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Lousy Book


Have you ever wondered?

What a Synchro-link is?

How possible is the American Dream?

Why people seem to be getting dumber by the day?

What has happened to the Work Truck of the Future?

What owning the World's Greatest Work Truck would be like?

Why you are still working out of an obsolete motorized horse & buggy?

  What you're paying taxes for?

 Guess you better read this book.

By Sunnyside Sattler

Sunnyside's Lousy book has over 600 pages and at least 300,000 words. Less than 100 pages covers my childhood and my life up to November of 1993 when I had my fire. There is close to 100 pages describing the political problems we all face whether we like it or not.

The rest of the book covers my daily life experiences, dealing with a corrupt local government and the phony rumors that the industries create. Through the last 12-15 years of my life, you can say that I've learned more than I did in the 20 years beforehand.

If there had been any books out here covering this kind of information, I can assure you I should have read them.

Back Cover:  


True Crime / Current Events / Auto-biography      

In 1993, in the city of Tacoma, Washington;
Sunnyside accidentally caught his work van on fire.

When the fire station received the call about a van on fire, the captain felt it was just the kind of call to send out the personnel hired because of Affirmative Action.

A neighbour was recording the attempt to extinguish the fire on video tape and captured the incident when a firefighter endangered Sunnyside's life.

The firefighter told her captain about the incident and the captain had the firefighters leave the scene quickly.

The fire department had to go back to finish their job and extinguish Sunnyside?s house.

The captain told the city officials about the blunder. The city didn't want a law suit, so they attempted to run out the statute of limitations by digging up dirt on Sunnyside.

Sunnyside surprised the local and federal government agencies by inventing the World's Greatest Work Truck.

With the last $15,000 of his insurance settlement he built the proto-type right under their noses in his backyard.

President Clinton wanted to win his second election and didn't want to lose votes over problems he would have to face with Affirmative Action because of Sunnyside's fire.

Clinton signed the GATT treaty; changing the patent laws so that Sunnyside would either end up dead or under a rug.

After three attempts on Sunnyside's life; he wrote a will to make him worth more alive than dead.

Sunnyside was granted a patent in Great Britain.

                                                                                             No. 00000

Excerpts found by hovering over each chapter title.


Part One – It's more than a truck

1.  It's more than just a work truck at stake
2.  Setting it Straight
3.   Making legacies out of crooks

Part Two --Yeah, I do have a past

1.  Yeah, I do have a past
2.  As far as my Family Tree goes

3.  The Cabin                                   
4.  Getting some wheels at fifteen        
5.  On the Road at Sixteen    
6.  Party On            
7.  What about the Girls?                
8.  Give Me Lights        
9.  The Worlds Greatest Guitar Player       
10. The Recession of the Early Eighties     
11. Back to School     
12. So I wanna be….

Part Three --Burning Down the House

1.  Burning Down the House
     Yeah, let’s scare him with the Hasmat-D
2.  I asked for a sign….
3.  They called it newsworthy
     Getting on with life
     Hay, where's your women and minorities?
     The Eyes of the City
     It’d be nice if I had a house to live in
     Back to the snoopy city
4.  Building the World’s Greatest Work Truck
      Here you have it kids

5.  What happened to my drawings?  
      Tell me who's crazy?       
6.  Wanna buy a lawyer?
     It would be nice to have a larger bed     
      It would be nice to have a phone that works 
      Strange People    
      Heat on my tail           
7.  In the game    
      It's hard to out run a radio 
       Boom, boom, it's going to blow              
The Bust                                        
Funny Water                                 
Did they do a switch ah-rue?      
    Oh, you're talking to me?  
9.  Hay, he's a bankruptcy lawyer!       

      Did the neighbors get threatened or just scared?
      So you make mountains out of a mole hills?  
      Got to find a job
      Catch Twenty Two
10. The Court Appointed       

      What the hell did they want from me?    

      Hey John, I think we're being watched    
11. What a Bud        
12. Dam, another Lemon   
      Laser on the window?                
      Doesn't work. I believe in the good Lord        
13. What a Pal          
14. What's that Guy doing here?             
      What was it?           
      Doctor hah? Of what, may I ask?       
15. Oh yeah, that Guy again                         
      Keeping Things Covered            
      Sale the house? Yeah right       
      Trailer Court                             
      She looked fine, but what a bitch       
      On the Bench outside Superior Court     
16. What a Bro        
      On second thought, I better cover all angles  
      What a Family    
       Happy Holidays -- my ass.        
      Top Secrete, Confidential         
      They actually let me sell it. Tell me why.      
17. Oh, you’re dumping me hah?       
18.  What happened to my painting business?  
19.  The Rental Paint Job in the North End       
20.  A Free Man.    
       Not so safe is it?       
21.  The Summer of 97     
        Foreign Patents                  
        Raising its ugly head again                     
        Happy Birthday                               
        The Underground                             

        Dirty Deeds                                 
        Keep your mouth shut Sattler       
        Smells Funny     
         Rule Number 77
        The Book   

        The Will   

        The Lousy Book                              

        The Magic Scrap Pile                            

        The Shower Hose Trick                       

Have You Ever Thought of Killing Yourself   
       Bam Bam     
       The Dianetics Video  
       Dead Man  
       New Years Eve
23. Scummy Place - the lousy book grows
23. The City

      Journeyman -Whatever they Want
24. Best Friend; My Ass         
      The Health Inspector       

      Did I Count Fifteen Butts or Was it Sixteen?    

      Is my stuff Safe here?
      Wondering if the junk was brain washed?      
     Fudged Journal Entries            
     Tell me, does the underground use cops?     
     The Magic Scrap Pile Kicks Out Some More
What Light Pole?     
     Back to the Trailer Court

Part Four -- Hit the Road Jack

1.  Hit the Road Jack….                         
2.  LA    

     Malibu goes to the funny farm               
     Santa Cruz    

     Notice from Great Britain         
3.  Half Moon Bay  
     New York, New York
     They are only Inventors
4.  Nah -– not safe at Wells Fargo either
     Back in Santa Cruz
     Passing through Santa Barbara
     Santa Barbara          
One of those Games     
     Las Vegas      
     North County San Diego         

Part Five -- Numbers

1.  God’s Creation                      
2.  Both Sides of the Picture                   
3.  The part some of you may not like       
4.  Numbers for those Dummies               
5.  A Numbers Game                              
6.  Pain in the you know where                  
7.  Bottom Line                                 
8.  Later Kinda Thing                               

    Appendix -- Sunnyside's Stupid Rules            

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Sunnyside's Lousy Book

9 x 6   600 pages
Just under 300,000 words

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Sunnyside's Lousy Book
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