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Top Secrete, Confidential

Another thing that was going on in my mind over the holiday season was that I had more pictures disappear. Although I'd usually go to one hour photo developing places and wait in the store to get the pictures as soon as they were developed. This time the pictures were taken with the use of a disposable camera having panoramic picture capabilities and the film had to be sent outside the store to have the panoramic pictures developed. The drug store in Lakewood sent the camera to the Konica photo lab in Portland Oregon to have the special film and pictures developed.
      When I got the pictures back and opened the envelope, I expected to see pictures of the pile raw components I had made for my truck just after sandblasting was done. But when opened envelope, I discovered pictures of cruise ships. Apparently I received pictures of someone’s vacation.
      On Christmas day I told Boob Head about the missing pictures. He said, "That isn't a too good of a thing to have happen.” The rest of the family didn't have anything to say about it and acted as if they weren't important enough to worry about.
      I was persistent and dropped by the drug store every day and stressed how important the pictures were. I'm sure the girl who worked there understood because she knew I would always stand around while my pictures were being developed. Eventually I did get my pictures back but it did take about a week to retrieve them. The question is: Who got my pictures and did the truck and parts mean anything to them? See, there is another situation where someone else could have been filing on my inventions before I did and it’s all because the city of Tacoma was dogging me. If the city would have paid me for the fire in the first place, do you think any of these problems could have ever existed?
      Shit, a few weeks later, Boob Head picked up a Ford Bronco to rebuild and in another week or two he had scored on another fixer upper. It wasn't long before Dana traded in the truck she seldom drove -- in on a new one. I figured that was pretty silly considering her old one only had 32,000 miles on it and she only owed somewhere between 3 and $ 6,000 on it. (I think $3,600) What was really ridiculous is that the new truck was the same truck as she had, but a different color and that it had the newer Vortec style engine in it. Then I should mention she had to have a new chain link fence installed around their property to keep it and their dogs in.
      Within a few months Disco D. and Motor painted their house, had some big trees cut down and had a new 24 by 24 Garage built in their back yard.

I should also mention my aunt when out and bought a new house. Or should I say two because it also has a guest house out back. I think it was even before she sold her old house. I'd say that took some cash.

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