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Current Events

April 21, 2021:
Rule No. 23
When I heard about Derick Chauvin
and his fortunate future.

Talking about the George Floyd killer.
       When I heard the verdict, it brought tears to my eyes.
       I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt that way, however, I know in time Chauvin will get to appeal the judgement and it's not like this thing is over any time soon because they could water down the sentence.
       Believe me when I say the a prosecutor can be just as crooked as any cop and a judge can be just as crooked as them as well.
       Is there anyone else out there who thinks that there is way too many cop shows on television and cops loose their sense of reality because of it? Those egotistic cop show are the wrong kind of thing to have when you are breeding stupid barbaric animals and you expect them to enforce the law that they think exists.

Rule Numbers: 4, 10, 16 & 40
February 19-22, 2021:
I stand corrected.
That whole bit about my father renting a ladder is a product of Ford MoCo targeting me with rumours. The sad thing is that all I did was throw a suspicion out there as something to look into and then they flip the fictitious rumour back at me.
       As it Turns out: it was a guy who worked for Ford that rented a ladder near the job-site and rigged the toe board bracket.
       Another thing I know now is that the guys in suit and ties on my neighbour's porch, must have been gangsters from Ford.
       They paid the neighbour's to place the camera on top of the refrigerator. Hence: the rumours going around about how Ford has video of me building my system.
       Just think: the $50 million in R&D they say I did by myself is probably what Ford charged tax payers for R&D. All they had to do was copy every part as I built it. They probably measured every part before it was even mounted permanently to the truck.
       I don't need to wonder any more about who would have tore out the intro page to hydraulic synchronization from my text book, -and then put it back a year or two later.
       I should have received that R&D money and the factory to boot, but that isn't the way our government works.
       Gotta wonder where all this law and order, justice and shit went to?
       Apparently the criminals have away to be above the laws that govern the rest of us.

So Elon is going to burn another one
Wonder how many of you will be looking for:
* Whether or not the fins fold back out.
* If two of the three engines are lined up
    to support the side to be covered in ceramic tiles.
* Are the engines far enough apart
    so they don't interfere with each other?
       Something tells me that it would be a lot easier to pull off as a success if these conditions were met.
       Please Elon, make it happen.

There is Profit in Stupidity
We reward stupidity.
Let me tell you what you got yourself into.
       Talking about the girl who put Gorila Glue in her hair.
       It goes to show you just how we reward with positive reinforcement for stupid behaviour.
       The girl received over $22,000.oo from people willing to help her out. No doctor with a half a brain would have helped her out with his Acetone Concoction.
       I worked with these Toxic Chemicals in my past, and let me tell you about Hot Thinners: They are hot enough to brake down the molecules of the coating to a size smaller than the ones that make up your skin.
      Let me tell you of a better way of doing a stupid thing like that, -if it is already hardened. Stay away from poisonous chemicals and get some sand paper, -the kind for wet sanding. Start out course and work down to fine and stop sanding when you get to your skin.
       See the deal is that Acetone is refereed to as a hot solvent. Often used as a reducer for high performance industrial coatings. It's known as a hot alcohol right up there being similar to Methyl Ethyl Ketone, which is also known as Methanol, and/or Rocket Fuel.
       Believe me when I say: I preferred not to wear the common charcoal filter respirators to filter out the fumes from MEK and other hot thinners. I paid over $1,500.oo, (way back when,) for equipment to pump fresh air into a full face mask from 100 feet up wind from the toxic fumes and over spray.
       Again: The Hot Thinners brakes the glue or paint down small enough to penetrate your skin and it soaks in faster than any hand lotion you may have used. (At least the solvent does.)
       It's also known to have caused many strokes. The very reason there was many painters over the years that found themselves sitting in a wheel chair trying to speak out their words in a comprehensible manner.

Butt the thing I realize,
      Rule #10: the bitch faked the whole ordeal,
Because I know for sure what any mixture with acetone would do to the skin. She wouldn't be showing off any hair cut that she wanted in the first place.
       What is sad is there will possibility be some copy cats who may realise just how much money she made and copy her. The very reason I came up with this second version of the hot thinner bit out.

As for what I'd use
      to get the special coatings off?

       Hopefully you get to it before it has time to harden. I always kept some mechanic's Goop around for it. Lanolin cream or citrus oil are also much safer since they are more or less an oil and are not necessary going to brake the glue or paint molecules down smaller than the ones that make up your skin.
       Just remember that GoFundMe got their cut and I bet it isn't difficult to find a charity that will give half back as a kick back. Suckers....

I'd be a little concerned if I were you.
       San Diego had a Dry month of February
       As little as two inches may sound. February is suppose to be one of the wettest months of the year.
       Something tells me that this is not good.
       Not necessary the thing we want to witness if we want our waves back.
      Still haven't used my new wetsuit.
      Come on, give it up!

34 inch Speed kicktail deck for esk8 custom reshape by sunnyside

Not exactly a Starship
Rule Numbers: 1,4, 10, 11 & 16

February 3rd 2021:
Some one put me in touch with Elon
It bugs the shit out of me.
       The deal is, nobody is thinking about the sort of reverse vortex of air that is created by the rocket booster. There is a shit load of air running down the side of the ship and the position of the tail fins is creating a thrust that makes it swing too much and the thusters are trying to balance it with a tailwind.
       I'm betting that they are going to learn someday that they tail fins need to return to the outward launch position as it begins to swing for the tail balance.
       Nothing will annoy me worse than the idea of them ruining another ship without trying to land as I have just said. Don't tell me that nobody has thought of it. I saw the problem on the first try and I was hoping that they would have figured that much out.
       But who knows, I could be wrong because I'm not exactly a rocket scientist. None the less, please spend some money trying to prove me prove me wrong.
       It will piss me off if they don't flip the fins back out on the next attempt.

