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In the News

Boeing & Raytheon made some money:
Rule Numbers: 4, 26 & 30

April 7th, 2017:
So you can bet a shit load of politicians will receive kickbacks after using five times the amount of Tomahawk missiles actually needed.
So no Biggy, you spent $60 million needlessly.
       Keep in mind that each Missile cost you $1.59 million and you fired 59 of them in one minute.
       59 X 1.59 + $93.81 million your kids will have to pay for the retaliation of 80 deaths, -less than what you all kill every week of the year just because of your greed over the patents you all steal and I say you all because you all know it is happing and you absolutely do nothing about stopping the killing off of the smart guys.
       This retaliation in Syria is more about the more than $60 million in profits for Raytheon, Boeing and the politicians that have their hands out.
       It hasn't been since bombing Afghanistan since these criminals got such a pay-day.

Some one should make a video of what private inventors have to go through.
Then show it to Trump.
       Maybe he might have the same kind of reaction as people killing babies.
       What’s it matter , how it is done, when we kill more inventors every week of the year, if not every day globally.
       I’m sure man of you would find it hard to believe what is done every day of the week, just to get an inventor to kill themselves. .
       It’s not only cruel, it’s unbelievable and that’s is why it’s done .
       And you can bet, some of that money made off those missiles you all paid for yesterday, pays to have those cruel things done

Steve Bannon, banned:
       Gotta laugh at all the people who have been fired or replaced.
       I'm surprised to see that he learned how to comb his hair.
       Looks as they also replaced the way they choose a Supreme Court Justice judge.
       Certainly no shortage of scandals.

Gee, for $100,000,000.oo in bombs:
You would think you would hit less of the same spots.
       Like going overkill on half of what you wanted to destroy .
       Doesn’t matter when there are a few of you greedy bastards who made a shit load of money.
       I wouldn’t doubt that there are a few of you who are actually hopping Assad will dumb some more poisonous gas again because it would probably even make the stock market climb some .
       Guess the new jobs report didn’t look so good.
       Going to war usually creates more jobs.

How smart do you all feel today?
Well, your greed killed about a dozen private inventors today.
       However, the real sad part about it is that you probably lost more than two dozen offspring.
       You know: just like you killed two dozen little smart babies, so innocent and all.
       That’s okey because you can always spend more money on trying to teach more stupid kids later.
       That will create a few more teacher jobs in itself.

Oh, on these Mr. Rice killers,
-in Cleavland:

December 31, 2015:
Pretty bad when the high court assigned to decide,
if any charges would be filed, or indited as they may say::::

Would only listen to statements from the Officers.
       I'm telling you that they decided without even asking any questions!
       Does that smell funny?
       This is some kind of High Court alright.
       Gee, when I was a kid, cops were smart enough to where we could run around playing Cowboy and Indians with real looking cap-guns. They popped and smoked and smelled of gun power.
       We never thought, or even had to worry,
           -that it could get us killed.

The Media left out Gratitude to a very thoughtful person:
Rule Numbers- 35, 38 & 50
August 24, 2015:
You can bet Marc Milowski is sure grateful Americans Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, and Anthony Sadler were on the Amsterdam to Paris train was seated two seats behind the other day. Stone stuck his finger into bullet holes in his neck in the effort to keep him from Bleeding to death.
       However the purpose of this posting is how upset I am that Damien who lives in London is French man who should be thought of as a hero because he stood up against the terrorist at the beginning but messed up with his initial plans. .Today he thanked the three men who saved him and his fellow passengers from being shot by Moroccan Ayoub El-Khazzani,.
       If we at MyStupidRules had any money, we'd buy Damien a Purple Heart, solid gold and everything because I sure deserves to have a few Good Marks on his Score Card with the Lord because you gotta figure he was willing to take the chances with sacrificing his life over the incident.
       Not only that, you credit his sacrificial efforts very incremental to the success the other Americans able to take vantage of. The bullets fired at Damien, were not fired into the the Americans.
       I personally like to thank and say God Bless you Damien.

How to earn Brownie Points with God:
Rule Numbers- 33, 44, 65 & 66

August 23rd, 2015:
The actions of-
Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos,
is a good example.
       They didn't run and hide from that evil bastard on the train in France.
       If there is any ticket to Heaven in the after life, they sure earned it with the courage and bravery they have shown us all.
       I can't even find the appropriate words to say how proud we all are of those three men.
       I'm pretty sure they don't have to worry about their score card with God.
       If I'm able to put my two cents worth in on it, I'll try to stretch it to a silver dollar.
       They are heroes to the utmost and they have made me so proud of them. I can only appropriately say, God Bless you guys, in the most substantial way I can, and coming from your Sentinel, I hope it means the most anyone could say.

