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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

What a Pal

I've always had a strong hunch that the mayor of Tacoma at the time named, Doug Sutherland could’ve been trying to prevent me from receiving patents I'm entitled to. I can see how a plot might have evolved and this chapter is a scenario of what could have happened....
      One of the early signs of suspicious activity was having Dan McConaughy the building inspector show up while I was building a temporary wooden bed for my truck. I anticipated his arrival and it backed my suspicion of being spied on by the city. I figured the city had my phone line tapped and they knew the new truck was to arrive soon. If they did, just from listening in on the conversations I had with my parents over the phone, they would’ve known I was going to build a mini dumpster truck. I was wondering if the new truck showing up would cause some attention from the city and I anticipated a visit from Dan McConaughy. I feel his appearance was an effort to deter me from building my mini dumpster truck. My attitude was: Doesn't matter whether they shut my electricity off. I'll get my truck built one way or another.
      Although I've heard many contradictory rumors, I can think back on the ordeal in combination with the rumors. I've been able to piece together the possible plots they have tried to hide from me. The rumors have been drilled into me so many times; I'd have to say it's not so much of a guessing game anymore. It doesn't matter if what I suspect is true or not, because the game was all about buying time and waiting to see if I end up dead.
      There was that day when I heard a message blasted over a public address system near my house. When the announcement said, “Dan Anderson, is going to be the richest paint store manager in the country,” I began to think back on all the strange things that had accrued in the year.
      From that day on a different scenario of what may have gone on behind my back. Whether the scenario truly happened or not, I cannot say for sure, because it could have been just another game played on me to try to discourage me. However I feel it’s very possible because its goal would be to buy time, and that time I’m talking about is the time people have had to live without my inventions.
      I had known Dan Anderson, a manager of a paint store who I’d done business with for about ten years. He was the one who arranged a good deal on my first Hyrda Pro-4 airless and he’d always get me the best price I could find on any painting equipment I ever needed to buy. If his store didn’t carry the idiom I wanted, I’d give him the address of the manufacture and he’d end up stocking the new idiom because he knew it would be a hot selling idiom.
      Dan was one of the first friends to see my truck as a bare cab and chassis on the day I got it home from the dealer. I had bolted a couple sheets of plywood to the chassis as make-shift fenders as an effort to prevent rock from chipping the back of the cab and windows. I had stopped by the paint store to order some paint. It was raining out and Dan followed me out into the parking lot to check out my new truck.
      A couple days later, I had the temporary bed finished and mounted on my truck. I stopped by the paint store to pick up the paint I had ordered from Dan and he carried the paint out to my truck and put the paint into the back. I sure he thought the bed turned out pretty nice and it caused him to look underneath it to see how it was built. I told him I just fastened it down with lag bolts through the holes in the frame. He seemed to be impressed with it and said it looked pretty nice. "Why did you I build a wooden bed?" he asked.
      I said, “It's a temporary bed.” I've bought some hydraulic cylinders for it and I'm going to build a mini dumpster truck. I think it's going to be the work truck of the future.
      "Oh yeah." he said.
      “Yeah, it's going to be quite ah contraption and I don't think anyone else has built one like it before. It's different from the other designs I've seen on larger trucks. I wonder if I can get a patented on it”. Dan shagged his shoulders as if he wouldn't know.
      “I wonder if it is patented already. Do you know how to find out if things have patents on them? I asked.
      He nodded his head, "No.". Then he didn't say much. He just looked at me with what I thought was his eyes showing a bit of jealousy, but now I realize it could have been just plain conspiring going on in his head.
      At the time I didn't think Dan would be as devious as to try to steal someone's idea. I'd known him for years and I’m sure I mentioned I'd ordered the hydraulic cylinders already. I figured since I was the one who conceived the idea and was building it first, it meant I'm the true inventor. To me it was common sense that it would be hard for anyone else to try to take credit for inventing my truck when I'm the one driving it. Patentable or not, I knew I'd end up being famous for inventing it and I pretty much had it covered.
