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From the full version of Sunnysides Lousy Book.

Party On

The cool thing about living with George was the house was big enough to where we had some outrageous parties. It was nothing to go through a keg or two a night at our place. George had an outrageous stereo and the local X-band liked to play were ever the action was and that was at our place a few times. There were times when our driveway was transformed into a large parking lot full of cars. I can even remember standing on the back of my truck one day observing the massive amount of people funneling up to the back porch leading to the kitchen door.
      One of the advantages of having these parties was getting meet and entertain girls. Those were the days I met Lavern and Shelly. They seemed to know most of the partiers in the area because they would often hitch-hike together around town. Lavern was a little red headed Native American girl and as cute as one can be. Shelly was her blonde sidekick and party partner through thick and thin. If I wanted to know where the parties were on any given weekend, all I'd have to do was give Lavern a call and she was sure to know if something was going on.

Just less than a block down the street from our party house was a grocery store. One day while I was in the checkout line I found a driver’s license set on a display that apparently had been for-gotten by a GI. When I saw it, I immediately stuck it in my pocket hoping it might work for me. The guy on the driver’s license didn’t look at all like me except for the fact that he had a light blond mustache just as I had and he was the same height and weight. Though it labeled his eyes as blue, my bluish hazel eyes passed for his every time. The thing that made his ID work for me was the fact that he wore military black framed glasses. Only once at a local store in the small town of Steilacoom was I ever questioned about its authenticity. I just answered with the line: “If you were in the service eleven months ago, you would look like that fool too.” He sold me the beer.

For some reason I didn't come up with my share of the rent and personal conflict between George and I was getting between us. He moved another guy into the house that I didn't like very much because he was more or less an alcoholic, so I moved back in with my parents so I could look for a place of my own. Shortly thereafter, I moved into another place on 175th street which rented for $135.00 per month. It was a busy street and I found it quite dangerous just trying to turn in to my own drive way because at times when I was about to turn left into my driveway, cars would be trying to pass me.
      One thing I didn't like about the house was that the landlord's son was a guy I'd known from high school and he made himself more welcome that I wanted him to be. The house was hard to heat and a cold one to say the least. Apparently the kitchen had just been repainted because the guy who lived there before me stuck a gun in his mouth and blew his brains out all over the kitchen. I've wondered if he suffered from sleep deprivation because the traffic in front of the house was so fast and loud because of it.

During the following month I moved into a double wide trailer out on a side road of the Mountain Highway. Rent there was $150 a month, but after a month or two there I got tired of the muddy driveway, so I started looking for anything that had a halfway decent roof on it because I felt I could fix up most rentals with a bit of paint.

The next house I found was one I called the mushroom house. It was a small two bedroom with a good size side yard near the Interstate Freeway within the city limits of Tacoma and only had neighbours to one side of it.
      When I first rented it, it was so filthy; I used some industrial strength cleaner on everything. I fired up my airless and used left over paint on the interior. The next day I walked into the place, and noticed about two feet above the floor throughout the house, the paint had run off the walls because of the lack of heat. A quick fix, but this time I plugged a 5,600 watt 220 heater into an old dryer outlet.

The house was square and with a hip roof design. Setting on a little rise of a hill up from the road it -- looked like a blue mushroom once I painted it blue with white trim. One thing I liked about it was that it had a nice 24’ by 14’ garage built into the hill behind the house. The walls were made of cylinder block and it had a nice fiber-glass roll-up garage door.
       I put up a fence along the back and side of the house for my Doberman pincher -- Ike.
       Although I'd had a few parties at my place, the happening thing to do back then was to rent a hall; say it was for a wedding reception, get a banquet permit so alcohol could be served and hire a band.

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Sun Lakes Eastern Washington

I found an old picture. It has some dried shit or something stuck to it. Being afraid that I might destroy it trying to clean it off, I decided to photo shot the spots out just in case I do destroy the picture while trying to clean it later. Anyhow, I've always liked it because it has the feel of an old record album cover. It is actually picture of me, Bob and my roommate Gene and Billy? and his girlfriend who hung out with us during a trip to Sun Lakes in Eastern Washington in 1978. (I think that was Billy's uni-body Ford behind us. It was Cherry and he knew he had something that was going to be problem prone if he didn't take it easy on the half ton that it was suppose to be.)
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