I'm sure that I written it before.
       About the times I've noticed that the kids would hear the phone rumours their parents were saying about me, but somehow the kids would compare rumours and figure out just which one were true or not. To say the least, the kids 20 years ago could do that.
       But now days, they've got it all wrong. It's just a shame, when you have to say that they are senseless.
       I wanted to be reluctant and not say what they are saying, because I'm sure their parents know already.
       So you know. Doesn't it seem a little barbaric? The thing that amazes me most is just how complaisant they are with what they say.
       Like just because the country allows you to own firearms. You tend to think the government will come after you to get them back. Then you build a small army of your own so you can storm the capital and take your government back. Gee, where did we get these idiots at?

What's senseless to me,where they get their reasoning from.
The whole idea that people think that Ford or any auto manufacture would think my truck would make them money.
       And the idea that they would wait until I was dead before they would sell the truck. Well let me tell you that they sure wouldn't have me between them and their profit numbers.
       They only reason Ford or any auto manufacture would want to build my truck like mine might be a branch of the military wanted it, and at least one would set up and realize that they would rather be in control of the research and development dollars as well as the funding to build such a manufacturing property.
       If someone was going to be in control of it, the better they were in control of whether the general population ever gets it or not.
       So if Ford built a factory to build them, you can bet they built it just to make sure the general population doesn't get it and that's by making sure that Sunnyside isn't one who is left owning the factory.
       Some of you have heard rumours about people in Australia building my truck. I figure that I someone was to try, they would probably get caught up in a joint venture capital scheme. The kind of thing where you need to know just who's equipment is under the hood.

For some reason people tend to possess an imagination lacking the ability to look at things from more than one way.
       Believe me when I say, I fear the folks in Hollywood more than any auto manufacture.
       I have the fear of their gain, if they wanted to maximize their profits on a movie about me. The over head such as royalties to be paid, would naturally be a lot less if it was being paid to my next of ken.
       I wouldn't doubt my sisters understand what I'm talking about.
       None the less, there is the fear that such a producer of such a film could find plenty of criminals with money that would be willing to pay good money to see that their crime are omitted from the script.
       It could be a movie a which the footage left on the cutting room floor is worth more than what it could make at the box office.

Oh:the FBI thing.
       Guess it's new to a few of you.
       From what I heard, they guy must have known all about my family before he even met me himself.
       Basically he just sat there lying to me.
       Do I actually need to say that the government has been well aware of crimes committed against me and they failed to even tell me of them when I appeared before them telling them about the crimes.
       The FBI guy said he wasn't aware that Steven Spielberg was in prison. From that early moment in our little meeting, I more or less figured it wasn't going anywhere. I assume the pro golfer people thought it would go over differently.

Its not that I'm anymore likeable.
Rule Numbers: 26

August 12th, 2019:
Its that I needed something else to be passionate about.
The result is that I'm less passionate about the shit I've been explaining for years
       Being less intense, calms the pitch down to a lower word count per minute, -something I noticed about Elon Musk about a year ago.
       Without surfing occupying my time, I got out of my mind on all the shit going on, with Spielberg sitting on top of it.
       Then I found FPV. Something I could do alone and not have to be around people and there rumours. The people I do meet are usually one time encounters and they have no perceptions made by those phoney rumours. Kind of an escape in away.

There has seemed to be a change.
In the acceptance about the that we are breeding stupid people. People seem to leave me with a better understanding just how its happening.

Out of all the rumours
The one I'd bet on is Charlie.
       He gave me a book once. It was titled, "the world's greatest salesman."
       I don't remember anything much about the book, but I do remember he said to read chapter 7 or 8 -I think?
       What I do remember about the chapter was that it related to loving everyone.
       But then again, there was a time when he spoke about the two collage grades who work for him. He referred to them as his hatchet men.
      He said that if he has a problem, he has them go chop it down.
      I bet he made a contract with the two young men stating that they would get a portion of the profit in my truck if Charlie ever made any money off it. Then it would be in their best interest if I didn't have enough money to pay for the patent pending process. This kind of trouble often happens because of the 18 month sneak peak laws.
       To think you can go peddle your invention while it's patent pending is only those who are wealthy and can weather out a storm for a few years.
       Charlie, took advantage that and I'm sure he consulted with a patent attorney just know the in's and out's.
      He took it to the military, where he could keep it top secrete and there would be less chance I'd ever find out about it even though I'd filed in other countries.
       I figure Charlie used his Hatchmen to bug my place and spread the rumours. But the question I have is were is the connection to getting the cops working for them. Was it all an act, and they actually tricked the cops? Or did they actually pay them?
       I was already dealing with a crooked government before I ever went to Charlie.
       I wonder if the City of Tacoma approached Charlie.

Word on the street:
Rule Numbers: 26

August 7th, 2019:
Just ask the people in Morro Bay about the people who would show up claiming they wanted to make a movie about me.
They only did that just to get paid to go away.
       Face it. You can count on Ford motor company paying them off to drop the idea and the pay off is the only reason they showed up in the first place.
       And if that isn't the case, you can be sure the Spielberg dosen't want people to know about how he ended up in prison, so you can be sure he would put a stop to it because if you didn't know already; the people in Hollywood and in the media and in the network news are nothing more than Spielberg whores.
       So don't believe any of it for even a minute unless you are nothing more than a fool. But we already know that there are many fools out there because there are so many of you out there who actually believe we landed and walked on the moon.

Another thing I heard:
That Barack Obama should be sitting in prison right along side of Speilberg. Now that I can believe, because I've thought all along that it was a very good possibility that they were in it some how because the picture on the front page of my web-site looks to me as though Obama is kissing Spielberg's ass for some reason or another. Ironic how a convict can control so many people just because he has the money to. Or unless he has something on someone, such as Obama. I'm willing to bet Spielberg did was behind the cloning and Obama was behind the killing and the stealing of my inventions.

