The trouble started when the fire department arrived  with personnel hired because of Affirmative Action.

As they were trying to put out a fire in my work van, neighbours were laughing in the street and one was even video taping as a woman fire-fighter endangered my life.
    The fire department pulled out in a jiffy but they had to come back and put out the rest of my house.

I tried to make a bad into good by taking some of the insurance money from the fire and invented the Synchro-Link,
the work truck of the future.   

Bill Clinton needed to preserve the minority vote, so you can bet he wasn't about to let the story about my invention or the fire to become public.
      Clinton pushed me aside by changing the way the terms are set-up with the patent laws.

      As a result of the change in the patent laws, thousands of inventors are either being pushed aside or killed.
      I'm left with just trying to save them, the smart guys.

If you happen to be mind boggled from the pitch, you are not the first. Pitching this story isn't as easy as it would be if it was only a Hollywood movie.
       I've broken the pitch down to different segments, so that which ever part of the opening statement you didn't understand, the fallowing links will take you to the appropriate web-page for a better understanding.

Many of you may want to read a short news-letter

Many of you might like something short but political.
It's more than a work truck at stake

If you wonder how the problems started.
It will also help you understand how Bill Clinton got involved and how he changed the patent laws
The condensed version.
The Part about the Fire

For the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

If you are wondering if I just made all this stuff up.
Rule Number Eight

If you are wondering why so many inventor are being killed, you may want to know why and the result of it.
The Part -- You May Not Like

If you are wondering where the anti-trust laws come in and why the government doesn't want you to know about the situation. It actually take two segments to fully understand. The first segment explains why the government and auto industries want you to think my system doesn't mean much to you. It will give you some numbers to play with.
Numbers for those Dummies

Once you've got some number to play with, you will have to find a calculator with a whole lot of digits and fallow along with the bit covering the triple damages which the anti-trust laws are all about.
The Numbers Game

Another thing many of you may be unaware about is that Steven Speilberg is in Prison. At this time, one can't say whether that the charges he is being held on are even related to the crimes he has committed against me. All I can say is that those prison walls are not stopping him from committing more crimes. And you have a president performing video spots for him and taking money from him.
Speilberg's Lousy Page

Now if you've read all that and you want to tell all your friends that I'm crazy, ranting and raving and all.
Go ahead and do so because it will only make me happy that you are not driving my truck.

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If you can't handle the thought of reading about how corruption truly happens.
You're best move onto is designed for people
who actually like true story telling.
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New: the full version of the story about the fire
the actual book excerpt
Burning Down the House

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