Philippines 2013:
The US Military arrived,
as well as others.
Nov.16.13: I'm left here wondering if the film clip of the bodies being barried, was staged. We were provided a view of big long trench, but oddly enough, just the start of the fill had been done, with less than a couple dozen bodies.
      If I would have assumed right, I figure the snitch of dead bodies could have attracted flying jellyfish. The Flying Jellyfish the size of 747's could have shown up, turning into tubes and sucking up the dead bodies.
      Of course my mind must be playing ticks on me because I happen to think I heard people in the background noises of various film clips, that the military are taking the bodies away. I wouldn't doubt the military is actually loading the bodies up on barges destined for the seas well out of site from shore. I figure that they would keep the stench away from shore and burn them when they present a hazard and are no longer useful.
      I also get that feeling from noticing the body bags being black instead of something that wouldn't create so much heat while laying around or being transported. It's almost like they want the stench.
      Maybe I'm wrong the the flying jellyfish are not in that region, or maybe the government isn't telling us about shooting them down as they do arrive.
      You'd probably have every Tom, Dick and Harry with a Cigarette Boat with a 50 mm machine gun or Bazooka out there running around trying to shoot one down.
      Guys like Obama and McCain are probably not the biggest fans of any one who cuts in on what could the kick backs they get from Hellfire Missiles at $68,000.oo a pop.
      For those of you who are new at this, you may want to check out my post titled.

Realistic Natural Environment
and the
P-Day Journal Entries Nov.30.12-Apr.22.13
(Entries around Christmas & January 4th)
Rules of Nature
@ Heath & Environment

November 18-20th, 2013:
Trying to Clear Things UP.

You've gotta figure that if you go into a Walmart, right next to Camp Pendleton, you are pretty much going to hear what the marines are talking about. Even the stuff they are not suppose to talk about. I don't know about you, but after hearing , "it was just like he said," and "they can't talk about it."
       I thought it was funny when I heard, "you can shoot one down with a bazooka, but you have to be a good shot."
       Kinna like I figured, that if you don't hit it with a 50 mm machine gun or a bazooka, somewhere down the middle when its flying like a bird, it will probably go right though it and not bring it down.
      And predicting an event like so wasn't so much predicting anything as it was that I thought I had figured out a bunch of things, talking out loud what ever was my mind, I had to drink just to be able to handle it myself. Other times hungover and wondering what kind of things I was dreaming about.
      I was wondering if the flying jellyfish had anything do do with airplane crashes. With no metal involved,I figured that they may very well be capable of flying without being detected by radar. (Question as to whether they are detectable by sonar in the water; probably better chance I would think.)
       I'm sure the half gallon of Scotch had something to blur things between reality and what was going on in my mind when I was asleep.
       I suggested getting a bunch of dead cats and dogs together to see if they would find the scent of rotting flesh. I kinna had a feeling a battle with the FJ's was going on back then almost a year ago. I'm figuring the odds are, nothing works like human flesh.
      Bottom line: If what I think is true, your neighbors should not be considered as your enemy. And Nuclear Power is not in your best interest.

Oh yeah, I hear the price they've been bending us over for Hellfire Missiles is $68,000.oo
      Gee, Missile, 64 inches long, seven inched in diameter, 100 pound a laser guided $68,000,oo missile; to do what good aim of a Bazooka can do

And my thoughts on those two who turned down $3 billion from that Facebook Zucker guy:
      Judging from where they managed to live, it looks as though those two boys have been accustomed to having a bit of cash around. The only thing I can think is that they figure they would end up making more none exclusive licensing deals than just one final one. But then they know that Zucker would probably license the thing out others anyway. Reguardless, they probably figure that the same offer probably be on the table a month from now if they did decide to change their minds.
       I'm willing to bet, those two boys paid a pretty good penny for the SnapShot domain. And it is a good name for it.
       But I would have taken the money.

German Engineering?

bad roller coaster

I guess they were trying to copy the Chinese at building everything in components.
     I don't know how so many people were able to work on such a project and how many people forgot about the- Laws of Gravity

Get this: Even surfers know that if we're going to surf a wave at a 45 degree angle or inverted; there has to be some kind of gravity pull that is needed to be developed, just to keep our feet stuck to the board.
     Didn't any of these guys know that mounting track to a flat wall will never work?
     I wood think most kids with a skate board would tell you that there would have to be some sort of bowl built in to it in order to create gravity pull for a safe corner.
     You can consider this a failed attempt at creating a corner alright.