And if you would like some numbers:
Thanks to Clinton, you can think about the offspring you didn't get from snuffing out of inventors in the year of 1995 and 1996 is equal to about 150 per day by now. Should consider it the extinction of at least 50,000 of the most creative and smartest human beings for every year from this time until we reach the 4th or 5th decade mark. Don't forget that the toll for this year presently is equal to about 13,000 smart human beings getting snuffed out.
      It wont be long until it will equal to a Vietnam war killing off about 450,000 the smartest kids.

While we are talking about wars:
       Since the Bush family was invested in the Unical Oil pipeline in Afghanistan.
       911 happened to US.
       The pipeline was back in construction just 30 days into the Afghan war.
       But we've lost more solders in the war then we lost of our citizens on 911.
       Can you tell me that we've won anything?
       Its senseless and it all sounds pretty damn barbaric to me.

We call them Holiday Picnic Rumors
Rule Numbers: 4 & 20

February 27th, 2018:
On that Florida shooting:
It's a failure on many levels. You had counselors that didn't fallow up on the stupid kid's actions. Even the enforcement agencies didn't do anything even after the kid's actions should have drawn red flags as if he actually wanted to get caught.
       Then you had the cop on the scene but he didn't go in after the stupid kid with a gun.
       Now people are after the guns when the guns are not the problem, when it is the fact that we are breeding stupid people. That's the problem!

Let me make something simple for many of you, including law makers:
       Talking about the "bump stocks."
       Apparently the lawmakers didn't make their gun laws broad enough when it came to the fully automatic features being illegal.
       Bump stocks should already illegal because it's just another form of backwards engineering to get around a poorly written law in the first place.
       I feel that if a fully automatic gun is illegal, and so should the bump stock. I do not like the idea of automatic fire weapon ever being legal. Most of us could never afford to even shoot the things at auto anyways. And you certainly do not need one for hunting. I do however favor the ability of one to own an assault style rifle because it is only the natural adaptation from ancient to modern times. Away from your grandfather's winchester rife style to the the assault style this day. I myself like the assault style gripping and collapsibility. I'd say much more compact to pack around in the woods than your grand dad's winchester.

On the homeless problem:
       You will never have enough homes for people if you let more people into the country each year than the amount of new homes you build.
       Something about paying someone $1,200 every month to put a person up in a tent?

Space-X saved a shit load of $ today
March 31st, 2017:
Making History for making the first launch into space with a used rocket engine.
       Nothing like being the first at something; well on second thought, not always so because there is such a thing as Evil many of you except living with.

US is arming the YBG rebel group in Syria
Turkey is fighting them and asking the US to stop funding them.
       Yet, the US Government doesn’t want to stop giving away arms no matter who they are.
       I’d call it arming Evil at the US Tax Payer’s expense.
       Tell me, what the hell would you call it?
       Well, I call it a bunch of fools.

It didn't even take a week:
Rule Numbers: 4

July 19th, 2016:
Three more dead cops.

Let me be the first to say that they brought it on themselves.

And let me be the first to say that anyone thinking that it will teach them something, I'd say that they are wrong. Shooting cops will only make them even more trigger happy.
It sure didn't take another week before someone went on a killing spree:
       Just what you get when you are breeding barbaric animals, they begin to act like them.
       As for the war veterans: you can pretty much figure that after going to fight for this country, they learn that this country is responsible for the wars, because the USA created them for profits of the defense contractors.
       Silly people, they got no common sense.
       Dumber by the day and just too damn stupid to do anything about it .

You should have seen one of Oceanside's finest this evening. One who is obviously full of himself; wearing his shades after the sun had gone down. (If that guy isn't a scary dude, I don't know what he is other than a typical bully with a badge.)

Oh Yeah on Trump's wife's speech:
       I bet if anyone bothered to look back farther, that the same speech had been used before Michell Obama used it.
       It's like the typical love letter. I bet if everyone sat down and wrote one, most of them will contain similar lines and no doubt most will people will discover that someone else wrote one just like their's.
       The very reason Hollywood producers will not look at a script unless it is solicited by either a lawyer or and agent. (Because many people end up with the same movie ideas.)

On the Coney West and Taylor Swift ordeal:
       I'd say Kim Kardasian just got her mister Coney West dickhead in a shit load of trouble.
       First off, it is against the law to record someone on the telephone with out them knowing it, and extremely illegal to publish such a recording.
       It is obviously something that any prosecutor can get the two of them jail time, and something that Swift should have no problem getting restitution from, on top of the derogatory statement of her being a bitch in his song.
       Wouldn't it be nice if she could make the asshole that he is and his bitch hand over a large portion of their wealth, and keep them in jail for a while?
       Hah, hah, hah.

Spilled milk in Brussels:
Rule Numbers- 4 & 20

Put Paris, San Bernardino & Brussels together and you don't even get what we kill in private inventors in one month.
You get what you ask for when you have people who are stupid enough to get brainwashed by some silly religion.

March 22, 2016:
eI've already seen enough of the Brussels drama
       Just like a shooting in a school, I'm sure they will send Matt Loure over there to dramatize the whole story even more so that ISIS will think they accomplished something that effected even more than it actually did.
       Let's just call it the Matt Loure fear factor, which is design to give the brain washed enemies more of what they wanted in the first place.

Matt loure

Trump says, "close the borders."
But then ISIS would be getting just what they want, so they would be the winners
       However, in all actuality, the US borders are so much more closed then the European border where traveling from country to country is just hopping into a car with a full tank of gas.
       Also you've got to figure that the Europeans have a much bigger problem with stupid people because they've been breeding them about fifty years longer then the USA's twenty.
       You have to except that 1/2 of a percent differential means allot when you are only running on 8% brain capacity.
       They've had those religion books taking up part of their lives longer and they are even more prone to being brainwash than people with even the slight 1/2% more.
       Boy, just think of the problem you will have in fifty years from now if you continue to breed stupid people.

