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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Doctor hah? Of what, may I ask?

The largest part of the psychological evaluation requested by the court system was of two or three written tests. It took a couple trips down to the office and spent several hours to complete the series of tests.
      One of the tests must be used to determine whether a person has good creativity and imagination. It was an assortment of hand drawn pictures that were broken into separate pieces. The object of the test was to figure out what the pieces would make up as a whole if the pieces were rearranged into the proper position. It's my guess it must be used as a text to see if a person's mind is scrambled or lacking creativity. I'm sure I got all of them right except one. I think it was a shoe, but as it was drawn, the pieces could not have been to scale with each other because I could not picture in my mind just how the pieces would fit together properly.
      Another test was mostly things like vocabulary and general knowledge. Although I was unaware of it at the time, one of the tests was a standard I.Q. test. I wish I'd known it was an I.Q. test beforehand because for the benefit of my own curiosity, I would have taken the test more seriously.
      At the time, I didn't care what the scores would be because I figured they might make the test scores out to be whatever they wanted them to be. But I didn’t want the doctor to think I was an idiot, so I at least put some effort into the test. What was unfair about the whole ordeal was that I was placed in the lobby of the office complex during the time I was taking the test. I find it very disturbing that they would have people take such an examination with so many distractions going on around them.
      I found myself listening to the conversations of the people that were coming and going. Since I was already the talk of the town, I found myself trying to decipher whether the people there were talking about me or not. I was pretty sure the girls at the reception desk had heard about me and I felt the test I was taking wasn't going to be confidential as it was suppose to be. As it turned out, the girls at the reception desk were the ones who check the answers to the tests and added up the scores.

Now that I have learned that one of the tests was an I.Q. Test; I wish I would’ve taken the text in a room with a solitude environment. Despite the disturbances, I scored a 115 on the I.Q. Test which is 20 points higher than the 95 average. With my own pride involved, I feel I could have scored better. I feel I could have performed better and my guess is that I may have received a higher score of at least 120 to 130 if I wouldn't have had a conspiracy on my shoulders, and my mind on the surrounding disturbances.

By the time I showed up for the personal interview portion of the evaluation, I had been at the office twice and after the few hours there I had a pretty good sense of what kind of people came and went. Some of the psychologist wore suits, but none of the clientèle I saw did. I also noticed most of the psychologist went home around 5:00 p.m. unless they had group meetings.
      The appointment for my private oral examination with the psychologist was set to begin at the afterhours of 6:00 p.m. When I first saw the psychologist I was interview by -- he had just rode up the elevator with a guy warring a suit and tie -- the stranger seemed a little out of place and I suspected the stranger was working for the city. It was my guess he was there to precondition the psychologist. I wouldn't doubt he planted a bug or tape recorder so he would hear what I would say during the person examination. I assumed the stranger was there to listen to everything said during the interview/examination. I'd feel he was there to try to find out what I knew about the conspiracy.

As the interview began, I became frustrated with the situation because I could tell the shrink had been preconditioned to think I was some kind of a nut case. Dr. Goldberg seemed to have the preconceived perception of me and the superiority complex most of these doctors tend to possess. I ended up telling him about my truck and the conspiracy that had been trying to cheat me out of the patents I'm entitled to. I made it sound like my problem was the way patent laws were and how the industries have their way with pushing aside the private inventors. I told him the bust was a set-up to interfere with my progress in trying to get the patents I'm entitled to. I said, “Getting me thrown in jail was an effort to put me out of commission by costing me money and degrading my creditability. The whole plot to the conspiracy is to make it difficult for me to secure patents I'm entitled to.”
      I didn't want the city to know I was telling anyone about the fire so I didn't say anything about the conspiracy being linked to the fire. Since the city had control of the outcome of the pending trial, causing heat with Affirmative Action or the city didn't seem like a very good idea at the time. I figured the best thing to do was to let people around me know the truck existed and that I was the person who invented it.
      The psychologist didn't give me any creditability until I showed him some pictures of my truck. He asked me about where the truck was and found it hard to believe I was driving the truck and that it was parked right outside the building in the parking. He said, "You mean you drove this truck here and it is right parked outside in the parking lot? You mean you could take me out there right now and show me the truck?”

He acted as if he understood what I was going through, but the report he wrote later proved different. It leaves me with the impression that one of the reasons the room was most likely bugged was so they could manipulate the psychologist final impression of me after the interview was over. I'm sure what the stranger, (or they) had to say to the shrink was contrived upon what I had said interview. It's my guess, after listening in on the interview; the stranger was probably there to tell the psychologist something like: The guy copied another guy’s invention and he still thinks he invented it. He thinks there is some kind of conspiracy working against him. We think he's psychotic and a drug addict on top of that.

Out of curiosity, I later asked for a copy of the psychological evaluation he supplied to the court. It was trumped-up and exaggerated to say the least. I laughed at one line he wrote about how I got into his face. Shit, the closest I got the jerk was when I showed him some pictures of my truck and describing how it works. This happened while he was sitting behind his desk with his lap-top in front of him. I kneeled down beside his chair on one knee while I showed him some pictures I had of it in a mini photo album. Far from the way he described me. If you ask me, his evaluation had the same kind of fraudulent distorted treatment as the trumped-up police report.

If you’d ask me what I think of the psychologist, I would describe him as a nerdy pansy-ass wimp who’s accustomed to dealing with people who lack confidence. He wouldn't know a sane person if he met one. He's like many of those psychologists who need help themselves. I'm convinced the jerk doesn't know shit about being a man, or having passion for anything.

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Doctor hah? Of what, may I ask?

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