Now it's my none uninformed guess that the Germans had the GATT Treaty a few decades before we did here in the USA.
      But then you have to look at the guys here in the USA.
     They bought the piece of junk after they sat there and watched them build it all the way to spit, shiny and new.
     Then after that, they invite the public for a ride on the thing. How stupid is that?
     And here they go- expecting a seat strap to do the job with an incompetent attendant on top of it.
      Eight Percenter’s, I guess ....


Congrats to the Royal Family. July 22, 2013


June 24th 2013:
Chasing Snowden

400,000 subcontractors have had access to the same information.

Really folks, these politicians are just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.
     If the information was worth anything, you can bet someone else has already sold it to someone else. All Snowden did was inform the public that the information was gathered and even existed. Snowden rally didn't make any of the information public, he just handed it to the media, so if the information is leaked from the media, then the media is the one doing the wrong doing.

April 15th, 2013:
Boom, Boom!

Great day for the Defence contractors.
Just when they were worried about loosing profits, a race in Boston helps them out tremendously.

No doubt, just as one politician already defaulted to putting the blame on Al Quita.
     But really folks, the reality of it all is that it most likely boils down to defence contractors. It could have been financed by anyone like Halliburton, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman Hughes, RCA, Redstone Arsenal in Alabama or even Rafael an Isrial that is getting $75,000.oo per missile from the US tax payers at well over $3 billion per year.

The absolute last thing those contractors who sell war machinery wants us to do is spend our money on Social Security, or our own homeless.
     I know should have some sorrow deep down inside, but I can honestly say I feel none. Like what the heck, only two dead when thousands of inventors have been killed this month alone. Of course the media is going to let the massacrer of thousands of inventors go un-noticed because their sponsors pay for advertisements are just some of the corporations that are are doing the killing.

Bottom line here is as long as you all let them get away with the killings, you will continually selective breed stupid people. Just as long as you all are breeding stupid people these tragedies are going to happen and paying for more police isn't going to do a bit of good, except for the fact that it will make the police departments happy with the money they bring in because of it.
     The police department are just fine with spending $175,000.oo a remote control helicopter with a camera, even if any hobbyist can build one for under $1,500.oo, they just like having new toys, and fast cars. (And believe me, they have done it.) All it takes is a Congresswoman like Louis Capps writing a grant into a bill to get it and you can bet that at $175,000.oo she'll see some kick backs from the people who are selling the $175,000.oo RC helicopter for her Swiss bank account.
     And in this case in Boston, the police department failed miserably. Come on; everyone knows that the garbage cans are where they drop the bombs and ever since 911, they were the things that police were suppose to watch. (Especially on New Years Eve in New York.)
     But I'll say putting a cop on every garbage can would be a complete waste of tax payers money but the local governments would be willing to pay for it even though wireless cameras running on batteries would only cost a fraction of the money and make it easier to notice suspicious incidences.

But really folks: What the hell do you expect? You've got the devil out there competing in contest as if he's some kind of hero. He's a murder and you don't even have the guts to kill the bastard. So what do you expect? You'll just go on thinking that these silly little politicians will come up a way of protecting your ass. When the fact is that what your government is doing to you is only getting you dumber by the day and you will only end up killing yourselves even more.

March 31st, 2013 :

Kudos for Pope Francis, for living modestly. He's the first pope I just naturally got a good vibe from and I'm sure others feel the same.
     The whole washing the feet bit seems a little bit like public relations to me, but I like the unconventional approach to it and it makes us feel like we've got a bit of a rebel on our hands, and I like that kind of thing.

The funny thing about the whole pope bit to me is how can anyone expect that 115 guys whom call themselves cardinals; walk into a room and pick the guy who is going to be able to listen to God?
     They expect the rest of us to believe his word as the word of God and we are suppose to believe he is the chosen one - lucky enough to know for sure he is even listening to God?
      I'm sorry folks, but if I have any relation ship with God at all, I find hard to believe, but who am I to say anyway? All I know is that I'm not so convinced so easy.

And the on Cops here in California chasing around and shooting up the place. Like get this, they shoot up a guy's truck and luckily missed him, but nailed two ladies delivering papers one morning.
     The funny part started off with the police department only offering up another similar in value used pick-up. Of course that issue was corrected later, upgraded to a new one. However, I'm still left wondering what the bodily injury payments are coming in at.
      In fact I'm still waiting to hear what the the bill for the whole operation cost the tax payers. I figure a small crew could have staked out a few places and put a few people on hotels for awhile while the leads come in.
      If a reward was offered, the reward should be paid. From my impression of things, the reward should be divided up equally between the three of them.
     If the government agencies want to bail out on some technical call in the fine print - I think the private donations portion of the reward should be divided upon the three final leads that lead the police to his final destination.
     How it all ended up was out of their control of the three people whole lead the police to the nut job to his finale destination.
     The three who lead the police to his containment should be not penalized because the government just didn't just have few cops stake out the cabin until the guy staved himself and came out willingly for some pizza and beer.
     Instead of a simple manhunt, two officers ended up dead with all the hast generated by the all out war created in San Diego and Riverside Counties.
     -- April 2013

November 1st, 2012 :
Rule Number 20

I think the mayor of New York was making the wrong call about not delaying the marathon. It's just not fair to the people who don't give a shit about the races, but have to still live there after their home just got trashed.