And with this Trump guy making sure Hillary will win:
You can bet the US will continue to breed stupid people since it was her husband Bill who started it by starting the WTO by sighing the GATT Treaty
       If you are out of the loop, the GATT Treaty was adopted in European countries back in the late 1940's and Bill Clinton signed on to it in 1994 making it active as the World Trade Organization in 1995.
       Here it is twenty years later and the US population has already lost between 1/8 - 1/4% their brain capacity and now running on about 8% when the human body was created to operation on at least 35%.
       The very reason you are all running around with cell phone for communications instead of just using telepathy.
       Yeah, pretty piss poor option the way I look at it. So does God.

PM Update: No Kidding
       Before I even made the first post.
       It was either the background noise on the news, or they were sending Subliminal messages. (Or maybe it was my Angles.)
       Either way I was hearing the words, "Spilled Milk."
       I guess, people figured I'd headline something similar as I did after the last terrorist bombing.
       None the less, (do to the transmitter in my computer I guess,) by time the evening came around when I went into the G-stores, the worlds I heard the most were, "Spilled Milk."

I stand corrected: On the Spilled Milk
My Angles wanted me to say that if you put the victims of Paris, San Bernardino & Brussels together and you don't even get what we kill in private inventors in one week, not a month like I posted yesterday.

A Sad Beginning:
Rule Numbers- 16

Another year of Breeding Stupid People
2016 marks 10 years of MSR telling you so.

December 31, 2015:
       Two decades of dumbing the USA
       Yeah have to laugh at the fact that the people in Brussels and Paris can't even pull off a New Years celebration because after 65 Years of breeding stupid people, they realize all the Police and technology that they have, just don't make them safe enough from the stupidity that have created for themselves .
       It's kinna wild animals, sorta like a race of critters that will eat their own young.
      Just think: it was 15 years ago I was going around Las Angeles with Fliers with 2500 words and the back half was telling people just how you are all breeding stupid people.


We've made it to the day when the barbaric animals are even killing themselves.
It's that kinna the same thing?

Nah, it's just God cleaning house, because we must get rid of the undesirables
       Sounds like they got Charles Gould. (V.P. at Myril Lynch) One of those rich stock brokers with their own private jets and big houses in Sun Valley. (And held an office in Tacoma Washington.)
       I still don't know how he got my aunt involved, but I guess he found out that my aunt Rosemarry Pace was ahead of him and had already filed for a patent on my truck. I bet Charlie's partners at Ford got it listed as top secret with one of their buddies at the Pentagon so it won't get found in a patent search. So their is either a inside connection to either the patent office or the Pentagon. I figure, since Charlie had been a helicopter pilot in the Military, one of his buddies may have ended up at the Pentagon
       I don't understand if he actually killed himself yet, but I'm pretty sure his friends have.
       I figure Charlie on insider trading.
       I figure God, Jesus and the Grim Reaper would like to see him sweat it out for awhile because just him killing himself would be too easy on him.
       From what I hear, his buddies at Ford are dropping left and right; certainly something we are not about to see on the news.
       Oh yeah:
       I bet if someone looked into it, I bet Charlie also knew someone down at the FDA, cause he knew of a drug that the FDA was about to approve so he bought up a bunch of stock in the company and made a Million Dollars in one day. I learned about it because I knew a musician who's wife worked in his office. She told me about the party he threw for the people in the office over it.
       Who know? Maybe they got him on that?
       I think I wrote about it on this website, way back when we were bailing out Myril lynch.

But you know how it is:
    Rich people, just like Bill Cosby, just post bail.
       Cosby with his future illnesses, will get all kinds of extensions, and appeals, -he'll probably die of "Natural Causes," before they ever seeing any jail time.
       But Charlie is going to learn what Fame can do to a person.
       Who know what will ever happen happen to my aunt who I figure Charlie bought the patent from. (He was probably told before I even should up for our meeting, that it had been stolen by my aunt, unless I was able to contest it.)
       In that case, if it wasn't for the ability to keep it top secret with his buddie at the Pentagon, I would have had a contract on my head by either my own aunt, or anyone she took it to. Who know, she could have taken it to Ford at the same time, but I think she was looking for a middle man, someone with a bunch of money, -just to take it off her hands, and Charlie's two hatchet boys who he had working for him probably investigated my whole family and probably arranged a bug on my phone, as well as the rest of the family.
       I figure he played my aunt, to get her to play with the minds of my own family.
       I'm sure she was telling them of mental illness behaviors and blaming drug use for such change, but after Charlie heard me talking about a customer's past experience with a child molester working for them in a conversation over my phone, Charlie decided to use such rumors on me. Since the rumor started over night, I figure the neighbors were already had them working for him at the time so they must have known it was a lie. (The Bennet's I think they were. Got pictures of them already, getting pay offs from the City too.)
       You know: the statute of limitations bit.
       Well, I don't think, God, Jesus, or the Grim Reaper -gives a shit about statute of limitations

Hanks faking it for speilberg cut into a Durabunt photo.

I'm sure if I looked, I'd find:
Dec. 2015 was part of recent movie bit on CBS News:
A photo of Frank Durabount on the movie set of Shawshank Redemption, or most likely the Green Mile:
       Because Tom Hanks was in that film
       See, there just isn't any shadow under the hat they pasted on Frank's body. (Maybe it's an old picture and they just switched the face with a more current. Most likely, I'd say.) But something just tells me I saw this same photo before and it was with Frank Durabount and Hanks looks as though he's the proper age for that.
       I figure they may have flipped the photo, but the question that is left to me is that I'm left wondering if they pasted a new head on the crew member because I wonder if anyone recognizes him?
       (But don't they look pasted too? And I happen to think the picture of Tom looks too young, -yet.)

