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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book


Smoking pot again got me in the mood to do a lot of things. One thing it did was motivate me to move out of the trailer court. I managed to find a nicer shop in Parkland where I could even park my trailer for the same amount of rent as I was paying for the trailer space and small shop combined.
       The owner of the shop had a pre-finishing business in town and said he didn't care for being a landlord much. He asked what I was going to use the shop for and I told him I was going to used it for my painting business and that I wasn't planning on painting anything the but my own projects I'd fabricate for myself. I didn't tell him I was planning to live there in my trailer. He assumed that I knew how to take care of the place and didn't even have me sign a contract. I didn't tell him anything about the ongoing conspiracy with the city and although he asked about my truck I didn't say much about it except that I had filed for a patent on it. I didn't demonstrate it for him or anything, but it sure looked like something different because I had my C_____ Trunk on it. He said, "It sure looks nice."
       Then wouldn't you know the same day I'd rented the shop in Parkland, the landlord of the trailer court finally gave the bum in my driveway the boot. Get this: I'd rented the small shop for nine months and I had a driveway to myself for less than a week of it. With the help of my S______-l___, I had my stuff out of the shop before the bum could clear his junk collection out of the driveway.
       As I began moving my equipment into the shop I use a Dean’s garage for an intermediate place to stash my expensive equipment until I had the shop secured with an alarm and my trailer moved as well. While moving my odds and ends into the shop, the son of the neighbors who lived across the street came over and introduced himself. He said that his parents lived across the street, but he lived with his girlfriend elsewhere.

He asked me what I was going to do there and I told him, "I'm a painting contractor. I need a place to keep my equipment." I didn’t exactly tell him I was planning to live there.
       The renters that had the shop before me had left a lot of junk lying around so I made a deal with the landlord about deducting the dump fees from the next month’s rent. I made a few trips to the dump because I thought it would score some points with the neighbors before I showed up with my trailer.
       While cleaning up the yard, the neighbor to the west side of me was in his back yard and thought he'd come over and introduced himself. He was a man, about 45, with a potbelly and always seems to be wearing an engineer’s cap. As he stepped over his three foot high chain link fence, he caught the crotch of his paints on the wire loop on the top of the fence and it ripped a small hole in his trousers.
       He said that they had run the pervious renters out because they were painting cars there and had traffic all the time. He said he wanted to buy the shop but the owner wanted $40,000 and he felt it was too much. He regretted that he didn't buy the place when he bought his house because he could have had it for only $5,000. He said it had sat empty for about a year and if he would have know he would have done something about it because if it had been abandoned for a year it would have lost its commercial zoning status in the middle of the residential area.
       Then I asked him what he did for a living. "I'm a journeyman whatever they want -- for the City of Tacoma’s Public Works Department." I wondered how long until the City would figure out their employee lives next door to me. I tried not to worry too much about him because he was as good as anyone at random as far as I was concerned. I figured it was less guessing involved because if they were going to be making any special favors, an employee is about as good as it gets. Especially when it came down to determining who in the neighborhood would be hired to be their eyes and ears.
       He pointed out a fire hydrant in the back corner of his yard and said, "See that hydrant. It doesn't work, so if you have a fire, don't think you're going to get any water out of it. I got it so the dogs have something to piss on.

The shop in Parkland was much nicer than the one behind the trailer court. The main shop was 24’ X 39’ and it had a 13' X 23' garage built on the side of it. In back of the garage was an opening to an additional 7’ X 9' room built off the back of the main shop. I thought the small isolated room was the makings of a nice compressor room. All it needed was a wall partition, a door and some sheet rock. It was the first thing I wanted to fix up in the shop after I finished moving in.

I parked my Airstream next to the shop on east side and ran my gray water hose into a open “T” fitting conveniently installed in the side of the vent pipe, less than a foot above ground. The worst thing about the sewer arrangement was that when I needed to take a dump in the morning, I’d have to get up, get dressed and walk to the cold toilet seat inside the shop.
       Then one day while cutting the grass down with a weed-wacker, I noticed a hole in the ground not too far from the rear of my trailer. It appeared that whoever installed the septic tank had the idea of parking a trailer alongside the shop just as I did.

