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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

What a Bro

Before the fire I had rebuilt and strengthened the overhangs on the large part of my house. I put new decking and roofing on the north and west sides. I used a tarp to cover the south side where I was going to put a dormer for the switch back in the new stair-way I was going to build.
      Since the house wasn't selling, I thought I'd put to use the pile of roofing I had stacked up on my front porch. I thought I would dry the house in as much as I could except for back part where I tore off the kitchen and bathroom.
      In my spare time I finished re-sheeting the south side and began roofing it. Since the back portion was where the new addition was going to go, I planned to keep the back part covered with a tarp for the time being. I figured that even if I sold house as is, I'd get more money for it because of the work I’d completed.
      Although I learned to dislike the neighborhood by then, and decided I wasn't going to stay there any longer than I had to. It was clear to me that one of the neighbors down the street was thinking otherwise. That is I heard a black guy say, "I guess since he doesn't have the truck anymore, he figures at least he still has a house.” When I heard that, I thought, I don't even know that guy. What business is it of his anyway?
      It was obvious, the neighbors were talking about me and some of the things they would say made me wonder the reason they were saying such things was just to have me hear them.
      Then the next thing I heard from another direction was, "His brother in-law sold some pictures of it." Then I heard the word, “Chrysler" mixed into the news.
      The deal was, is after getting out of jail, I decided to clear out my trailer just in case the trumped up charges against me would give me jail time, therefore having my stuff stored elsewhere made sense to me because no telling what would happen to my trailer or my property.
      After hearing the news on the street, I realized the idea keeping some of my valuables in my sister's spare bedroom while going through the court proceedings wasn't such a good idea. But then, what was my option? Leave my briefcase and bass guitar in my trailer were the city or obviously anyone could steal them?
      I not only stored stuff in their spare bedroom, but I put some of my stuff such as my painting equipment and the front hydraulic cylinders to my truck in their shed too. The hydraulic cylinders were in their shed because I tried to disguise my truck to look like an ordinary flatbed truck.

Now that I know how conspiracies work; I realize if he did sell some of my pictures to someone, the buyer or even someone else could have set up phony rumors saying it was Chrysler although it might have been Ford, or General Motors, or anyone for that matter. Whatever the case would have been, I realized that because of the bust and having the cops talk about it on their radios, the heat obviously got turned onto me. Reason being, is that the rumor of him selling the pictures to anyone backs the suspicion that, whomever the buyer was, they wanted to know what the cops had in the impound yard. It goes to show that they didn't know about the truck until after the bust.
      You can bet I high tailed it over to my sister’s place and checked out my brief case to see if I still had the pictures. I was scared that if the pictures were missing, there might be a plot to erase any existence of my truck.
      I told my sister the reason I was there was that I had heard Boob had sold some of my pictures and I was checking to see if I still had them. She denied he would do such a thing. The pictures were there, but I realized all he would have had to do is have copies made from the negatives and there would be no way to tell if he had sold them or not. As a result of the ordeal, I asked her if she would sign a confidential statement. She refused.
      The rumor got out extremely well because I heard it all around town. Within the next day or two, while I was working on my roof again, I heard some people say that they wanted to make a deal with me. The problem was who are they? Thought I heard Chrysler, but it could have been a mix up of rumors. For curiosity's sake, began to wonder how I could find out is such rumors were true or not. I thought of a way I might find out. Although the method was a little strange and embarrassing to try to pull off, it was one way of trying. (I'll leave you hanging for awhile. Read on.)
      The next morning, I got up and drove over to the back ally of my sister’s house. As the dogs barked, I jumped over the fence and made my way into the shed to retrieve my hydraulic cylinders. Boob Head came out of the house without his teeth in. It appeared as if he had just gotten out of bed and he was pissed off that I made my way into the shed without his permission. He acted as if I was showing the neighborhood kids how to break into his shed. I looked at him with a look as if I really didn't care and I had nothing to say to him. I told him I wanted to get my stuff out of the bedroom too. I'm sure he could tell I didn't want anything to do with him anymore.
      I drove around to the front of the house and he let me in to get my things. I can remember Boob standing in the front room talking into the hallway to my sister while she was in their bed-room. I was standing less than ten feet away from him as he told Dana why I was there to getting my things. In their conversation I heard him say, "He knows about the pictures."
      Well maybe I miss heard him because he had his teeth out, but I doubt it very much because I have perfect hearing and I was watching his lips move as he said it.
      I have no proof of him selling the pictures so I had to except that maybe, just maybe, I heard him wrong. If the rumor of him peddling the pictures were phony, what was the purpose for? Was the rumor an effort to make me break away from my family? Or was it true because he was being watched by the local government while he did it and money talks.
      Thinking maybe the sells representative who sold me the truck might be honest with me and tell me if the rumors were true or not. The next thing I did was make the trip up to the dealer where I bought my truck to pay him a visit.

Before stopping in the dealership, I stopped at a hamburger joint that was nearby just across the street. I'm not sure if the kid working there flipping burgers was talking about me or even knew about me, but I did hear him say, "I think they are going to kill him.” Well hearing that put a sour taste in my mouth and I decided I didn't really need to know the information I was looking for.

On the way home, I contemplated what I should do and how it could be done. I decided what the heck, I'll stop buy the dealer on South Tacoma Way and ask the manager there to have the regional manager for Chrysler give me a call. I left my phone number with the manager and as I walked out, one of the sales-men said, "I like your truck.” In return I said, "It's a nightmare."

When I got home, I called the dealership in Auburn where I'd gone to earlier in the day. I tried to get in contact with my sales-man, but I was told he wasn't in. I tried to ask the manager about the so-called deal in a way that he would have to already know who I am and what I was talking about or he would just be lost and dumb founded about my request. He didn't produce any answers but asked questions about the truck. I shrugged him off and didn't give him any details.

Oh yeah, I never received a call from Chrysler's regional representative either.

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