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From the full version of Sunnyside's Lousy Book

The City

April 12-1999: Today I told a city worker who was at the drywall supply place about how he works for a bunch of crooks. He said, "You better watch what you say.”
       Like get real, don't you think I kinna stuck my neck out months ago? To worry about a bunch of non-sophisticated crooks who have only shown everybody that they don't even know what they are doing. They've got people worried about becoming a ghost town. Like this drywall industry. How blind can the drywall contractors be? They’re hopeless if they’re from Tacoma. One even laughed at me today. I had to laugh back and say the joke is on you.
       I wish I could remember the last drywall job I did. (My compressor room) I would think and almost sure I can recall loading taping mud into this truck. It might have been when I had it camouflaged and the back wheels off it. (Some newer guy loaded it) Oh well it isn't like I've been around promoting it. Still, it has put on more than 50'000 miles around town for four years, sure they didn't know anything. If they didn't, they're sure blind and too stupid to deserve one anyway. I know one thing for sure. In no way could a truck like mine be driven around this town for two years without me seeing it and finding out more about it. But I guess all the other back braking construction workers must have had their heads up there asses.
       Wonder if the City worker had anything to do with those guys walking outside of the shop afterwards. Wonder if they expected me to show it off or what? Well those suckers got a kick in the butt anyways. Like, where have you been? "Yeah, yah better turn on your heals dude, cause I'll stand there and tell you all about how you're getting screwed." Helpless suckers. Only the one that has worked there for over a decade managed to have the guts to say anything and it had to be about the stupidest line. Gee, I wonder why those others just turned around and didn't say or ask a thing. No, guys I'm not for your entertainment.
       I've got an answer and a remark for all your little questions, but nobody wants to ask. Be careful you might not get the answer you’re looking for.
       On 4-19-99 I was sliding the garage door open on my shop as I was about to pull my truck out to go to the Home Depot. I just happened to have my new video camera in hand. I looked over and saw something a little suspicious going on in front of the neighbor’s house. It was the neighbor guy, out in the street talking to a guy sitting behind the wheel of a Jeep Wagoneer. The Jeep was one I had never seen next door before. It just so happened to have a government, “Exempt” license plate on it. I couldn’t help but realize that it was just the thing I was packing the camera around for. Bam…. Entry on 4-19-99
       As I went out to get my junk mail I saw something that looked very interesting in front of the neighbor’s house to the west of my place.
       Hay, dose anybody know who's issued the Dark Green Jeep Wagoneer? The license plate Washington Exempt 02867 M. It’s got a tire in the back window on the driver’s side, right behind the "Washington State Official Use Only," sticker.
      Well the bastard chased me down at Home Depot and I heard what was going on while I was in there. I was wondering if it was Doug Sutherland or not. Once I was in the store. I could hear people talking about how I had caught Mayor Brian Ebersole red handed making a pay off. Apparently someone else in my neighborhood watched it go down. What blows me away is the hand off of the envelope was said to be witnessed. Then I come out and grab his license plate to boot. Well golly gee whiz. I’d say; one hell of a day in a scummy little town. Who knows, I could be wrong. Since I’m not one to know for sure; it could be a trick to make me do a slander thing, but it’s just a kick in the ass just thinking it is. I choose to believe it because it’s so logical. When I saw the Wagoneer leaving parking lot towards 74th Street, I knew it wasn't very hard to believe what people were saying was true. I would guess there was plenty of witnesses that saw him get into my truck. I bet he shit bricks when he figured out I had taken the camera and tape into the store.

What's funny is the tape wasn't worth anything to him. I just had witnesses watch the tape, knowing that it was as fresh as could be and they wrote down the license number for themselves. He was chasing dead meat. He just found himself attempting to obstruct justice by tampering with evidence. Did it right at a public place in broad daylight. This is like actually doing the crime and failing at it while people were watching. Like the show Worlds Dumbest Criminals, Caught Red Handed. Twice in one day. Gee what rotten luck guy. What a lucky day for me, I guess. The shit just falls into my lap. I did get a chance to see his ass leave the parking lot. I only wish I would have had my shit together and ran out to record him getting into my truck. Boy I sure had some good timing on going down to Sears and maxing my card out. Gee, thanks Sears. I'll even try to send you some money. What the dumb son of a bitch didn't realize was I just had the tape witness by some people that can prove I took that picture today, with no way of faking it. Someone asked who I am going to go show it to. I said, "Dose it really matter, this place is cooked all the way to the White House." What it does do, is make this lousy book worth more money. What I care about is backing what I write.
       I don't think I'm the only one who saw things go down today. I was looking for something tangible to go down. This sort of thing can make your day. The kind of day that can make me just jump out of my bones in the desire to celebrate. Right on dudes, take the money I like those payoffs. Hey I think I've said that before. Dam, I didn't actually think they would poise for a picture.
       Shoot, I all ready had the neighbor bitch for perjury, slander, burglary and damaging property. Now they give me the link to the mayor in a conspiracy. Well I'll be dam. What more could I ask for in one day. I'm sure I told you a long time ago in my journal about how my life is just one big adventure.
      Beats collecting stamps.

