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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

The Lousy Book grows

I also passed the booklet out to other suppliers as well as my customers and friends. I kept rewriting it, adding more as fast as I could. As soon as 33 pages done, I printed it out so it couldn’t be altered, then I ran down to the pawn shop, pawn something for about $75 and then drove to the copy shop to run off another $10 to $25 worth of Sunnyside’s Lousy Book.
       While running off more copies, it was amazing how people came out of the woodwork. I had a couple guys who looked as if they were from the local government show up; they looked as if they were interested in the newsletter I was running off, but were reluctant to take on from me. I felt that they had other ways of getting their hands on it, but then I also had to realize that they would have already known what it said and they were only there to see if it was what I was distributing. What was even more obvious, I had a couple who were involved in the church in Spanaway show up too. I felt it was because I had a part in it about what I had experienced from the church, so I was sure to give them a copy because I was sure that was what they were sitting in the parking lot for.

I went off distributing more of the updated versions around town as if they were a weekly newsletter. At times I found myself handing them over to prospective readers with a little announcement spiel to stir some curiosity so that they would be more compelled to read it. Some of my pitches were a bit corny, but I could tell some people were anxious to read the updated versions.
       My booklet did make a difference as far as to the awareness of the conspiracy around town. To be frank; it raise hell against the phony rumors the city was trying to spread. However; by the time the pamphlet reached 33-35 pages it became too expensive to hand out on borrowed money.
       One day I thought the material had been altered so I made my rounds to update and change out the pages in question and add the new additional pages. As I was updating the pamphlet I'd dropped off at the steel supply company on South Tacoma Way, I overheard a guy standing in line at the sales counter say, "He changed it himself. They put a transmitter in his computer and they watched him do it." Snide as he sounded, I had to realize what he had just said must have had some truth to it. After thinking things over a bit, things seemed to fall in place:
       I suddenly remembered deleting the parts about
       Right away, I looked through my old back up disks and found the files with the 15 pages I knew I'd wrote. I revised it, added more to it and set out to make sure the people I had supplied copies of the short story were updated with the new one which was more upbeat.

The guy in line at the steel supply only verified what I'd thought I overheard in the neighborhood when I got the computer back home from being repaired. Since it was true; I no longer worried about the words being changed or my computer disappearing because I realized that someone would have my words if such a thing did happen. It wasn’t long before my Lousy Book amounted to over 75 pages and the idea of passing them out on computer disks came to mind because the disks only cost about fifty cents each and even one time a rebate made them near free. Whenever people would ask about my truck, I’d ask them if they had a computer. Over the next year or two, I ended up handing out hundreds of disks with 75 to 128 pages to anyone who had access to a computer.
       During a couple trips the law library at University of Seattle, I realized that more people around the University knew about me than in my home town. It’s my understanding that there must be less computer use in Tacoma compared to many other major cities in the country and people must have been e-mailing my book to their friends elsewhere.
       One day as I was on my way home from the University of Seattle Law Library, I noticed I was about to pass the NBC, King 5 News Station. I thought: What the heck, I'll prove to my friends that the news stations already know about me and won't even cover me if I walk into the station with police reports proving the conspiracy.
       I pulled a U-turn and parked directly across the street from the King 5 News building. As I walked through the front doors, I looked up and noticed a few people standing at the railing on the mezzanine. They appeared to have walked out of their offices to get a look at me as I walked through the door. I was faced with the fact that they too must have had access to the satellite transmitter planted in my truck. They must have known I’d pulled a U-turn just up the road from their building and walked out to see if I was coming in to see them. A receptionist was the only person in the lower lobby and she said that the only way I could talk to a reporter was to pick up one of the courtesy phones.
       An assistant answered the phone and listened to my spiel for about twenty minutes. I offered them police reports, a chance to check out pictures, video tape and even pages from my book; all of which I had on hand at the time.
       She said my story didn't sound like it warranted investigation over the other hundred or so leads they receive every day.
       I have to wonder if the people on the mezzanine just wanted to get a look at me as I walked through the door, or perhaps they might have thought I’d drive right through the doors. I know one thing for sure; I would have found a ride to jail if did. Then if so, we’d have to wonder if something like that would even make the news.

In January of 1999, a couple months after I’d distributed my lousy booklets around town, I decided to watch the televised coverage of the president's state of the union address. Before the appearance of President Clinton; his cabinet members were lead into the room. As the cabinet members walked into the room, I heard a couple voices in the background noise.
       One voice said, "Did you read Sunnyside's book?"
       Then another voice replied, "Yeah, he's quit ah character.”

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