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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Another Damb Lemon

Well it turned out Chrysler recalled the hood latch and the front brake calipers on their trucks. Heck it's not the only things wrong with the truck, but I'll leave the many problems out so I can finish this book sometime soon. I'll keep this short and tell you what I really think about all the shit wrong with the truck in the next edition of this book. The important part here is about the experience I got at the dealership in Auburn while I had them service my truck.
      I never liked anyone else working on my truck and I was reluctant to the idea of taking my truck to the dealership. Just in case something funny would go on, I pulled the fuses on the hydraulics before arriving at the dealership. My plan was to not let the truck be taken out of my sight, even if I had to sit inside it the whole time as an effort to make sure nobody nosed around where they shouldn't be.
      While waiting for my truck to be serviced, I sat inside it most of the while it was parked in the back lot. When I went inside the service office for a refill on my coffee the game began. Before I knew it, my truck was being driven out of the parking lot, quite quickly I might add. The mechanic was taking it out for a test drive without me. He was taking it somewhere that was out of my sight and you can imagine I wasn’t too happy about it. I did-n't know what he was going to do with it and whether or not he was going to show it to anyone.
      What made things worse for me emotionally was that the guy behind the service counter made a comment to a couple of the clerical workers he worked with. With a chuckle he said, "He waited until he came in for coffee.” Apparently the mechanic sneaked out to get my truck while I wasn't paying any attention. Then the worries really kicked in. I was "really" wondering just where he was taking it. Not only that, but who was he showing it to? Would I ever see the truck again? It tore me apart and I felt violated just as someone would feel watching their child being kidnapped while others around me were well aware of the act of malevolence as it was under way.
      To my surprise the malicious mechanic returned sooner than expected through a roll-up door on the opposite side of the shop. He had parked my trunk inside a service bay and before I had noticed, most of the mechanics in the shop were over by the passenger side of my truck. (Opposite from where I was standing in the office.) A couple of them were on their backs underneath the truck between the cab and the rear tires where the operating system is located. Others were either waiting or trying to take a peek. The funny thing about is that they didn't even know what they were looking for. All they saw was a bunch of flow dividers and hoses. It only proved that the thing I said before about people on the street knew of a story plot, but not the whole story. They knew about the truck with changeable beds, but were not aware of what made it unique and different from the other roll-off designs.
      I walked out in to the shop a hurry and said to them, “There is nothing under the back of my truck any of you have business looking at! The brakes to be fixed are on the front of the truck and it doesn't take all of you guys to change a couple calipers!”
      The mechanics had heard the, "threw it away rumor" which had evolved from the time they were chasing my jobs out from underneath me. I told them that the rumors were just that – rumors. I informed them that I wasn’t about to give up on my goals and the things they were hearing were just an effort to convince people of a lie.
      A younger man working in the shop said, “I’d fight it too.” I told him, “It’s nothing to fight, but you can bet I will never give up and you can bet I will fight for the patents I’m entitled to.”
      A service manager walked out into the shop time after time to gaze at it with astonishment. One time finally he said, “You did a beautiful job on it.”
      I said, “You would think that it’s something Chrysler should be trying to help me out with.”
      “Yeah they should,” he said in return and he could only turn and walk away with his head down in disgrace.
      The mechanic that changed my door panel and hood latch said to me, "They’ll let you make thousands, but they won’t let you make millions."

I’d just heard a guy try to tell me to roll over and play dead, but I said to myself, I didn't hear that.
      Still to this day I don’t understand why people will let themselves get jealous instead of being supportive. They would rather shoot someone down instead of saying, you did a great job, go for it dude, you deserve it.

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