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The Book

While sitting around in my cage with a busted up foot, I found myself cranking out around five to ten pages of hand written journal entries per day. I realized that in less than a year’s time I had produced over 800 pages and the question was what to do with it. Though the paper journal was a handy medium to use, it was amounting to too much material to ever think of retyping just so that it could be edited for anything more useful at a later time. Without being in digital format it was a little difficult to do much with it except look back on it. Since I can honestly say, some of it is quite entertaining, I figured if I would ever have a website, I would scan the pages and let my readers look though the vast catalog if it is of any interest to them.
       The extra time I had on my hands allowed me more time to fire up my computer and keep more material in digital format and it wasn’t long before the digital journal files passed the two hundred page mark. It must have contained some pretty good information on the turn of events at that time because now days, I can’t seem to find any of those first three hundred pages. And you can be assured that the digital journal entries I still have been tampered with. (I guess it’s a good thing I gave some copies away to other people.)

Prior to this time I had only two small files consisting about 10 to 15 pages written for the purpose of this book, but toward the end of the summer I took up the task of converting the digital journal entries into something that was more in book form because I was quite sure there was a transmitter put inside it by the repair shop used by Future Shop. I realized that no matter what happened; the pages wouldn’t disappear because someone down the road at a later time would surface with the original material. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the true objective behind someone putting the transmitter in my laptop.

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