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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Keeping Things Covered

One of my original ideas was to design my truck to resemble a tow truck with rails protruding out from the rear whenever it didn't have a payload bed on it. I had planned to integrate tool boxes into lower side panels to cover the front hydraulic cylinders mounted on the side of the truck in front of the rear fenders. But without electricity and I had to hold off on the idea.
      Before I had it plumbed it didn't resemble anything new because it didn't have the front legs or the back wheels mounted on the bed yet. The front hydraulic cylinders mounted on the side with the bare bed on the truck made it resemble a narrow dump bed to the average person on the street.
      A couple weeks before the "Bust", Rodney suggested making some side-skirts to cover the hydraulic cylinders on the sides of my truck, but I wasn't too worried about it because the novel parts of the system had always been covered and having wheels hanging off the back of the bed only made it appear to be a mini roll-off.
      I learned to like having the truck without the side-skirts and toolboxes I originally planned to integrate into the sides because having it narrow in the middle makes it much nicer to work out of my narrow P-bed. Without tool boxes mounted on the sides, I can easily reach across a narrow bed to fetch something without walking all the way around the truck. I can even credit it to possibility of saving my life the time I think they tried to have me run over because it has room to stand in between the cab and the rear fenders which provides a place to take refuge from traffic.
      After getting my truck back from the city, there was some serious heat generated and on my tail. I decided to take precautions and made an effort to disguise the truck because I found it near impossible to hide my truck. To disguise it I removed the front hydraulic cylinders and with the use of a reciprocating saw; I cut the rear wheels off the back of the 80 inch wide bed. Then I mounted a piece of plywood across the back to conceal the tail end of the carrier as an effort to make it resemble a flat bed with a step on each rear corner.
      To keep the invention an active reduction of practice, I re-mounted the cylinders once a month so I could operate it for testing purposes. As you might guess, after a couple times during the winter months it got old real fast. So I decided to paint the cylinders black and mounted some black plywood side skirts onto the front legs of the bed in an effort to hide the front hydraulic cylinders. I even made some funky covers to conceal the rear king pin's ends. However; having to deal with the skirts and covers every time I needed to load and unloaded equipment was frustrating to say the least. I was anxious to get to use my system in the simple manner I designed it for, but the society we live in doesn't exactly see things as I do.

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