The Sheriff Department sure convinced doctor Smith that I was a "known stalker
            of Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) No pending charges."

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Update Feb. 26,'08: About the Sept. 9, 2000 arrest report.
Word on the street says that a local cop was able to look into the arrest report that
I would have had to summons the court to get. Turns out it said nothing about being a know stalker.
Therefore, one could conclude that the arrest was a set up and it was the sub contracting agency that drove me to UCLA
were in on the set-up and was the one that actually filled out this form.
I'm going to get a larger image so you can see which sub-contracting agency was in on it.
 Which means it was Affirmative Action all along.
But remember, this is only speculation because I haven't seen the report myself

I read that Sarah Michel Gellar was being paid $65,000.00 per episode, and they shot 22 epasodes per year.

That adds up to about $1.430,000.00 per year. And do you remember all the Toyota and Chrysler commercials?

The show owned by Fox and distributed by Ted Turner's Warner Brother's studios. I wouldn't doubt that  the sponsors made Sarah sign a gag order to not mention a thing about me.

And can you believe Dolly Pardon was one of the producers involved in the show.


The second doctor (Smith)wanted to keep me there two weeks.
   It wasn't until the meeting with the third doctor (Miller,) I even had a chance of getting out of the 72 hour evaluation.
    It was about 48 hours into the evaluation and I was on my way out the door when I asked one of the nurses there, "Does anyone ever get out of these 72 hour evaluation early?".
   She said, "No you're one in a million."


However, the towing bill cleaned out my pockets, just days before the maintenance fees were due on my patent applications.

Anyone who read the weekly Hollywood Reporter could have looked at the shooting schedules and told you that Sarah M. Gellar wasn't even in LA when I lived there. She was shooting in New York.
 Lousy stalker I'd say.