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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

What the hell did they want from me?

During the couple of days I worked as an insulator I was driving my old rust bucket Chevy. The day after meeting with my court appointed attorney was a long day because I had to drive all the way up to the Bremerton area to work. It was a long drive home and a tired one at that. For some reason I pulled off Puget Sound on 62nd instead of 66th. When I approached my sister’s house I notice the back end of my brain child, parked on the side of the road in front of my sister’s house. As I got out of the rust bucket to have a look at it and to find out how my sister and brother in-law got it back for me. Dana walked out to greet me, but a strange thing was that I thanked her for getting my truck back, but hugged my truck to show the love I had for it instead of hugging her in appreciation for what she did.
      Apparently she had been persistent at making phone calls in an effort to get my truck back from the county. She told me that the cops didn't want to relinquish my truck and they had planed to confiscate it. She said the reason I got my truck back was because of the efforts of my brother in-law and a retired cop.
      The retired cop had arrested Boob Head in the past. Later on they ended up being neighbours and became close friends. Boob went to him for advice about trying to get my truck back and I was told the retired cop convinced the local government they couldn't confiscate my truck because it had been bought it with insurance money. Before the county could confiscate my truck, they would have to prove that it was bought with drug money. Therefore, as the story goes: thanks to an ex-cop -- the crooks had to hand over the truck.

Soon Boob Head walked out to the sidewalk to join us. As Dana handed the keys to me, both of them stressed with utmost importance, "If anyone asks you about your truck -- just say it's your work truck -- and you bought it like it is." I'm sure my sister and brother in-law had received more information than what they were willing to tell me. What I would like to know is what they were told and how much of it was true. I could see the fear in their eyes and I'm sure they knew the corporate industries were hot on my tail. The impression I got from them was as if they were handing my baby over to me, but worried if I would end up dead because of it.
      I'm sure they thought if I was lucky, the industries would claim to have invented it instead of me -- steal the patents -- and hopefully just leave me alone. I'm sure Boob and Dana feared of my determination to hold on to what I can rightfully claim as mine. No doubt my life was at risk and they knew it.
      As for me, it's not easy to let go of what matters most to me just to get to live a life some call living. The contraption I’ve conceived is the thing I considered as the most important accomplishment of my life. I wasn't about to roll over and play dead. I've always been confident in what I've done and I firmly believe in my Stupid Rule Number 15.
      I was glad to have my truck back, but wondered if the reason was that the city would have been held accountable for it. If the city chose to auction it off, I'm sure it would attract some interest and those who wouldn't land the highest bid would have wanted to know what had happened to it. Therefore someone else would be accountable for it.
      There is also the possibility of a conflict theory. Meaning: there might have been a few who were caught up in the corruption within the local government who realized the bad history that was taking place. I’d like to think that they new the conspiracy could be hard for people on the street to prove, but if there was a leak, the disappearance of the truck people were fussing about would look even worse than any game played on the guy who invented it. If the goal was to have it vanish from existence, the logical thing to do would be to return to me so that it could be stolen without a trace.

It seemed to me the possibility of it being stolen was very likely. The next thing that came to mind was to retrieve the pager for my truck's alarm system of which the cops had taken it as evidence. To get it back, I had to go to the Lakewood Sheriff Precinct to meet up with Officer Rick Haltunen, and have him to sign a release form which is required for having evidence relinquished. As I walked up to the front entrance of the building I could hear an officer on the sidewalk talking to a couple women about me. Once inside, I could tell the people at the reception desks were well aware of just who I was. After receiving the release form from Haltunen, I walked out the front door of the precinct and faced an obvious set-up situation. It was obvious the officer outside wanted me to overhear what he was saying to the ladies. He mentioned the name of the place in Auburn where I did the spiel, (proving they did indeed follow me). He said, "He was looking for a job there and ended up throwing the patent away." He laughed out loud and said, "Yeah, we'll see if he can get a patent now."
      The next destination was the Police Property Room in the basement of the County City Building. As I walked through the building, two of the things I heard most were, "He's here to get the pager to his truck." and "He threw it away." It was obvious the conversations and phony laughter were planted along the route. The amount of people they had working on spreading the phony rumors was amazing. It was frustrating and would tend to be a little bit embarrassing to anyone in my position, but took the experience as a lesson as how cruel people could be. I felt that the people there were more evil and dark spirited than I'd ever imagined.
      Because of the abundance of the people they used in the plot against me, the phony rumors were getting clearly out of hand. I was bewildered because I would hear phony rumors practically everywhere I went. Even though what they were saying were lies and of no substance, it was perceptibly degrading my credit-ability. The rumors became an unforeseeable obstacle, because whether people believed them or not; I knew it would be quite a battle proving my words against theirs. I was no longer naive of the corruption at hand.

At that point in time I was unaware of the satellite tracking device they had planted in my truck. The tracking device is how they managed to work over everywhere I went. If they could predict where I was in route to, they would be waiting for me to arrive. If not predictable, they would arrive by the time I would leave in order to determine if I had said anything to anyone of importance. One thing I wasn't aware of is that they don't even need to plant surveillance bugs anymore because they have lasers they can point at a window and decipher the voices inside a room just by the vibrations of the glass.
      It appears to me they even sabotaged my alarm so they could get into my truck whenever they wanted. The first time they must have burned out the pager with a high power transmitter, and after checking the system with a pager borrowed from a friend, I was able to save money by only having to purchase a new pager. But the second time, they sabotaged the system's receiver mounted in the truck.
      Since the alarm system I'd bought earlier had been discontinued, I had to buy a different model. Once installed, I realized it didn't transmit any further than a hundred yards, but I decided it was better than nothing since people would at least think I had one.

There was no way of knowing who the local government had shown my truck to while they had it in the impound yard. No doubt they had made people aware of it and the awareness was at an all time high. From what the word on the street was at the time, I concluded the odds of my truck getting stolen were pretty good. Although I depended on my truck for work, I felt obligated to take care of it. I had too much time and money invested in it to be diving it on the streets.

I rented a storage unit as an effort to hide it. Since Dana and Boob Head drove me home from the place, I gave them the information such as the unit number and combination to the lock in case things went sideways for me and I'd end up in prison or something. As soon as I got home I heard the neighbours to the north of me talking about where I took it. (At least I think I did.) If so, there was no secrete to where it was and I realized even a storage unit could easily be broken into if a person really wanted to do so.
      I went back to the storage unit that same night to retrieve my truck, only to find out I had either forgotten the new combination I'd just programmed into the padlock, or somebody had changed it on me. By the time I determined the chances were good that the combination had been altered, the access time to the self storage yard had run out. I ended up trapped inside the self-storage yard and attendant wouldn't answer the door. Needless to say I found out what it was like trying to sleep in my old truck with nothing but some thin plastic for a blanket. The next morning I had the attendant use bolt cutters to remove the lock.
      To say the least, it was a waste of $ 90.00 for the storage unit. Then get this: When I went back to get my old truck was a lock on the unit.

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