It had been over three months of haggling long distance over the phone to the authorized service center that Future Shop had sent my computer to. In just one month’s time, the cost of the phone calls tallied up to over fifteen dollars. But just as with my ghetto blaster, the service center wasn’t going to fix it, and they were not going to replace it with the next best thing. (The ghetto blaster they said nothing was wrong with it, but it would drain the small AA memory batteries, so I’d have to pull them out and reset the presets every time I used it.) However the service center said that they would change the case on my computer for the cost of $300.00, and wanted $7.50 more for the back cover that had the latch ware out.
       Well as you can guess, it was best for me to just pay them the money just to get the cover fixed while the parts were still available.
       (Get this: It's already cracked again. It’s safe to say that its manufacture defect and should have been covered by a warranty.)
       Once I arrived at Future Shop to pick up my computer, there was a group of salesmen gathered in a circle on the sales floor. By the way they were looking at me, I had a feeling they were taking about me. When I heard one mention, "He makes a thousand dollars a day, painting septic tanks." It was obvious -- confidentiality was non-existent -- and I knew for sure that they had looked over the information on my computer's hard drive.
       Though it wasn’t their business, they didn't realize that at times a batch of tanks could take me up to five days to complete. The information on my hard drive wasn't any of their business anyway. The experience made me wonder if computer hackers found a way to get the files I didn't want them to find.
       After I arrived back home from picking up the laptop from Future Shop, I thought I heard the word the neighborhood saying something about, “They put a transmitter in his computer.” I didn't want to except that I heard so because with the sensitive hearing I have, I often hear too much and mistake hearing one thing for another. I also wondered that it might have been a little game to make me paranoid, and sleep deprivation would only lead to hearing more things that wouldn’t be true.

Once I fired up my computer, I discovered that the two files I had written for my book and deleted; were within the last five files retrieved on the word processor. The hacker didn't even bother to erase the files after digging them out of the hard drive.
       This experience freaked me out a bit and I became afraid of having literature about my truck available to any one so I figured the best thing to do was just delete any line that said anything about it, then save the files as they were.

Another thing happened to my computer while it was at Future Shop. The battery charging circuit didn't want to work either. The computer would indicate that the battery was fully charged, but when I unplugged the computer, it wouldn't operate on the battery. I even took the computer apart to see if I could find a transmitter but only found a little black box cover that said "recharge circuit.” One thing I feel I should mention is that the problem with the recharge circuit could have resulted because one of the two clock memory batteries in the computer may have lost their power holding capacity if the guys at future shop never bothered to shut off the computer and very well could have been the reason for the battery operation not to work, however it still kept its time and date. (Maybe the battery just died while it was in their hands.) But it kinna sucked because I always cycled the battery on complete charges and it worked just fine before I handed it over to them.

Shortly after moving to the shop in Parkland; I ran out of marijuana. I began to experience withdrawals. As a result, stress and anxiety set in and the stash of medication my parents bought in Mexico seemed like something worth trying, so took some to see if it would help.
       Frustration isn't the word for how I felt when I found myself tearing the seven foot wall partition apart three times because I couldn't remember to put the studs on the proper side of the lines and X's I'd marked out on the plate boards. I realized I just had the most difficult time trying to fabricate a simple wall partition with a doorway in it. The medication had to be the reason for difficulty I experienced while performing the simple carpenter task.
       Although I'd smoked pot the whole time I built my truck, I realized it would have been impossible for me to build my truck on the medication the doctors recommended and prescribed.
       Stupid Rule Number 35: If I want something done right, I'd better learn how to do it myself. So -- I decided to go down to the library and check out some books on psychological problems and illnesses to find out if there was something else I could do to relieve my stress and anxieties.
       At the library I found four different books, written by four different types of doctors. Each doctor had a different way of treating psychological problems. One was saying how psycho-logical problems evolve because of the way a person is brought up through childhood. I thought, "Yeah -- yeah, I've heard that shit." They'll tell you what they think you want to hear. I'm smarter than that and I don't let my past interfere with my present.
       Another book was written by a doctor that analyzed people like lab rats. It stated that psychological problems can be fixed with medications. The perfect thing I'd like to say about his way of fixing a mental problem is what Dean, a friend of mine who works on recording studio equipment, said about lithium. He said, "Shit, I deal in that stuff every day. It's in the batteries I put into equipment all the time. It can't be any good to put into your body."
       Don't get me wrong though, because I've known people that say that they couldn't live a normal life without taking the medication they're on. (But then – I don’t know about that….)
       Another book was about how the dietary intake has influence on mental health. It stated good or bad eating habits and the kind of things we eat had everything to do with whether or not the body chemistry will get out of whack. Well thinking about myself, my diet is a lot of one course meals and I very seldom have a four course meal. For a bachelor, it's hard to cultivate a menu based on a large grocery list. To gather the right foods and create the right kind of meals is a bit inconvenient for me. However I did learn a few things from it, like how fish oils within a diet is good for us. Salmon happens to be the top on the list as what is good for mental health.
       I opted for the book and its method written by a psychiatrist that had suffered from depression and tried treating himself with the drugs commonly used. He said that all the medications he tried produced some kind of side effect. After his disappointment with medications, he decided to researched vitamin therapy.
       Vitamin therapy is treating mental illnesses with vitamins. The lack of certain vitamins and minerals can affect mental health of a person. Therefore treating mental illness with vitamins is done by elevating the intake of the vitamins the body is insufficiently containing. His book stated that if a person has a body chemistry that is out of balance, the amino acids and enzymes in the brain get fouled up. That's when a mental disorder will transpire in a perfectly healthy person. It's a fact that when a person is under a lot of stress, they use up more vitamin B-12 and B-6 than they normally would. Therefore a boost on the amounts of these vitamins consumed will usually stabilize the body chemistry. I also learned that the body can’t absorb vitamins properly if there is a deficiency of minerals.
       He mentions that more than 70% of people suffering from depression or mental illness have a body chemistry that is out of balance and it can be corrected with just an increase of the amounts of vitamin and minerals they take everyday. Once the body chemistry is put back in balance, the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental illnesses disappear.

