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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

She looked fine, but what a bitch

Just as my experience in jail was caught on video tape, I'd bet the hallway to pre-trial service for the distinct court hearing was caught on tape also. Reason being, there is a large one way mirrored window at the entrance end of the hallway outside of the district court rooms. As we had to wait to be seen for the pre-trial services, we were told to line up in the chairs along a wall out-side the court rooms. We waited in turn to be seen for preliminaries in a room located at the opposite end of the hall from the one way glass window. There a lady who worked with the prosecutor was to let us know of the charges against us.
      Things got strange when I found myself sitting in a chair with my back towards a wall next to an interior window covered with paper. The window appeared to be to a room designated for prosecuting attorneys because I was aware of the traffic that was coming and going through the door located next to the window. I couldn’t help but notice the attractive looking blonde in a blue dress as she waked passed me; trying not to look as if she knew who I was.
      Either a person or a video camera was stationed behind the mirrored window at the entrance end of the hall. The reason for surveillance was for signaling the culprits working inside the room for designated prosecuting attorneys. The setup was so they would know when I would be in front of the window covered with paper.
      As I got closer to the covered window, I could hear the voices of the prosecuting attorneys inside. They were unaware I have as good of hearing as I do. From watching them walk in and out of the door next to the window, I had a pretty good idea of whose voice belonged to whom. While I was about two yards from sitting in front of the window I could hear them talking about how close I was getting to the window. This confirmed the suspicion of being watching through the mirrored window at the end of the hall and I wondered what they had planed for me. Then when I moved one more seat over, I was in the seat next window, I heard someone say, "He's right next the window now.”
      As I moved to the next seat over, I heard the queue, "He's right in front of the window now.” Things got interesting when the female voice started to read private letters I had written. It became apparent goal of the setup was to have me hear what they wanted me to hear. It was obvious the city wanted me to know they had everything that was on my computer's hard drive. (It was just what Rodney warned me about earlier but I was sure it was way too late by the time he warned me.)
      The letter she read was one I had planned to send to an old friend I had worked for in the past. He'd moved away and I had-n't seen him for several years. I wrote the letter while living in the trailer court because I felt since he was a stock broker and a vice president of a Mairral Lynch, he was just the person I needed get in touch with for help in setting up a corporation.
      As the gal I suspected to be a prosecuting attorney in a blue dress read the letter, she laughed and make fun of the things I wrote in it. I recognized some lines I wrote; about how I'd been proud to able to say that the Vice president of Marril Lyinch said I had an eye for detail. She read it quite loud to make sure I could hear what she was reading. It was my guess the goal was to try to embarrass me in front of a bunch of her fellow prosecutors, but more so to make sure I knew they obtained everything in my computer. To say the least: it backed my suspicion that the city was spying on me all along.
      I stood up and made a scene for the camera at the end of the hallway. I let the people around me know of the game being played on me at that very moment. I was pretty sure a few of them knew of the game and I suspected they had planted an impostor in the line prior to the time I arrived to precondition other people in line with phony rumors to heighten the goal of trying to get to me mentally. I let people in line know just how corrupt the justice system we had working against them in their own town. A few of them of them were obviously aware of the kind of game the local government was trying to pull on me. It was a mixed bunch; however most of them believed everything I said quite easily because they were aware of some kind of setup from the get-go. With the exception of one black guy who spoke of the corruption within the government, the people in line knowing of the prank being pulled on me at the time kept their emotions to themselves.
      My commotion paid off in a way because after I moved away from the interior wall and performed a spiel for the camera, the fox in the blue dress must have quit reading my letter because as I was sitting on an exterior window seal on the opposite side of the hall from the special room, the fine fit blue dress appear through the door next to the covered window. I suspect she appeared in the hallway just to get a first hand look at how I was reacting. She walked past me as if she wasn't paying any attention to me and only took a quick glance at me. I had my eyes set on her and stared her down with vicious eyes to let her know I knew exactly who she was and what she was trying do. Get this: She wasn't even the prosecuting attorney assigned to my case and my guess is that she had no right to read my private property in the first place.
      Making sure I knew I had no privacy was obviously a game to try to scare me. The conspirators working for city wanted me to know they had the ways and means to find out everything about me. I feel it was a power trip on their part, or maybe it was just another one of their games to try to push me to the point of suicide. To say the least I was a bit annoyed, but all a person can you do in a situation like it, is ride it out.
      It was obvious the cops tried to lay as many violations on me as possible because the charges I received in distinct court where speeding, reckless driving, and possession of loaded fire-arms. Of course within the police report it had a copy of my concealed weapons permit. So with a little argument about the so called pedestrians at 7:00 am and the conceal weapons permit. The reckless driving charge was reduced to negligent driving and the weapons charge was dropped.
      The negligent driving charge still raised my auto insurance rate over $500 per year from that point on and it was obvious that it was just one of the reasons why they did what they did. I'm sure their goal was to in time, get my driver’s license revoked and make it hard for me to make a living. Basically the negligent driving ticket came to the tune of a $3,000.00 loss over the next few years due to the increased insurance rates. Gee, with that kind of money I could have filed a PCT, don't you think? Those trumped-up charges cost me no less than three foreign patent applications, even if I filed for them separately without a PCT filing.
      Something else was peculiar the next time I went down to the County City Building to appear before the judge in District Court. While waiting to find out what kind of penalties I was going to get, I could hear a ladies voice (which appeared to be the judge's own voice) in the judge's chambers say, "Is Dennis Sattler here?” "Yes he is." "Good."
      Hearing that lead me to believe I was one of the highlights of their day. For me it made me a little more worried, because it was clear to me I was being sought out. The way I looked at it was, that all the charged, fines, and penalties brought into the district court were trumped-up except for the speeding, which wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for being chased around all night.
      Did I say that if it wasn't for the things this conspiracy has put me through, I'd have a clean driving record for well over ten years?

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She looked fine, but what a bitch is:

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