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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Was there a laser on the window?

After the rumors hit the street following the job interview in Alburn, I told my brother in-law Boob Head of what I was experiencing. He assured me not to worry about it because I hadn't sat down in front of a lawyer and signed anything stating as such.
      A short time later we were in his garage and he mentioned that I shouldn't say anything to anyone. He said he had done something he couldn't tell anyone because he would go to prison for it if he did. He said that the only person he has ever said anything about it to was my sister Dana.
      I realize, since he spent much of his time in the garage, I'm sure they may have planted a bug inside it. If they did, you can bet they would've planted a bug inside the house as well. I'd guess the trouble I was in made my little sister concerned about Boob's little secret as well and all they would've had to do is talk about his secret and the conspirators would have something on him.

Later I paid a visit to Dean, a friend of mine who happened to be worked in the music industry. He’s a highly qualified studio recording equipment technician. I told him about the situation I was experiencing and how I wondered if they had taken recording words I've said and rearrange them on tape to create the phony rumors that were going around. He said, "Now days with digital recording equipment, you can record anything a person says and rearrange it in any order desired.” He said, "They can flip it over, make it play back-wards and even play it upside down, so it isn't admissible in court.”
      It made sense to me and I figured it was exactly what they were trying to do to convince people of a lie. All they needed was the right words recorded on tape to make me say anything they wanted to make people on the street think they had something to back their lies. Now that I think about it; I wouldn't doubt it if they had handed the country disk jockeys such a doctored tape to play for the masses in order to spread such a rumor around as fast as they did.
      I found myself trying not to say words they may want to use and noticed people asking me questions that might have been meant to coerce the words they would need to get out of me. I'm sure you can agree, trying to screen yourself of certain words can be quite difficult. I assumed they were making another attempt at making a second recording to back their first one. I had to wonder if I gave them the idea by talking to Dean about it. The result was that I ended up being afraid to even talk to anyone and it more or less isolated me even more.

When thinking about the devious act -- even if they used witnesses to back their tape recording -- then all I would have to say is: Which one are you asking about? I didn't know I had one. Believe me; I have enough ideas on paper that I could drop interest in a couple of them. I've even had thoughts of applying for patents on a couple aspects of my design, but I've since changed my mind. I've since refined certain parts of my overall system design and don't think I would spend the money on filing for a patent on a part of my original design unless a special situation required the need for it to be used.
      Since I'm good for so many inventions, I'm sure I've got a couple ideas I wouldn't waste any time or money on trying to patent them. With over two dozen inventions at hand, I don't think a couple bad apples are much to haggle over. The good ones that you still don't have use of are the ones you should be worried about. Most of the inventions are either prototyped or related to my original prototyped; therefore I have reduction of practice on all of them. All are conclusive and clearly witnessed and documented. I'm not worried about them because they're mine and no person other than me owns the patent rights to them.
      If the city would've paid me for the fire, I'd have all my inventions prototyped and I'd have all the appropriate patent applications for them filed already. My inventions would be on the market by now and I’m sure you would agree we shouldn't worry about the less significant ones.
      Following the conversation with my friend in the recording industry, the rumors on the street changed to, "They let him off.” Kind of makes me think they knew what was discussed inside his house. That's where the idea of staying in one game (the one I knew that was currently on going), is easier than wondering what could come up next.

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