enough money for the attorney to either retire or move to another city and start another practice.

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So you make mountains out of a mole hills?

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