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Wondering if the junk was brain washed ?

Ever since the truck had about 40,000 miles on it seemed to be falling apart. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another, and it all started with the fuel gauge. I learned from Ken, that the sending unit in the tank cost $300 and a replacement lasted about a year. The easy solution is just used the odometer because it even works if the speedometer doesn’t. When the speedometer began to cut out from time to time, I found the solution to be a good rap on top of the dash kicks it in every time.
       Next was the transmission begun to act up and I could never tell when it was going to, but if played with it a little bit, it would usually straighten out and stay locked up. Then the ball joints went out on one side and the same thing with the wheel bearing. The track bar went out and for a tie-rod end on the end of a long bar, the $200 seemed to me as $200 for something that is designed to destroy itself from the get go. Goes to show you I’m right because the second one is already shot.
       Even though I’d check the level of the of the transmission fluid and did the 35,000 band adjustment, the transmission acted just fine most of the time but real bad other times. It seemed to be acting up at similar places. Like the times I’d be climbing the pass on the way to the ocean. One time while trying to get my truck to stay in gear on the climb, some guys in a truck next to me seemed to be laughing as they passed by. It made me wonder if they had a remote control device enabling them to make my truck to lose the lock up. I knew it was possible to do such a thing just by putting a remote control relay into the wiring connected to the transmission. What led me to believe the scenario could be possible was the fact that it didn’t always slip out of lock up while going up hills – just most of the time.
       I began to wonder if my truck had such a device planted in it so they could discourage me from going out to the coast where I could survive without a phone. A question I had to ask myself was: If there was such a device planted in the truck; who’d want to do such a thing? I chalked one up on the board for any other auto manufacture besides Chrysler. I could see where General Motors or Ford could like the idea because I it would make Chrysler look bad if the transmission went out.

I realized my transmission would eventually wear out from the repeated disengagement. I felt whoever was doing it must like the idea of having me tell people that the transmission was a piece of junk. Also they could be doing it to see if I’d get mad enough at it to beat the crap out of the truck. Or maybe if it broke down, they might like it because it would put me out of commission.
       I felt if I could go half way; that is if I mention how bad I want to take a sludge hammer to it, they just might encourage me by making it act up even worse. If that was the case going half way wasn’t such a bad idea because getting mad at the truck and beating the crap out of it might be the very thing they wanted. If they wanted it and got me to do so, they might leave my transmission alone afterwards. That way I would be driving a beat up Chrysler and I might just get a transmission that wouldn’t act up if they liked the idea of the truck rolling around as a piece of junk.
       Of course there would be those people who would think it made the truck look Ram tough so they might think it makes Chrysler look good; but I’d have to say at a very low number.
       It would also be a situation where Chrysler is going to have two options to choose from. Work to keep the truck rolling down the road and hoping people would think it was a tuff truck for taking a beating and kept on ticking, or just flat out -- get it off the road. The later is what I expected. The question to me at the time is how do I keep it on the road and not lose it?
       First thing I had to consider strong points versus the weak points. One thing I knew was that I had an underground following. They would have to be my trump card if all else fails. There in the background and they are all I can count on, but how could they be able to help me was another question.
       When my transmission started to act up so bad it wouldn’t even lock up in the overdrive – period. I had to think of the problem in two different ways. I had to wonder if it was acting up because they wanted me to smash it as I wrote on my computer; or the days left on the transmission were just plain numbered. I realized I had to do something drastic or I would lose the truck.
       As it was; even if my foot was in good enough shape to work full days, I wasn’t able to get enough work to pay rent as it was. I was lucky just to keep the electricity and phone hooked up. I knew I wouldn’t be able to support a truck payment if it wasn’t for the disability insurance making the payments for me. I felt that if my foot got better and my doctor didn’t sign the insurance companies claim forms, I knew I’d have to worry about losing it. I knew it would have to be a lucky break before I’d be able to come up with enough money for a new transmission. I was just lucky to be able to feed myself as it was, let alone fork out three grand for a new transmission. Sure the transmission should only cost around $2,000 but if a shop decided to play games with me and jacked the price, they’d have my truck and I’d be fucked. So I felt it’s best to have some cushion, if you know what I mean. If somebody else with a remote was making the transmission act up, paying for a new transmission would be a waste of money.
       If the transmission were to go out, the odds of making enough money to fix it was very slim because I knew of nobody who would have a vehicle to loan me. Well I did have my parents since they have a truck, but I couldn’t count on it, and I didn’t want to depend on them.

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