      One thing that makes Dan Anderson a suspect as to being a culprit who might be one to try to steal my ideas -- is that he could easily find out where I lived. He also knew I did most of my painting out of town and out on the coast. Since I'd normally call my orders in on Fridays and pick them up on Mondays, he would know just when I would be out of town, as well as knowing just how long I'd be gone.
      Another thing that points towards Dan as a suspect, is that when I got back from the coast after asking him about how to find out if something was patented, or not. I got home and found a blinking light on my trailer's alarm's control panel. The blinking light indicated that the alarm had been triggered and it caused me to suspect the city had broken into my trailer. I figured the city was trying to dig up dirt on me after I had found the alarm system triggered a couple times and nothing seemed to disappear.
      The next time I got back from the coast, things were different. The excess code for the alarm wouldn't work. I had to use the factory default code (1, 2, 3, 4). It goes into effect when the alarm system has a loss of power. My guess is that, on Dan's second try; he pulled the plug on the trailer and then came back a few days later after the back-up batteries had gone dead.
      That was something different and I now realize that there is a good chance somebody got good at it and they had gone over to my place while I was gone and snooped around. Dan must have been one who came across the sketches that had been sitting around for weeks. I wouldn't doubt it if he dug my original sketches out of the garage can later. I wouldn’t doubt it if culprits who had my phone tapped, took pictures of them while they were sitting in my trailer a week or two before the truck even arrived at the dealer.
      The thing that points to Dan Anderson and not the city is that the casing to the dead bolt lock for my door had been bent and appeared to have been tampered with. If it had been the city trying to get into my trailer, they would've been able to use the master keys cops are equipped with and my lock wouldn't have shown signs of tampering.
      It didn't take long before they or whoever must have sabotaged my alarm system because the alarms indicator lights quit working all together.
      Eventually the lock got to the point where I almost had to pick it myself and oiling it didn't do much good. I rebuilt the in-nards of the lock with the innards of another, but when I put it back together, I left one of the tumblers out figuring it would be easier to pick the lock as well make it easier to work with my own keys. I figured there was no way of keeping people out of there and it was ridiculous having to pick my own lock, so I thought I might as well make it easier for all of us.
      There are two other things that back my suspicion of Dan Anderson being the culprit. Since I had picked up paint at his house in the past, I've known he was just about the only friend of mine who had a computer at home. It's possible he got on the web and visited a few sites about patenting inventions. Having such a tool, he was one up on me, or anyone else I knew on being able to find information about how a person can patent an invention. I wouldn't doubt he was looking into it just hours after I showed up with the temporary bed at the paint store. He probably ended up doing a patent search to see what was out there and found out that there wasn't much for a lightweight short wheelbase truck.
      Another thing is that a spray pole wand had disappeared from my back yard. Since he was the person who had sold it to me; he would've known the value of it and just as well knew who might be looking to acquire one.
      The deal is that if Dan or anyone for that matter, was out to steal my patentable ideas, I'm sure the local government was well ware of them the whole time. The city must have my trailer bugged the whole time. I'd bet local government didn't care if someone was trying to do such a thing because it would buy them time. I bet the local government let the culprits go about what they were doing, because even the mayor knew it would be a waste of time and money in the long run. The local government knew that if I managed to stay alive, I would most likely get such patents back because I had reduction of practice. (More backing this in, Is my stuff safe here?) It's my guess the local government was hoping Dan would arrange to have me killed and the city's problem would be over for good.
      Since Dan didn't know jack shit about the invention, he would have had to keep up on the development of my project in case I would come up with any substantial improvements on the system. He'd be afraid I'd be able to patent improvements on top of the original method of dump I had drawn in my sketches. As time went on, I did come up with some additional elements to that could make my invention even more unique and I'd bet his paper work went along as follows as an after the fact. However, the simple method of dump is the invention and no matter what improvements are done to it – it’s still a simple method of dump that is my original invention and nothing can change that.