Another thing that paned out just as I thought:
The only images of the president's daughters were still photos:
A real EZ cut and past from anyone, -anywhere.

Oh, on these Mr. Rice killers,
-in Cleavland:

Pretty bad when the high court assigned to decide,
if any charges would be filed, or indited as they may say::::

Would only listen to statements from the Officers.
       I'm telling you that they decided without even asking any questions!
       Does that smell funny?
       This is some kind of High Court alright.
       Gee, when I was a kid, cops were smart enough to where we could run around playing Cowboy and Indians with real looking cap-guns. They popped and smoked and smelled of gun power.
       We never thought, or even had to worry,
           -that it could get us killed.
1300 words

I've heard the Kelly Slater name,
       - way too many times in one day.

Rule Number 4, 50 & 65
August 9th, 2015:

What do you think it means?
Could it be that, while I was spending the weekend in San Diego's Jail,
a criminal who happens to be out on a $5 Million Dollar bail, and accused of attempted murder on me, and guilty of the murder of others, is able to spend the weekend screwing over my bass guitar, which was left in the custody of the local Oceanside pawn shop???
       Doesn't it have that feeling of failure of the system kinna like the bad background check that didn't work like it suppose to either and you had that backfire on you all too?

Celebrity without the money to protect myself or property.
Bargain Pawn of Oceanside California
Rule Numbers- 65

August 8th, 2015:
Apparently everyone else has known for awhile,
       that the Bargain Pawn Shop here in Oceanside California has been renting out my Basses.
       I guess, from what I've heard, they've been getting $1,000.oo per month for either one of them.
       ($5,000 deposit, from what I hear.)
       Makes sense: because they didn't care if they were only collecting interested on $300.oo instead of $500.oo which would have increased profits.
       But since they were making more money off just renting them out, it's not difficult to figure out a reason why.
       Sounds like it was no secrete, except to me because it sounds like everyone knew all along and they only began talking about it once they heard me taking it apart to figure out what was wrong with it.
       I saw the nick and scratch on the back of my five string. And I've been noticing unfamiliar marks over the years. Kinna sucks I've been having to supply the strings for the Evil Assholes over the years. But this time my old Fender came back with the electronics toasted.
       I don't know how they could have done it other than hooking it up to either a real old amplifier of some kind of high powered pre-amp; but my Jazz pick-up is gone.
       (I tried jumping the pot, but that wasn't the problem.)
Update: they hooked it up to an old amp that had something wrong with it.  And of course its an old vintage pick-up that contained some non-existent wire.
       I can't even play it, because it doesn't sound the same. the whole thing is like being violated.
       It's like these guys have been renting out my wife so others and rape her.
       I wouldn't doubt they raise the price they were asking once they learned about the naked pictures of me that the local San Diego County Sheriff leaked out onto the internet. The sad thing about it is that they still have my 5 string and I don't have the money to get it back from them.
       Once I discovered the problem
my Angles went off and they haven't let up in their efforts of telling me what they were doing.

I was wondering if a guy there was taking it home with him, but once the Idea popped in my head that they would have been more interested in renting them out for profit, -my Angles wouldn't let the thought go away, --all night; every time I woke up it was left on my mind.
Surf supply Wholesaler in Oceanside California
And should I mention that I pawned both basses so I could make my own surfboard so I wouldn't be making criminals money because I was surfing their brand of board. I even laid out my basses pawned money for a business license and tax number so I would be able to sell my own brand of surfboards.
Then the Wholesale Supply here in Oceanside, switched the label on a can of resin, which in turn sabotaged my board.
       And do I need to add that the sabotaged board ended up being scanned and stolen by the very criminals I wanted to stop making money for.

I think it is safe to say, there is a lot of Evil stuff that goes down here in Oceanside, California
       Or should I add that there are a lot of Evil people who reside here in Oceanside.
       It's really creepy here folks.
       It's obviously cursed with Evil.  655 words 8.8.15

July 22, 2015:
I Guess the word is out....

Everyone knows I want people
to Vote for Rand Paul:

I'm hoping he will ask me to be his VP.
       I just don't see me working with any of the other presidential candidates and I sure as hell don't want to be president myself.
       I'd rather be on the inside where I can have a better handle on what's going down so I can have some influence upon what is going to happen in the future.

July 22, 2015:
There are those of you who think
   of Rand Paul as a Failsafe.

--They have the Right Idea,
--Evil would kill me and brain wash the in coming president.

Having Rand Paul as acting president gives us someone who is more familiarized with the duties of presidential office than I have, and should I say, -- a little more qualified to be a president me too, -- at least at this time.
       Therefore we should go with him as our pick for the next president of the United States.

Our combination of the two at the top would be like having double layer of protection by me being part. I feel I should be involved in the presidential office as a safeguard to the wellness of its citizens and the land of which they live.
       I want to be second opinion and the double check verification which may keep you out of mischief and will help prevent the government from doing things wrong.
       Rand Paul and I should verify understandings, before he acts on anything.
       Did I say we should work together to keep this countries matters in check?

Not a good idea!
July 14th, 2015:
Some Stupid Idiotic Deal:
Rule Number 38
Ten years go by pretty fast

It's no more than kicking the can down the road ten years. And allowing them Access to even more weapons on top of that.
       Pretty screwed up deal if you ask me.
       I figure that they will become a middle guy arms dealer, giving Israel some competition with what they do with the $3.14 billion the US gives them every year.
       Boils down to the fact that Israel has got a legitimate gripe when the USA is funding a competing war machine builders.
       And once the ten years run out, trying to reimpose sanctions on Iran will not be ass easy as you may think when so many corporations will be crying hardships because of the loss of revenue.
       Therefore to save revenues, -they will be willing to pay a portion of those revenues to pay off politicians so that they don't put sanctions back on they .
       I think it blew the whole opportunity of getting Iran to get rid of Nuclear everything. No one should let them manufacturer any more than enough atomic fuel for their electrical generation plants for the next 15 years.

