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I saw a story on the news one day; about a guy who had his dog house stolen and a few days later, they put him back on the news again because in the people in the US are so giving, he had more dog houses than he could handle.

The same kind of thing happened when a surfer saved a man from drowning and the news story was brought up again so that people would stop sending him new surfboards.

That's the power of the media and events like that are created just to show just how caring we are.

However, a story about a guy who looses his house because a firefighter endangered his life during an attempt to extinguish his work van; isn't exactly going to make the daily news, even if he looses his house because of the mishap.

Nor is the story about the guy taking some of his insurance settlement money from the fire to build the proto-type of the work tuck of the future.

Nor would a story about president Clinton changing the patent laws soon after that same victim/private inventor began to building the proto-type. Clinton changed in patent laws by signing the GATT Treaty so that private inventors are likely be either be pushed aside or even worse end up dead.

If a private inventor writes a book about his experiences and the co-founder of CNN news puts a transmitter in the inventor's computer; in an attempt of stealing the copyrights to the inventor's words; that isn't actually going to make the news either.

If that same inventor ends up with a criminal record as being a known stalker of the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, even though he has never been around her; that isn't going to make the news either.

However the criminal record only verifies that someone was invading the inventor's privacy by planting a transmitter in his computer. And I'm willing to bet that the same person involved with planting the transmitter inside the computer was the same person involved with setting up the criminal record for stalking the Hollywood starlet known as: Buffythe Vampire Slayer.

Bottom line here folks, the whole transmitter in my computer thing is basically all about a wealthy man who owns major media resources. The idea behind it all was that by stealing a memoir and copyrighting it, he would have been able to make hundreds of millions just by shelving history. He would have sold my life story so that it could be set on a shelf and never be published by anyone. The owner of such copyrighted material would have been able to sue anyone who touched bases on what he would have called his fictional story. In other words, he was trying to steal my life, just so that the bad history would not have ever been know by the masses.

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the full version of the story about the fire
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