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The Journal

Back during the time when the city was putting me through the court system and I was trying to talk Ramjet into letting me move my trailer onto his property -- his girlfriend advised me to keep a journal of everything I did every day. At the time, I couldn't realise any use for such a thing, but my impression was that she was suggesting it might come in handy for the court proceedings ahead of me. At the time I wasn't even considering writing a book. But now I have a few different theories upon why she would suggest such a thing. One would be that she knew I’d be a person who has become a icon in history, which would mean someone would want to write a book about me, or as I like to imagine, she understood how conspiracies worked and knew it would be a way to trace my movements and associations so that it would be less likely that I would disappear.
       The way I would like to think of it is – is if a person was going to commit suicide – like the eighty friends of Bill Clinton’s – they would write things that would lead to those kinds of things. Also if a person was planning a journey to some foreign lands just to disappear from society, they would plan it and document their progression to the big move. Another reason for a journal is so things are put in chronological order and that dates would aid in future investigations.

On the third day of April 1998, I was in a drug store and I came across a TOP FLIGHT – STANDREDS™ 5 section 200 sheet college rule 6" by 9-1/2" spiral note book. I thought it would be a handy size for taking down notes and keeping records of what I did from day to day. I bought the little red book and took it home with me, but at first, I just used it for taking notes and records on what I was spending my money on.
       Though I started this book prior to the time when I started the journal, I didn’t get much farther than two files at about fifteen pages each. I had the fear that my computer would either disappear or the words would be altered while in digital format so for future reference I began writing things out in hand written journals. On paper, I knew the words couldn't be changed, but I still worried about the possibility of the journals disappearing as well. I was afraid that if I wrote too much detail of the crimes committed against me; the crooks might read the material and decide to create trouble for me.
       As time went on -- I turned to my journal and made a few notes. Up until about page 50, my hand writing was pretty sloppy and what I was putting down consisted of mostly notes concerning purchases, hydraulic flow charts, things I’d done, and things to do lists. Between pages 50 and 100, my writing got neater and more legible of what I was writing about.

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