With this deal Obama has going, -has another big whole in it. It says Iran can have as much Nuclear anything they want in 15 years and, get this: must export its nuclear waste.
       I don't know what exactly that is about, but it sure dosen't sound very good. Sounds like trouble to me?
       Who in hell is going to want radio active waste?

However, I do think a deal should include a limited lift of sanctions conventional military equipment, -primarily defensive, and they should only be able to buy the arsenal for Iran only. They should not be aloud to provide the equipment to other countries or organizations.

Amazing how Obama would pay to have a big long speech written and go on TV to announce it with nothing more than a bunch of generalizations and theories and never even states any pacific details about it.
       In my opinion, Kerry and Obama must be getting some kind of pay off for dropping the ball because just one look at how Kerry rolls around his hands while trying to justifying the lousy agreement, you know something is up.
       I even got a laugh at Hold bitty Hillary endorsing it by saying the deal is better than nothing.
       But really: to be able to sell and give away arms in five years with Advanced Missile Technology in 8 years. And anything they want in fifteen.
       Where I come from, we call it a sack of shit.
       I don't know how they got so far off from a decent way of doing things, but you can only hope these negotiators are running on at least 8%. So what do you expect? Really.

I recollect:
Rule Numbers- 55

May 22, 2015:
I figured the Bill Thomas must have been desperate because there I don't think there was any other customers in the Auto parts store at the time, but I guess he thought the lady behind the counter would spread the rumor much more than even a dozen customers would.
       Regardless of that, he probably did think that I would have wasted 10 minutes explaining why I go through suspension parts like they are going out of still, - just a week or two earlier .

Anyhow this Congressman Bill Thomas walked up to the counter as I walked towards the back isles.
       He asked the clerk, "are the rumors true, - about that guy back there being a child molester?".
       As some of you already know, the stupid bitch said, "I don't know?"

I guess I should have paid attention to name badges, but all I can say is that the ones I actually looked at had uncommon names and I wasn't concentrating on memorizing them because I expect them to be wearing phoney ones anyway, that is if they are crooks, which I figured the first two were since they were into the funny farm game.
       However I couldn't help but notice the Mister nice guy I was stuck waiting around with, (for what ever reason,) while the tall asshole went around collecting signatures, -was Brown.
       I was wondering if Mister Brown was evil like the other three obviously were.
       Well, -my Angles told me that they were all bad.

Then I go into the 99 Cent'er and learned that the Tall Asshole one had gone around to the business and told them I was a Child Molester as a way of enticing people into signing a complaint form on me.
       You have to realize that you have to expect a few people would be willing to complain about me, but for the most part most people support what I've been doing, even though they would rather not have me doing such a thing.
       Every day I get comments from people who say they don't give a shit about my problem and they will even tell me to get lost, but the ones like the young man that told me I was doing a good job today, -out number the negative ones several times over.
       So you have to figure that the bully may very well have found some who were reluctant to do such sign such a thing and that is were the criminal went and used the child molester rumor.
       The you have to figure that he probably ran into a person or two who may have checked out my site and flat refused to sign the complaint even after the cop slandered me and that is probably how the word got out.
       I wouldn't doubt the conversations with the pig were overheard by others who knew who they were talking about and it got out that way too.
       None the less, it was all over Carlsbad as well. From what I heard: the line the Carlsbad Pig used was, "he's suppose tp be a child molester."
       They are not fooled, they know exactly what they are doing.

If that Keven Faulkner has so much control over the county, wouldn't you think I should be filing a claim with his City of San Diego, the next times something like this goes on.
       You know, a one stop filing to blanked everything that has gone on in the county because I thinks we all can be sure something else will come up by time the 6 month deadline to file in November comes around.

Plains Midstream Canada, was cited for 10 crude oil spills between June 2004 and September 2007 in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Kansas — resulting in a $3.25 million civil penalty in 2010.
       In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Plains had agreed to spend about $41 million to upgrade 10,420 miles of its pipeline, resolving its Clean Water Act violations.
       Since 2006, the Los Angeles Times reports, Plains has racked up 175 violations of safety and maintenance codes; an analysis of federal records revealed that the company’s rate of incidents per mile of pipe was more than three times the national average.

Storming the Gates is all
Rule 12
July 3rd, 2014:

They do it to Australia all the time, but with big old broken down boats. Usually ending up in a big rescue mission and they figure that if they overwhelm the system that the Australian Government will decide to call them refugees.
       Same thing just happened to us here, but at least we know what land and what direction they came from.
       Also we don't have to worry about making them wait until Quantus has a spare seat available to ship any of them back.
       However, I'll let you in on something that you are not seeing on the evening news. It's that there are wanted criminals (wanted in there own countries,) slipping into the US right along with all those women and children.
       And take another look at those supporter of letting them stay. You look into them and you'll be surprised to see how many are likely people who are immigrants and they're mostly losers who have come over here and used are system to support them on our tax dollar. Just like my Egyptian buddy down in Mexico, where we pay his rent and a couple hundred to boot every month.
       What I see on the evening news is that the US Tax Payers just paid $70,000.oo plus another bus ticket to disperse themselves all over the country. And I might add that just one cell phone would have given them all the verifiable addresses they needed and I'm willing to bet most of them just switched bus tickets.
       The only thing they did do right was fingerprint them, but I have a little doubt it will do any good with the children.
       The biggest hole in Australia's immigration policy is that they do not finger print them.

