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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Foreign Patents

I worked hard to pay off the debits I accrued over the winter. I worked my ass off and I luckily found work by word to mouth and I was able to to get my equipment out of the pawn shop and pay off my credit cards some.
       I found myself having to sleep in my truck through most of the summer because the only place I could come up with work was out on the coast.
       The most urgent challenge I had was to come up with the money needed to file for patents in foreign countries.
       By the time September came around I only managed to pay down $ 3,000.00 of my credit card debits. Not exactly the amount you want available when you have the one year deadline for filing for foreign patents.
       If I could have had only $4,500.00, only $2,000. more, I could have been able to file for a PCT. A PCT filing would have allowed me to file in as many countries as I wanted.
       Being that Two Thousand Dollars Short, -as an effort to get as much bang for my buck- I realized that the countries with translation fees were out of the question. English speaking countries were the obvious way to go for me. And I thought that the idea of having three big islands along with Canada which is connected to the United States was a pretty good boundaries to be able to enforce patent protection.
       I got a copy of my application from my patent lawyer and he recommended a lawyer he used in Canada. The Canadian patent attorney recommended the ones I used in Great Britain and in Australia. That pretty much burned up $3.000.00.

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