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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

The Shower Hose Trick

As I was working in the shop on a prototype one night, I over-heard the bragging bitch next door, bragging to someone that she had just torn my shower hoseā€¦. I couldn't believe someone could be so devious, so openly.
       Apparently she waited until I was busy welding and then snuck into my trailer. The thing that bummed me out was that I didn't even get to discover it on my own.
       You can imagine, dirty all the grinding dust and welding smoke made me feel. I was one filthy guy and a good hot shower was the only thing that would be able to stop itching enough to sleep at night.
       I checked out the shower hose and by the sprayer handle, I noticed the kink in the line. Sure enough, it was damaged. Water gushed out of the hose just before the handle when I turned it on so I disconnected each end of the hose from the handle and wall fitting then switch the hose around so that the gushing water gushed out of the hose at the lower end next to the wall fitting.

The shower hose wasn't the only thing that turned her on....That is, I noticed an old Hustler magazine was missing from my bathroom cabinet. It had been around for quit some time and I had no doubt it had been taken. Of the few magazines I had in the cabinet, there was one Hustler and I assure you that there was no other place I could have missed placed it. The strange thing about it was that it was returned a couple weeks later. Of course when it did, I tossed it.

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