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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Not so safe is it?

On December 29th of 1997 when I closed out my box at Seafirst, I confirmed a safe deposit box is not safe from conspirators. The videotape of the fire had been altered and my will was missing also. I have to wonder if they got my spare key from my trailer or did they use the one on my key chain? I'd bet it was the one from my key chain which they had while the city was holding me in jail or shortly after because they didn't give my keys back until I got the truck back. I'm sure the bank had to let them in my box, because all the city had to do was have the commissioner of police to say they were looking for drug money.
      I still wonder if the city got to my fire tape before I put it in the safety deposit box or afterwards? I guess it doesn't matter, but I do think they at least had a copy made of the safe deposit box key while they had it, because I didn't make out a will until a month or two after I got my truck back.
      A few weeks to around a month later; the Stockbroker, nor the financial specialist, or her buddy ever called me. After a near two months had gone by and it was nearing the end of January of 98, I had not heard from any of them, I decided to give the Stockbroker a call. I called to ask him about his opinion about whether I should get insurance quoits with or without safety load-locks. The question was one that shouldn't have concerned him, but I just used it for a reason to call. Of course, he didn't have the time to talk to me. He said he was too busy working on his own business plan at the time. I considered it a blow-off and didn’t expect to hear from him again.

From that point on I knew I tried about the best resources a person could use to get something on the market, and if the Vice President of Myril Lynch can’t get it on the market, then who can? The way I look at it is that the money will just have to fall in my hands. I’ll just do it myself. I'd just work towards getting a book or movie deal and plan to turn it into trucks. I don't need a stinking business plan. I just need a spread sheet, the right catalogs, the right phone numbers, and a big fat check book. Business plans are just bullshit people give bankers something to look at. They’re like fictional books, where you can make up just about anything you want.
      Putting my truck on the market is nothing more than a numbers game and a little common sense.

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