When I heard the word on the street about Dan, I went over to pay him a visit. His reaction was, "You mean deal with lawyers? That sounds like trouble to me.” His reaction was about like I expected because Dan knew I packed a gun and as he looked at it sitting on the seat of my truck, I could tell he wasn't too thrilled to have me coming around confronting him on such an issue. He said, "Hay I'm a little busy right now, but why don't you stop by some other time." I could tell he didn't really mean it.
      Bottom line, whether Dan tried to steal my invention or not, really doesn't matter because I expected someone would. I was more worried about the son in-law of the neighbor to the north of me over any friend of mine. I was skeptical because the son in-law worked for an oil company in Texas and he had been visiting next door every month. Out of all the people around me, he was one to be most worried about because he had the money to file for patents on inventions and the other people who were around when I was building it didn’t.
      The way I have to look at it is that I'd rather have a person connected to me trying to do so than someone unknown to me on the other side of the country. However if someone was trying to file on my invention, I’m sure the government would have been aware of the devious act. I'm sure as soon as he (or anyone for that matter) would have approached a lawyer or even had a patent search done, the fact that they didn't have a proto-type would've become a major issue. Industries would have taped the culprit’s phone and spied on him to find out if he had proto-type in the works. If all he had was on paper, they would have written phony paper against him. I'm sure you would agree they would have been a bit surprised to find that Dan was spying on me while I was building it. I'm sure if he or anyone else did file on my invention, the government let him go through with it even though they knew he wasn't entitled to it. I'm sure a major corporation would have made the culprit an offer if he did managed to get a patent on my invention. My guess is that it would've been optioned, (just as studios and producers in Hollywood option script rights,) to buy the rights to such a patent at a later time. The option would’ve been used to set the invention on the shelf because the corporation would’ve known the patent rights belong to me in the first place. All they would've wanted to do was buy time and see if I would end up dead. Reason being is if I would have ended up dead, they would've eventually proved the culprit wasn't entitled to a patent on my invention in the first place and the culprit would’ve had to pay back the option money. The culprit would be left holding nothing but a bunch of paper. Another reason they would have optioned it from the culprit was to make people think that he had successfully stolen the invention. Therefore people would be reluctant to try to help or make any deals with me.
      You may agree that having a so called friend filing for the invention while I was building it would be better than a large corporation or a person having no connection to me. Being challenged by a paint store manager that everyone and their brother knew wasn't the true inventor isn't much of a challenge. The way I look at it is that Dan might have taken a bite, but he didn't realize he turned out to be the smelly fish the corporations and government were making the public chew on. I feel Dan's devious plan helped keep the conspirators at bay by keeping the city, government and industries occupied. I feel that if it wasn't for Dan's activity, the city would have turned off my electricity earlier.

The problem with the game is that it has resulted in the loss of time and money. I'm sorry to say that it’s too bad people are still working out of obsolete trucks and they are the real losers in the game. Since the government started the conspiracy, the American tax payers have been paying for the nasty little game. With the cost of housing skyrocketing, the tax payers are paying for it whether they like it or not. As they pay towards the one they don’t have, they're stuck with having to work out of obsolete motorized tin cans. And they don't even know what they’re missing.
      Get this: It's a criminal offence to file for a patent claiming you're the true inventor when you're not. Therefore Dan would not only have to pay back any option money he would receive from the corporation that would have bought an option, he would also find himself in legal trouble and face criminal charges.
      As far as I'm concerned, I'm entitled to many patents and my clock hasn't even begun to tick yet. Not only that, but because of the conspiracy and the interference caused by it, I'll end up with and extra five years of patent protection on my inventions in the US. The deal is, my inventions are setting on a shelf, and keep in mind punitive damages pay double the loss, and anti-trust laws award triple the damages. My guess is that it is possible the US tax payers are going to get stuck paying me three times as much as I would have made if my inventions were already on the market since 1995-96. Instead of getting the millions of units they're paying for -- they're paying for a freak show.
      So yah say I'm wrong? Well how come you aren't driving the truck?

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