I met a Chinese welder over there and the biggest down time for him was waiting in the detention centre for two or three months until the Australian government got him a ticket back.
       Some guys would buy their own ticket back because they knew that they would be back in Australia in about two months as soon as they got another passport.
       I should mention that in China, welders made about $4.oo per hour.
       In Australia, a welder should've been making at least $25.oo per hour, but the Chinese would go there and weld for $12.oo.

I should mention, that to the best of my knowledge, as of this 4th of July, the US has already given 9,000 citizenships to people who have taken the proper legal channels. And as stubborn as I am, and as many of you already know, I don't feel that we should let others come into the country unless the unemployment rate is below 5%. Therefore I feel that we've been generous already.
       The thing people need to get through their thick scull is that to protect nation border lines, you have you forget about humanity.
       Just as many borders have been protected over the centuries, when you crossed a border without permission, you were crossing with no human rights so ever.
       If you wanted to be treated with humanity when you crossed, you needed to be crossing legally.
       One problem we have is that we've become so efficient at catching these illegal immigrants, we catch them with out having to shoot them. As where in the past, border patrols would be aloud to shoot any one trying to get away, or even crossing crossing in the first place. Something I feel should be justifiable to this day when they either trying to escape or when the patrols are just overwhelmed and they can't stop all of them without collateral damage, they should be granted the right to shoot them and even ordered to shoot to kill if they need to, in order to stop them from entering the country.

Two me, controlling the immigrant problem that has developed, can be solved by three main objectives. The most important one is not what many of you would expect, but without it, you've got no power to get any co-operation from the countries of which you need to send them back to. It's the Trade Agreements with those countries.
       Next objective would be fingerprinting. And within those trade agreements, forcing those countries to finger print everyone they issue a passport to is just one place to start. The ultimate goal would be getting them to finger print everyone they can their hands on.

See the problem with illegal undocumented immigrants, is that the countries from which they have come from can be reluctant to even excepting their own citizens back into their own country, especially when the guy is a criminal.
       Like in Australia, they had this guy who was a known gangster/criminal from the middle east and his homeland wouldn't take him back.
       Australia was stuck with the guy and they had to worry about him and his other gang members in detention centres in other parts of the country, because with one phone call, he had the ability to cause riots. (That detention centre I was in myself was burned down; same thing can happen to any building Obama would build for them.)

The third most important ingredient to the solution would be to serve the illegal immigrants with as little humanity as possible. Treat them like a human being, with as much respect as the next guy, but fussing over conditions provided for them should not be expected.
       The reason I want to express this third one as being so important is that there shouldn't be any red carpet treatment for them. You've got to make their trip up the rails not worth the trip back down.
       No need to sort them out. Just put them on rail cars with shitters and showers. Add a few boxes of sea rations the military use once in awhile.
       Make it to where if they are stubborn,they can live on the rail car if they want, because it's up to them where they want to get off, just as long as it's not on this side of the border.
       We are not going to be able to know which country they came from.
       All we know is which direction they came from when they crossed the border. Send them back that way.
       They'll sort it out on their own and go back home where they came from.

There isn't any war going on down that way, and without any documentation, I doubt they can provide any proof or information regarding any persecution from their own government.
      Without either, they are not entitled to a refugee status, nor are they entitled to political asylum.

Two or Three Birds with One Stone
Rule 20
4th of July, 2014:

I'm willing to bet that there are many of you thinking about how many problems could be suppressed, just by the use of Finger Printing.
       You should check it out now days, (not in jail preferably,) they don't even have to use ink any more and it goes right into the computer, you can see it clear as day on the screen.
       Wouldn't it be better if when ever a Driver's licensed is issued, a set of finger prints are attached to the photo ID.
       I feel that when a Social Security Card is Issued, that Card Number should be attached, to a Photo and Set of Finger Prints also. The SSI should checked them once in awhile whenever there be a transaction going on with withdrawing from an account.
       I'm sure the IRS would tell you that it could put them in fear of loosing some of their jobs.
       When a person opens a Line of Credit and or even a Credit Card, they should be photographed and fingerprinted. For Credit Card companies or some lines of Credit, it should be made possible for people to use the post office passport services to have the photographs and finder prints certified for a fee and at the same time, that would be a good place to pick up the new credit car since they would be in a good position to make sure we know who’s hands it's going into. I see no reason why local banks and finance companies couldn't do it right their in their offices when they hand over the goods.
       Boy would you ever see the cases of Identity Theft go Down.

And all this shit about investigating this and prosecuting that, about the problem with Social Security fraud. Gee, you should start with the cheapest and most affordable way of eliminating some of the problem. .
       Like first off, -make it against the law for those lawyers who are performing social security type services, to advertise.
       To the best of my knowledge, it is suppose to be illegal for patent lawyers to advertise, so what is so difficult about making the same kind of law for lawyers who perform services for Social Security.
       It must be too damn EZ.

They're Trying to Fool Yeah
Rule Number 10.
Rule 20
6th of July, 2014:

I'm not sure, because since CaliCops conception in the beginning of July 2014, it was made apparent that we truly can't trust many of the videos provide to us by either individual or even the Network News Stations across any country.
      Like last night I saw a News Reporter Lady who was suppose to be standing on a street corner somewhere down in Honduras.
      She said it was the only spot in the neighbourhood that was considered a safe from being in a neighbourhood overrun be street gangs.
      She said that if you went either direction, you would enter areas of street gangs and violence.
      Well, I'll be the first to tell you that you have to have money and some kind of wealth like drugs and stuff to protect if there were to be any violence.
      I'm willing to bet if you went in either direction for where that reporter bitch was standing, you would run into people who would be too poor to be able to afford the ammo to put into a gun if they had one. And any gangster with a gun and bullet would be shit out of luck because the only thing he would be able to rob someone for would be a bowl of rice, and that would come cheaper than a bullet. So don't go pulling that sympathy shit on US babe.
      I'd say that about 80 percent of US agree that Obama would have to fallow up his first $2 Billion Dollar check with a couple more just like it.
      The First Check would be burned up because he would have built the facilities to process them would have ended up a bunch of rubble.
      The the next two checks would be to build a few more prisons and mental hospitals.
      I say that because I'd bet that most of these women worked as prostitutes while hooked on drugs and without birth control. Then you half to wonder how many of them worked and took drugs while pregnant.
      I'm guessing more than half of those kids have either a physical or mental disorders because of the drug use during pregnancy and the women can't find any facilities to take care of their "special needs" down there and they have planed on bringing their screwed up children here so that the USA can take care of them.
      We'd end up paying for them alight. I'm wondering just how may of them they have turned loose lately and who was the one who said it was ok to?

