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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Trailer Court

I found a trailer court nearby in Lakewood; but I felt it was a shame that I couldn't stay on my own property where I at least had shop space for my equipment and the ability to watch over it. As I finished hooking up my trailer and about to put my truck in drive, I turned on the headlights just in time to see my neighbor's son walk by on his way back from the store with his beer. From the grin on his face I could tell it made his day to see me leaving my own property. From that moment on I was glad that I'd never move back to such a neighborhood. When I think of Tacoma I think of the jerks like him and how glad I am that I moved away from such a place.
      Soon after moving into the trailer court, they sent two guys in a white van through the trailer court to make sure I would hear the rumor they had going around at the time. As they drove by, the conversation in the van was quite clear and I heard one say to the other, "They let him off as long as he keeps his mouth shut.” I thought, Hay I don't know you. What are you talking about? Who sent you anyway?
      It didn't take but a day or two of living in the trailer court before I figured out which neighbor they had arranged to watch my activity for them. It happened to be a retired welder living in the trailer next to mine. One day he had his girlfriend over and I could hear parts of their conversation. The parts that convinced me that he was involved with the conspirators were the lines, "He threw it away. The guy must be a moron.”
      Apparently his girlfriend had the desire to meet me person-ally and it wasn't long before the two caught me outside and he could take the opportunity to introduce to me her. The funny thing about the encounter was that she had a few things she wanted to say to me. She tried to give me some words of encouragement without being totally obvious about knowing who I was. But there was one thing she said that convinced me they had been preconditioned. She said, "I want you know that everything you say is public.”
      Then I knew I had my spy. I'm not sure how I responded to that because it was far from the small talk one will usually hear from a new acquaintance. However it did let them know that I wasn't imagining things and I knew what he thought of me. That pretty much ended any relationship with them. They pretty much stuck to themselves after that encounter except for the occasional neighborly nod of acknowledgment and an occasional, "Hi."
      While this bull shit was going on, I managed to get a couple short term jobs at places where large trucks and equipment where painted. I knew the places of employment were getting miss-lead somehow and I wanted to discuss the situation with them, but when I'd ask them to sign a confidential statement, they acted as if I was asking them to sign their life away.
      While I was living in the trailer court, I put my equipment into a self storage unit. For almost a year I only used my S______-l___ system at a storage unit to load and unload my painting equipment. It seemed like the batches of tanks were just about the only work I'd get to paint since they’d rigged my phone. It seemed like about once every month I'd get a batch to do and that was about the only time I'd get a chance to operate my system. There I'd stick a piece of tape to the side of the bed with the date written on it and take a picture of the system while in use. It was an idea I got from the "Patent it yourself" book on how to prove a continual testing for reduction of practice an the experimental exception rules.

Funny how the book used an example of keeping records on a new paint being tested on the side of a building. A little ironic I'd say.

Even without being able to disconnect the bed all the way, I was able to lower the bed to the ground and load heavy equipment by only using a piece of floor decking as a ramp. Although having to remove the side-skirts and covers was a hassle, being able to load equipment to a lower elevation is much nicer than any ordinary truck.
      Since those days I wish I'd never made things so inconvenient for myself, because I wasn't even using it as much I should have to make my life easier. It’s like I missed out one a year of the blessings my truck could have provided me. But just because there were assholes out there who feel like making my life difficult as they can, I wasn’t going to let them interfere with my goals if I could help it. -- Stupid Rule Number 39: Better safe than sorry. I think it’s safe to say – at least those assholes aren’t driving my truck yet – nor benefiting from its efficiency, cost effectiveness, and savings.
      The manager of the self-storage yard walked by a few times while the system was elevated but he never stopped or said anything about it. I never said anything to him about myself or the truck because it would only draw attention to it. I was pretty sure he had been informed about me somehow and I wondered whether or not he was told of some concocted story. There was no need to say anything to him about it because as far as any story would be concerned, it would my word against theirs and who would he believe anyway? I just hope what he knew the truth about me and I think he did because of the mutual respect he always had for me.

One time there was a couple women at their storage unit at the end of the lane that my storage unit was on. From a distance of about 35 yards away, I could hear one gal say to the other, "We're not supposed to see it.” Funny thing is that even while my system was elevated, the important parts that make "it" novel could not be seen from where they were at. It gets down to that thing I mentioned earlier about people being told of a story plot and of the game plan to cheat me out of patent rights, but they were still unaware of what really makes the truck unique. I realize now it was one of the efforts of the local government was trying to make me afraid of having anyone see it. I'm sure they didn't want the general public to know it existed.
      As people learn what I did for the mechanical aspect of the truck, they realize it isn't just a scaled down version of the larger roll-off design. They can tell I did create something that isn't anticipated or obvious. They develop an understanding why I deserve a patent on it. For one thing, it has never been done before and another it's quite complex. The words they usually use to describe it are, "It's incredible." and "It's a work of art.”
      I feel if the people who were caught up in the game would have truly known the uniqueness of the assisting mechanical – they would truly believe the novelty of the invention – and feel I rightfully deserved a patent on it and they would have been much more supportive of my goals.

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