I thought wow; that means that there is better that 70% chance I can solve my problem instead of treating it. No doubt, vitamins and minerals was the first course of action I wanted to take and I'd recommend it to anyone who is suffering from the symptoms of any mental illness.
       In his book there was a chart on many of the vitamins and minerals the body needs to maintain a good body chemistry and good mentally health. The chart had the recommended amounts a normal healthy person should have daily and then it listed how much a person can boost the certain vitamins and minerals in their daily intake if they want to use them as a treatment. He also listed the limit amounts of each individual vitamin or mineral a person can take before they will experience side effects from using too much. Believe me; it's pretty hard to overdose on vitamins, because the chart stated that for most vitamins, 1,500 to 2,500 milligrams is quite safe.

Basically if a person is under a lot of stress, the standard recommended daily intake of 450 milligrams of vitamin B-12 is not enough. A person under such stress maybe much better off by taking 900 or 1,350 mg per day. Same kind of thing goes for the rest of the V & Ms, but they aren't as important as the B-12. In fact, it's fairly common for hospitals to give people who live on the street a shot vitamin B-12. The reason they use the shot of B-12 and not the tablet, is that the tablet is only good for about two days; whereas the B-12 in the liquid injection form will last for about a month. They know that a homeless person or anyone for that matter, suffering from malnutrition will go crazy from the lack of B-12.
       I took this doctors chart and copied it down. Then I went down to the drug store and spent $60.00 on the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids he listed. Bam! I experienced a world of difference. My sleeping habits improved and my whole out-look on life took a turn for the better.
       I even bought some St. Johns Wart and Kava Kava root to use as a mild form of the simulation to perk my day up a bit. St. Johns Wart is an herb that is commonly recommended for people suffering from depression and Kava Kava is an herb that can cheer you up and put a smile on your face. These two herbs I use occasionally for an attitude adjustment, just as I used marijuana for, but with more of a mild effect. The thing about using herbs is that the body builds up immunity against them. Therefore the dosage needed to feel the effect will have to be raised over time if use continually. That's why I'd only use them occasionally and I alternate them when I do.

Over time I've narrowed down my list of vitamins and minerals a bit. I found that a Vitamin B-100 complex tablet is the mix of the B vitamins I need. I've got it down to where I only take a tablet of vitamin E, B-100, and Biotin every day. I take extra zinc and magnesium 2 or three times a week. A few times a month I take some extra iron when I feel my meals aren't as rich in iron as they should be.

B-100 seems to do the trick at helping me control my moods. If I miss a day or two, I tend get frustrated easily and go off the handle a bit.
       I take Vitamin E because it's good for my heart and complexion.
       Biotin by itself is hard to find, but it's in B-100 at about 33% of recommended daily value. I take the extra Biotin tablet so I'm getting usually 133% of the RDR. It happens to be good for hair and it helps me sleep at night.

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