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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Bam Bam

While Derelict was still working for me, he came to work one day all excited about a drum set he’d found in the pawn shop. He said it was a $3,000.00 birch -- Yamaha Studio Series drum kit, and he was buying for only $650. Months later as I was in the pawn shop and the guy who worked there was putting a drum kit out on the floor.
       I said, "Is that the kit Derelict was buying?"
       "Yes it is," he said.
       "Sign me up for it. I'll take over making payments."
       Shortly after my fire, I started making $10 to $20 monthly payments on it. As you may imagine it took years to pay it off, but one year right before Christmas it was paid for. Unfortunately I was hurting for money so I knew I wasn't going to be able to buy cymbals and hardware for it.
       I took it home, cleaned it up and set it up in my shop just to take a look at it. I knew with the bitch next door, I'd end up in trouble if I even tried playing it.
       Bam Bam, a fellow musician I'd played lights for in the past was opening a new music shop in Lakewood and I figured it would be best if I'd consign it to him so he could sell it for me. He told me that he could get me what I'd paid for it. I also rounded up some other things for him to sell as well -- digital processor and a four-track recorder.
       When I stopped by the shop to check on how my things were moving, he said he hadn't received any bits on the kit. He did sell my digital processor for a hundred bucks. But the four track recorder just sat there under the glass counter top.
       I heard word on the street saying my drum kit was sold as soon as it was set up in the Lakewood store. The next time I showed up at the music store the four-track recorder was on a shelf out on the floor with a broken cover.
       Months later during the summer season when I wasn't as disparate for money, I ran into Bam Bam at a jam session. He said my drum kit finally sold; to stop by and pick up the money from it. The question is, did someone buy it and have him leave it on the floor as if it wasn't sold so I wouldn’t see the money when I desperately needed it? Still to this day I haven't seen anything from the four track and the last I heard, it was buried in a storage unit, because the music store went broke and closed.

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