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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

What's that Guy doing here?

While my truck was still in the impound yard, I searched for the address of the business, "Synchronized Incorporated" that was listed in the newspaper when I was in jail. Although I couldn't find it anywhere on 108th street, it didn’t stop me from thinking about it.
      Since I couldn't to find the business, I began to wonder if the newspaper was a mock-up planted in jail for me to see. I'd been speculating the reason we didn't get the complete paper in the jail cell was the goal of making sure I would run across the custom made business section. I figured they had someone lay it on the table in front of me to make sure I would see it. After all; one can assume that it would’ve been too much work to arrange to have printed and not to have me see it. Since I had painted the printing presses at the Tacoma News Tribune in the past, I knew just how to find out because I knew they stocked back issues on shelves in a hallway downstairs just outside the lower press room.

I went down to the News Tribune and sneaked inside the building as someone walked out the security doors. I made my way downstairs to the shelves stocked with back issues and looked through them. I didn't find anything about the fictitious company. I checked all the papers from the same week and found that the Sunday paper was the only one with the "New Businesses" listings. I was sure it was listed in the Sunday paper, so I grabbed the top and bottom issue of it and grabbed a Saturday's paper just in case I might be wrong and had an out dated paper in jail.
      As I was on the ground level and on my way out of the building, I got a big surprise. I crossed paths with the guy who sat on the edge of his seat at Burr's Restaurant. He came through the security doors as I was exiting. I knew he was hot on my tail and his presents sure gave me the willies. I felt like I was playing in dangerous territory because I can only guess he was checking to see if I was getting involved with a reporter. I still wonder about a few things concerning that guy: I wonder if that after seeing me with the newspapers tucked under my arm whether he realized I had figured out their game. And whether he sneaked in as I did, or did he have a pass to get in for himself? Or did he know someone on the inside, and if so, who would he have gone to see?

I'm willing to bet the TNT printed the phony paper for the cooks within the local government. I bet they're in bed with each other in some way. I've seen a recording of city council meeting on television having a segment covering firemen belly-aching about budget cuts, losing one of their toy hydro-foils, as well as some of the fire stations. During the meeting a fireman was complaining that several firemen couldn't get the newspaper to print their complaints about the city. I had to laugh at him because I feel the firemen were getting a sample of how conspiracies work.

I'm glad they lost the hydrofoil because I'd watched them park it out in front of the restaurants on Ruston Way and spray water in the air. The wind carried the salt water mist over on to a parking lot full of cars where the salt water mist was landing on patrons’ vehicles. Salt water happens to be corrosive and will damage chrome plated finishes and sheet metal body parts. With irresponsible employees like that, in my opinion, it sure wouldn't hurt losing some of the clueless fire fighters, along with some of their expensive toys.

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