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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

The Underground

I’d been writing in my journal for almost two months and between page 50 and 100, my writing became more legible and one could understand more of what I was writing about. As I approach page 100, my writing style started to kick into gear and an unanticipated result developed. The phony rumors on the street began to diminish and the comments I heard were people’s reflections of the topics I had currently written about. At first I thought I was imagining it, but after awhile I learned to play into it. I got the impression that someone was putting it up on a web site.
       My theory for this incidence is that since I’m a practical engineer, there were people snooping around my place to find out if I had anymore fancy ideas lying around. They must have come across my journal and found out who I really was. It sparked a fresh awareness of who I was and it must have reinforced an underground movement of some kind. At first I had to wonder if my mind was just playing games with me because of sleep deprivation or something. But the details were just too personal to be general comments in everyday life. The real problem was that the word “he,” was used all the time.
       To battle the phony rumors that were spread around, I made sure people would know my personality through the material I wrote. Much of it was based on current events within my own life and the events that were currently in the news. Though the material I wrote was slightly demented at times, it was also highly opinionated. . Much of it came from my common sense type of mentality and it was amazing to learn of the high percentage of people out there who share the same opinions as I do.
       I began to feel that just writing my journal and having underground following was a lifeline in a sense. (That is if there would have been a plot to have me disappear and claim to have had me sign some type of contract.) The signature of personality is quite unique and I some would say it would be difficult for someone else to duplicate With people knowing my personality so well I realised it impossible to replace me with an impostor who may look like me and sign my name just the same.

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