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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

The Court Appointed

The day after I landed the job isolating, I had to take the day off to make a court appearance and all the way through the County City Building I experienced the setup people with their rumors once again. This time they had a new line to say and laugh about.
      When I finally met with the court appointed attorney in the hallway outside the courtroom, the volume of chatter there dropped off a few notches. She must have noticed interested other people had in our conversation and she wisked me away to a small side room for more privacy, but you can be sure that there was none because there was another attorney on the other side of an open door way.

I wasn't surprised to see the state had fixed me up with a wholesome looking blonde. Since I was up against Affirmative Action, I felt the sweet looking gal in a flowery white dress wasn't as innocent as she looked. But never the less I lead on as if she had a magic charm that would make me believe she was truly working for me and not the city.
     She said the arresting officer informed her that I seemed quite disturbed at the time of the arrest and she if I wasn't mentally competent to stand trial. She asked me if I understood the severity of the charges against me and though I said I understood the charges; she asked if I would partake in a psychological evaluation before facing the pending trial.

I thought, why not? Let’s see where this thing can go. I figured if they said I was a nut case, it would make the phony rumors they were spreading around less substantial to the people that heard them. I was also looking for a way to prove that they were trying to drive me nuts. Since pay-offs are a good way of proving conspiracies, I figured they might pay a doctor to say what they wanted him to say. The way I looked at it, the more pay-offs along the way, the better off I would be at proving the whole conspiracy game.

Although I didn't have any control upon the outcome, I decided I would play into the game and find out what kind of defence strategy they would put together for me. I knew the best thing I could do was to drag it out as long as possible, so my plan was to go along with the game.

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