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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Oh yeah, that Guy again

While going through the court proceeding, winter was upon me. Not only did I need a job, but needed to find another place to live. It was already November getting a bit chilly living without electricity. I figured it would be a good idea to move my trailer off my property before the trial dates came up. I felt that I didn't move -- the city would find a place for me other than my own.
      I decided to check with Ram Jet to see if he would let me move my trailer on to his property. I also wanted to find out if he could help me get a job at the boat yard in Seattle where he worked as a welder. Since I was sure my phone was tapped, I didn’t bother calling him beforehand so I just drove up to his place in the town of Milton.
      Ram Jet and I discussed the situation and he said he would bring home a job application, but wanted to think over the possibility of having me move my trailer onto his property. Following our discussion, we went over to one of his co-workers house, hung out and discussed the possibility of me working at the boat yard with the rest of them. They informed me that I would be subjected to a urinalysis text that would test for drugs, just as all new hires, so I was left out of the opportunity to get high that night. We all watched a motorcycle stunt movie for entertainment and I have to say that the things they do on dirt bikes these days is just a hair short of being insane.

Though I thought they were a little bit paranoid with their smoke around any of their windows, it proved to be something to be paranoid about. That is -- I didn’t know why-- until my trip home that night. On the way home I took a back way through the north end of Puyallup and stopped at a Fred Meyer's grocery store because I needed a few groceries and some niacin to help clean out the drugs that had been put into my system.
      While walking through the produce section, I ran into a guy who looked Native American and he was looking at me with familiarity. I recognized him from somewhere too so I said “Hi, how you doing.”
      He said, “Hi,” in return.
      I said, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”
      “Yeah, we were in jail together.”
      “Oh yeah, that’s right.”
      “Yeah you put on quite a show,” he said.
      “You know, I feel lucky I’m still alive. I had no idea what was going on when I got in there. They sure had me lit-up on something.”
      “Yeah -- I’d say so.”
      “I think it’s the grace of God I even got out of there. They put me through the mill and I feel blessed that I’m still around.”
      “You know, my dad is a minister, I’ll pray for you.”
      “Thank you, I said.
      “I wish you luck.”
      “Yeah thanks, I’ll see you around.”
      “Later on,” he said as we departed.

While in the check-out line I noticed, the guy who was sitting on the edge of his seat at Burr's Restaurant was standing over by the exit doors. Then I put two and two together and realized the Native American from the jail cell was the undercover cop I was warned about. It was my guess both them were there to see if I would buy some golden seal in an effort to pass the urinalysis test I would have to take in the near future.
      Even the other customers waiting in the check-out line knew something a little fishy was going on because they were noticeably intimidated by the big guy standing over by the door. The checker was trying to act as if everything was normal, but I had the feeling she knew I was being stocked. The horrid feelings were mutual between all of us and I didn't even have to tell the ladies about the stranger watching me.
      There were at least three or four of us in the check-out line who were well aware of the tall stranger just standing there. The casher was so nervous; she forgot to ring up the niacin in the bottom of the shopping cart.
      As the cashier rang up the niacin as a separate idiom, it became an issue, so I informed the ladies of the reason I was buying it. “I have to buy this niacin to clean out the drugs they put into my drinking water.”
      The remark didn't surprise the lady in line behind me because she responded by saying, “You better be careful.”

Most people are aware of the corruption within the government and that night was one of the first times I’ve found out just how terrified people are of US government. To this day; most people don't want to be involved in any part of the shit I’ve had to go through. There have been times people have become nervous just because they took possession of a rough draft copy of my story on a computer disk. Several times they have asked, "Do you think they will do anything to me if I have this?” I’d laugh and say, “Shit they've already read it -- Like who are you. And what can you do about it? They know that you can’t do anything about it and they know the few people I give it to don’t amount to a hill of beans.
      All the network news stations already have it and they aren't saying anything, so what do a few hundred people having the disk mean anyway? Its front page news and the media isn't reporting it. Come on -- do you actually think they give a dam what you think?”

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Oh yeah, that Guy again

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