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Making the Legacies out of Crooks

I've always had to admit that I didn't know for sure if President Clinton signed the GATT treaty because of me or not. But thanks to Clinton's, former assistant George Stephanopoulos, and his book All Too Human, I can assure you I feel differently now.

I checked out the book, All too human, from a public library, but I couldn't stand reading more than ten pages of the flowery crap he managed to put on the pages. His writing style is like a Clinton speech -- a whole bunch of flowery words, but very little substance. I skimmed through the whole book and found that the one and only, "NAFTA" stuck out like a sore thumb, but never saw a word about the "GATT" treaty.

      Looking through the book with a time frame in mind, I found that during the fall of 94 when the GATT treaty was signed, George mainly wrote about the up and coming elections and the haggling over the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policies concerning the homosexuals in the military. Nothing was mentioned about Affirmative Action.

      Then I came across audio taped version of the book in the library and indeed it came in handy because I could listen to George run his mouth off while I drove around in my truck. On the tape version during the same time period in the fall of 94, he began a new chapter by mentioning his accomplishments since he began working for Mr. Clinton. He boasted about his accomplishments. One of them was about taking care of the problem with Affirmative Action. But he never said anything about what the problem was or even how he solved it.

      Then six to eight months later in June and July of 95, during the time when the GATT treaty became active, the book mentioned problems with Affirmative Action as to whether to support it, to amend it, or abolish it. The impression I got from his book was that Clinton was worried about Jesse Jackson and the media. The funny part about the whole bit is the contrast the audio version is compared to the book. In the audio version during the June-July 95 time frame, George mentions his girlfriend had left him and he grew a beard to cover the hives that broke out on his face from experiencing anxiety and depression. His doctor put him on "Zoloft," a known anti-depression drug. By September he was really flipping out and decided to resign. I've also heard he was fired because he got a DWI, but I really don't know if I believe that one or not because I don't think Clinton would have cared if Stephanopoulose got drunk and killed someone as long as he kept coming up with magic words to foil the administration's scandals from the press. 

      Gee, I don't know about you, but I think Georgee Boy knew I'd end up dead because of the GATT treaty. I think he had Clinton sign the GATT treaty so that the auto manufactures would have their way with me. I'd bet he realized later that many other inventors would also end up dead. If my suspicion is true, Clinton signed GATT treaty as a way of conspiring to commit murder and I was the one he was after.

I've done some patents searches on the internet myself and noticed that there are two different types of patents issued. If it's a big dollar invention, it will usually be assigned to a large corporation. If an invention is granted to a private inventor and not assigned to a large corporation, it's a "do dad" like a fake breasted coat hanger or a cup holder or something of that vain. Not necessarily anything that would even be worth tens of millions.

July 21st '04, I got my hands on the brick that is put out by a subsidiary of Random House. My Life was actually written by Justin Cooper who took two years typing out Clinton's book written freehand shit in note books. Though the media used the sex scandals to sell the lousy book, it's mostly political bullshit that would bore just about anyone who isn't into politics, and even those who are. The only thing I was interested in was the GATT treaty, and it wasn't hard to find the two paragraphs on page 636.

It says:

I kept waiting for Gingrich to explain how the Democrats' moral bankruptcy had corrupted the Nixon and Reagan administrations and led to the crimes of Watergate and Iran-Contra. I'm sure he could have found a way. When he was on a roll, Newt was hard to stop. (Gee, I read in the book Compromised, by Terry Reed, where it said that Clinton as governor of Arkansas was involved in setting up the manufacture of guns with no serial numbers to trade for cocaine from the Contras.)

As we headed into December, a little sanity crept back into the political life (Sanity, my ass.) when the House and Senate passed the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GATT, with large bipartisan majorities. The agreement reduced tariffs worldwide by a whopping $740 billion, opening previously closed markets to American products and services, giving poor countries a chance to sell products to consumers beyond their borders, and providing for the establishment of the World Trade Organization to create uniform trade rules and adjudicate disputes. Ralf Nader and Ross Perot campaigned hard against the pact, claiming it would have horrible consequences, from a loss of American sovereignty to an increase in abusive child labor. (Yeah, sovereignty flies out the window when you hand over intellectual property rights to the global corporations.) Their vocal opposition had little effect; the labor movement was less intensely opposed to GATT than it had been to NAFTA, and Mickey Kantor had done a good job in making the case for GATT to Congress. (I bet Kantor was the guy who ran around delivering the envelopes full of money.)

Almost unnoticed in the comprehensive legislation that included GATT was the Retirement Protection Act of 1994. The problem of under funded pension was first brought to my attention by a citizen at the Richmond debate during the campaign. The bill required corporations with large under funded plan to increase their contributions, and it stabilized the national pension insurance system and provided better protection for forty million Americans. The Retirement Protection Act and GATT were the last in a long line of major legislative achievements in my first two years, and given the election results, bittersweet ones.

(Boy, I'll tell you what?. I've never read such writing that can change topics not only from just page to page, but from paragraph to paragraph. It adds up to scatterbrained writing if you ask me. I guess it's a good way of hiding the truth. Like a Clinton speech: a bunch of flowery words, but no substance.) 



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Yeah, I do have a past






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Making legacies out of crooks is-

Setting it Straight


The next chapter of
Sunnyside's Lousy Book is:

Yeah, I do have a past

Thanks to Georgee boy,
I feel differently about the specutalion of it all.

To think that ABC will even hire this guy.



Since leaving the Whitehouse, between 2000 & 2007, Bill and Hillary Clinton combined, earned almost $109 million.
Get this: Bill's two books My Life and Giving made them $29.5 Million. $23 million of it was from My Life.
      I guess after reading his first brick, people realized that Giving was just going to be more hog wash.
       Hillary's brick, Living History brought in $10.5 million.

However, there were plenty of people who were stupid enough to pay Bill his exorberent speaking fees. Which brought in near $52 Million. (Which is being scrutinized because of where those dollars were coming from.)
However, from making less than $400,000.00 per year as president and being in debit more than $12 million from the legal fees from defending himself over the Monica Lewinsky scandal. I'd say that people are pretty damn gullible.

   And for more better reporting check out the New York Times    Beleive me when I say that facts and figures vary from one source to another.

I'm just amazed that people will pay thousands to listen to Billy Boy speak. And all he has to do is pay someone else to write the damn speech.

He reminds me of Hannable, as he's cutting out pieces of a guys brain and frying it in a pan. Hell, Clinton is doing that to the whole human race and there are people who think his wife would make a good president. Hell, I'd think some brains are a little fried already.



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