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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

The Magic Scrap Pile

During the time I had my foot in a cast, things got pretty boring. I knew of just about every scrap of steel I'd moved from place to place after I'd built the main S___ - L___ prototype and I realized I had the makings of two or three more of my inventions. The shit was just laying there and all I had to do was make sure I had some welding wire, some 25/75% mixture for welding, and some acetylene and oxygen for cutting. (Or was it what they call 75/25 %?)
       As soon as I was able to move around with the use of crutches fairly decent. I slapped on my padded knee pads and went to work in my shop. I started out working on a hook-lift adapter, because I’d always had the desire to see what my truck would look like with a dumpster or storage unit on it. I’d checked out a storage unit Lamay Disposal Service had stashed on a lot just off of Pacific Avenue nearby and I thought it would be fun raising hell with his company by going out at night and moving their containers around.
       By the time I was putting the finishing touches on the hook-lift adapter kit, I was well aware of its good points as well as its limitations. The rollers for the wider frame rails on the hook-lift type payload beds were nicely fitted, but the trolley was the weak point because the rails of the carrier needed to be thicker so that the trolley wouldn’t bend them, and that meant more weight, which in my book isn’t a good thing. The trolley was something of a "make do" design because my intentions were just to move empty unites around. It sure did look cool once it had a coat of paint on it, but I liked it better when it was all rusty.
       As I was putting the finish paint on the adapter kit, I noticed that the field where Lamay Inc. stored empty dumpsters got no less than a dozen new “No Trespassing,” signs posted all around the place. I knew that if I was to try to have any fun, I’d have my ass in trouble as well.
       Then more I thought about the limitations of the trolley design I had been working, the more I realized that an adapter kit for the hook-lift payload beds would be a better direction to go then the special trolley designed I’d been working on. The solution would just put a simple mount with a loop on the front and wheels on the back and legs on the front of the payload beds that are originally designed for the hook-lift.
       Another peculiar thing I noticed was that Lamay Inc. began to order their new hook-lift containers with wheels and legs installed on them. I think it’s safe to say that they learned that without some height to the beds, they weren’t worth a shit on unleveled ground.
       I had a friend who needed some bodywork and paint on his VW Beetle and he planned to have the funds together around the beginning of the year. I figured that about that time, my foot would be doing better and I’d probably be able to work on it slowly but surely. I decided to take up interest in another project I had on the back burner. I figured my T________ might come in handy when it was time to work on his bug. My T_________ wasn’t going to be as easy to work on because it was much larger and use up the 4 inch I-beams I had laying around. The T___________ is actually a modified design if a L__ B__ sketch I'd had around for quite awhile.
       I kept the crutches handy for going distances, but I spent most of the time lot of crawling around knees while fabricating the T____________. As you might imagine; it was one hell of a way to get dirty.

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