I've got them for the hazardous materials department showing up after the second fire not the first. Tampering with the fire-tape evidence; the green paint on the windshield, proving they knew who I was well enough to know my brother in-law was one to worry about him stilling it. Therefore the bust was a set up. I did show that phony news paper to a few witnesses. The phony Boy Scout troop set-up which cost me four to five hundred dollars per year. What is $40 per hour times 250? $10,000.00? How many foreign parent applications do you think a person could file with that kind of money? Then a figment of speech can prove they were chasing my jobs right out from under me. How much did I loose with that game?
       I'm wondering if there is any proof out there left about the shit with the patent lawyers. Oh, I've got the fact that I gave a judge a copy of my book on January 5, 1999. I wonder if I could subpoena that bankruptcy lawyer? I wonder if that thing with the blue prints is true. Oh, yeah I did get the blue prints. I can't remember if I kept the rejected ones or did I give them to the buyer? I wish I knew what was going on there. I'd think I would have kept them for more evidence proving hardship from the city. I think you know me well enough by now to know I would normally be on top of that sort of thing. Right now I feel like a dumb ass for not knowing for sure. I'm pretty sure my suspicions are true.
       4-20-99: Gee, lucky I only had to be married to a tape for one day, thanks to Sears. I'll bet the fed.'s can make it better looking on strait digital format. The pictures I dubbed down to regular video tape at Sears looked pretty good. Too bad I got the tree in the way, but they can probably refocus the thing in a much higher resolution. I'll bet they could count freckles.
       It would be nice if there was a video tape deck for the home that a person could use the same kind of DV tape in. I'll bet someone would have to lay out some serious cash for one of those. Oh yah Green.
       (Now days they have “firewire” connections to use direct to computers.)

From Poop-1 April 26, 1999
       That rumor about my brother in-law selling my pictures I had stashed at his house -- to Chrysler popped up again. Well the timing is right, because it was at the time I got my truck out of the impound yard. The same time I figured the industry found out about me. I knew the day I got my truck back that they knew more of what was going on than what they were saying. It's about the time I noticed someone suspicious looking standing outside of the bank. I knew something was going on. Yeah, no wonder why my own sister wouldn't sign a confidential letter. She had already sold out my brief case to them.
       I wonder if Rodney was the one who told the city about my plans to build a mini dumpster truck, or if it was a wiretap on my phone that brought on the heat. I don't remember if I told him if it was something that had never been done before, but it didn't matter because the city must have sent some spy to see if I had any drawings. The word most likely when to governor Lowery and here ran it to the president. Then good old Billy boy ran around with this (G)onna (A)rrange (T)uff (T)imes Treaty thinking he would either get my clock ticking or better yet, set it up so if I licensed it to anybody I would never see any money from it. If I sold it would have sat on a shelf and only the military would have it. Well he didn't realize he left a loop hole in his game plan. I had reduction to practice by the time he went around with his treaty. By the time the industry found out about it, it was too late. He had given Europe the edge. I think you may agree it’s one big bumbling blunder. Now all those big corporations are wishing they had set up shop in a different country.
       Yeah, free trade and you can go to another country and not have to worry about a tax for this and a tax for that. Hell, a per-son would have to be an idiot to set up shop here. Look at Intel, that Oregon plant isn't going to happen.
      Yeah, he started with the NAFTA treaty for the free trade bit and then he went with the GATT treaty and did away with the private inventor. Now if you invent something and all you have is an idea and no prototype, the president gave those big corporations license to still.

The next time you reach for that cruise control on your car. You should wonder if the person that put it together made more than $3.50 a day. Because of NAFTA, they say that they find a woman's body dumped in the desert about every two weeks. Then you have to wonder about the ones they don't find. I’m sure there are other countries out there that believe in my philosophy about equal pay for an equal day’s work. The presidents idea; backfired like rule 50. Within five to ten years, if it isn't made by robots, it isn't going to be made here. Oh, yeah the robots will most likely be made in another country. The rich will keep getting richer. But in the US, the poor are going to keep getting poorer.

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