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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Oh, you’re dumping me hah?

After I managed to sell my house, I sent my patent lawyer the money to continue his work on the patent application. Then I got a call from him and he said he was too busy to continue the application. Then the next time I spoke to him he changed his story. Then it was that he was moving and then later he said he was leaving the firm to go to work for another. Although the firm where he was working at the time had over forty lawyers, he said they didn't have another attorney available to take over the continuation of the application. He volunteered to meet with the next patent attorney I’d hire to help catch up on what he was doing, but I couldn't see the point. Then he sent the check back with the work he done on my application.
      You might get a kick out of what I got from the patent lawyer for around $1,900.00. It was a couple simple pages of an outline and two pages of extremely basic drawings. (Get this: One of the drawings had a mistake that you might call inoperative, as if didn't get how it worked. Oh well, it was on disk and we fixed it.)
      Although he offered the paper work the morning I went after the retainer money, I didn't take it then because I planned to have him continue the work at a later time after I'd weathered out the court proceedings. I think it's possible he made the four pieces of paperwork up the morning I called and said I was after the retainer money.
      The firm got me for a total about $2700.00 for nothing but a patent search that somebody else did on the east coast for two hundred dollars. He might have invested an hour’s worth of time while looking over the few patents that came up in the patent search and maybe an hour or two of work invested in throwing together the four pieces of documentation on paper. I'll bet the $2600.00 was chump change compared to the cash he could have been paid to dump me.

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