Funny how the Statement above grew out of the one that started on an Intro Page for I started working on this morning.
      That two bird thing I guess.

Patent Reform Bill is signed by Obama, the fear is that the auto manufactures will push thought patents on inventions which just happen to be mine.

Finally, someone who is actually telling the truth and wrote about the pitfalls of the bill.
How the new bid to reform patent law will kill jobs  @

I'd like to make one thing clear. After spending a good part of the day (Sept.7th) reading about the problems companies are having with the patent laws: first to invent has nothing to do with the problem. The problem is that the patent office has been turning out patents that are too vague. These laws firms have mastered the are of getting patents granted with claims so broad, it has only invited litigation to sort out the mess at a later time.
   And now the companies that hired them in the first place are complaining about how much the court battles cost. It's like the law firms knew they would make more money battling it out in court later and now they have convinced the companies it because of the patent laws - when it really isn't at all.
     Pretty stupid isn't it. We snuff out the private inventor because the patent lawyers were greedy from the get go and now the human race has to pay for it by being stupid.
   The patent holders (the companies,) just threw money at the law makers thinking it might help them if the laws were changed, but it's the patent lawyers and the patent examiners at the patent office who are to blame. Dumber by the day.

Oh- here's the deal:
This bill has a provision that is bailout for a an influential law firm. To let them off the hook for a possible $214 million malpractice payment.
   Critics have labeled the provision "The Dog Ate My Homework Act," say it is really a special fix for one drug manufacturer, the Medicines Company, and its powerful law firm, WilmerHale. The company and its law firm, with hundreds of millions of dollars in drug sales at stake, lobbied Congress heavily for several years to get the patent laws changed. Get this: even though Medicine Company was suing the Law firm, they gave the law firm $18 million to hand over $17 million to lobbyist who intern handed it to the lawmakers. I could be a little off, but....
       For more  information check out (page 4?) this several page posting at:

Get this: I read that Bill Gates thinks that private inventors should not have to pay fees to get a patent, but then I find this bit on how Microsoft has been pushing for first to file instead of first to invent. Gee what good is it if you can't get it past the first patent lawyer you talk to?
Check out:

And I found this at but you have to realize that they are asking a patent lawyer about the change and they are not about to tell you about the pitfalls. One is that it would take away the right to have a jury. Like I can trust a judge about as far as I can spit. And I happen to know an inventor who invented some things that have to do with computer screens. He said they don't even ask for a license, they just take it, so he had to sue several companies at the same time, but this bill takes that ability away, which means it will cost even more for a private inventor to enforce the patents they do have.Check out:

What pisses me off is how these guys twist it so it doesn't sound like such a bad deal. Let's just hope Obama isn't so gullible.
     And Yes, if Obama signs the bill, I can kiss my kids good -bye. It's like I will never get anywhere near enough money to do anything with them. And I myself will never amount to anything.
 To even file for them; patent lawyers would take all my money and steal my inventions at the same time.
Bottom Line: All these big companies have handed over millions of dollars to lobbyist to get the law makers to do this. When everything revolves around the money involved, they don't even consider what they are doing to the human race. What the needed to do was to make the patent terms start ticking away once the patent was granted instead of as soon as you file. Going with first to file will only make things worse.

From earlier today Sept. 7th.
It appears that we've got a young teenager Malia on board around here. I heard about her a week or two ago, but now the name Malia is pretty much everywhere.
    They probably have her computer rigged, but what can they do about all of her friends cell phones. It's probably a family affair now, if you know what I mean.
    Update: let's just hope and pray she can keep her dad from signing such a lousy bill.
   No doubt it influenced me to make my web-sites more cell phone friendly.


villawood fire in Australia

My home for about 5 months in Australia got torched.
(The Villawood Detention Centre had a riot yesterday.)

April 21st, 2011:

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Looking Back on 911
12 years later

Spielberg is popping up.
July 27, 2013 : Jim Ward, president and CEO of the Phoenix Symphony says, "On this very special night, these legends will share their talents and collaboration."

Anyhow, award-winning composer, John Williams, is to stand on the same stage as Steven Spielberg.
     For a special benefit concert, no less and tickets for the performance range from $250 to $500 range.
      During the second half of the performance, Spielberg will join John William on stage to present selections from their work together, including film clips projected on a large screen.

Boy, if I had $500 bucks to burn.....
Phoenix Symphony/steven-spielberg-john-williams

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Lab Rat Lance
Oct. 23,'12:

How the Senate Voted on Patent Reform Bill

My home for about 5 months in Australia got torched.
      (The Villawood Detention Centre had a riot yesterday.)
April 21st, 2011:

Firetruck Collision
June 10, 2010


The Blind Local News Crew
May 23rd 2010

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It's only a Ball Game

February 12, 2008

Funny how the US drops out of a global math and science competition.
August 20th"07


Baby Einstein -
dumber by the day

August 12th, '07

My Newsletter:2,400 words the media isn't telling you about, because of advertising dollars
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It's only a Ball Game<>
February 12, 2008

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Funny how the US drops out of a global math and science competition.
August 20th"07

Baby Einstein -
dumber by the day

August 12th, '07



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