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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Sale the house? Yeah right

The winter of 95 had set in and keeping warm became quite a challenge. My common sense told me it would be a good idea to find some other place to put my trailer where I would have electricity. I had a hunch that the city wanted me to distant myself from the ownership of the property involved with the fire, but on the other hand I realized they might have wanted to keep me from selling the house because it would supply me with the money I needed to be able to file for patents on my inventions.
      I decided to advertise my house for sale in the Tacoma News Tribune. While on the phone with the people at the paper, I could tell they knew about me by the conversations taking place in the background noise: “He's trying to sell his house.” It was my guess they had caller ID or maybe over time just saying my phone number linked me to my name and address automatically. However, I'm sure the voices were talking about me trying to sell my house before even gave any information indicating so.
      The advertisement listed my street address in case the incoming calls were blocked. Very few people called, but the listing gave a few creeps from the local government the opportunity to drop by. I had a couple show up in two different vehicles at one time. One guy showed up in front of my house in one of the city’s orange utility boom trucks with city's public utilities label on the door, and the other drove up from the ally a private light blue GM pick-up truck that had some rust on the front bumper. (Only if I was into collecting license plate numbers at the time….) I didn't like them being on my property and I felt violated because they both seemed to be more interested in my truck than the house. They stood to the side of it with the sneakiest looks on their faces. I’m sure they were trying to act as if they weren't acquainted with each other, but they both changed positions from front to back, trying to figure out what I'd done that made it different. I wanted them to leave because they seemed like a couple perverts to me. The kind of guys I don't ever want to have a truck like mine. The guy in the blue truck said he was interested in the house but he had to discuss it with his partner. I had a feeling my house wasn't what they were interested in and I was sure I wouldn't hear from them again, and I didn't.

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