Another thing I just can't figure out: Like what is the reason they couldn't find higher ground for all the taxi cabs? And why didn't those people get their boats out of the water. Oh - because the insurance companies will pay for it?

Roller coaster in NJ under water.

Man -0- man - isn't that picture of the roller coaster in the oceans a little bit creepy to you? I sure is to me. But it dose make a cool picture.

New Jersy roller coaster under water

Kinna strange how the earth got undermined. And being a frame work, the water didn't harm the frame work.

NJ roller coaster in water

In this one you can see how the mouse stayed in-tacked too, but at least the ground didn't go down..

Protests on Wallstreet

-has been covered by the media for weeks but....
The Media fails to let us know just what they are protesting about.

It's like when protesters show up to protest any gathering of the World Trade Organization.
     The Media has been giving them a clip every Morning and Night, but yet have I heard any more than a sound bite from the thousands of people marching every day.
     It's like the peasants pounding on the door of the castle, wanting a little more than rice to live on, while the King and his associates are figuring out ways to keep all the gold for them selves.
     But what the don't know is that the King just wants a bunch of morons to turn into cyborgs to fight wars and mine for the gold of which he thinks is safe within his castle.
    Oct.14,'11 Update late Dec: Just as I thought, it would end up being nothing more than a bunch of homeless camps and eventually the bullies just pushed them away.

After watching all the clips on the news, even protests in Chile over education, has just as much to do with the protest on Wallstreet if you think like I do.
      However I'm still wondering if any of these protesters even know about me or what is going on with the natural selection of the human race.
     And no, I should not even be considered anything like Hitler, for wanting to create a superior race.
     I happen to think a superior race is not the challenge, it's just saving the intellect of one we have is the goal here.
     As it goes right now, we are not as intelligent as we were sixty years ago and we will never be as intelligent as we could have been.
     Face the facts, we are not as intelligent as we should be right now.

September 6th, 2011:
A little scary for Europe - and USA

There is a decision about to be made by the French and Germans by tomorrow. It's about the problem with Italy's debt compounded by the problems with Greece. With European nations being a larger economy than the US, their problems can make our financial problems even worse than it is.
   It kinna sucks that the Germans have had to bare so much weight in so many bail outs; and now with France involved, they together have to wonder if they can keep everything a float over there.
The scary part of this decision is that either way they go with the vote, there can be serious pitfalls.
 From what I gather; if the deal goes through, Germany and France will end up with a lower credit rating and that could put the screws towards their own economies.
       Other things to consider:
Spain has a 20% unemployment problem.
Also the state of California happens to be one of the largest economies in the world and it is running at over 12% unemployment.

And sure, we've got this guy in Texas, that says he's creating jobs, but from what I gather, he's buying the jobs with grants in return for campaign donations. Oh Lord help us.
    How can you balance the books when you are buying jobs with tax payer's money and then cut the taxes those companies that took money from the state? I just don't get the reasoning when the company would have built a plant somewhere if they really needed it. It could just end up in job losses within the same company in some other state, therefore this Perry guy could have very well taken jobs from another states with the use of his own state's tax payer's money..
   Funny how I hear things. Like in the background noise of the RT news station from Germany, the very country that seems to be holding up the European nation. Today I heard, "They've got to help him." (Of course it was probably "them," but I've got no reverse to tel for sure.)
 Sure it could have been about someone else.
 But let me ask you something. Why does Obama always seem to be going to Detroit to trying to create new jobs? Gee, Detroit couldn't even keep it's city together, what makes Obama feel they can help a nation keep it together?
  What a mess yah got going on here folks.
 Update: 9/7 the decision came to say that bailout was legal, but the citizens of Germany are not happy about it. Many say it is needed that Greece has to be removed from the Euro. Though stocks went up, the volumes were down and they know the gain will most certainly be lost.

September 5th, 2011: I came across the Aug.30th WSJ B1
At the bottom of the page I found an article written by Amir Efrati. The article covers 38 year old co-founder and now CEO of Google  Larry Page,  and the broad US anti-trust probe concerning criminal investigation into the company's practices. The $500 million settlement came about to avoid criminal charges. Apparently the search engine single out illegal online pharmacies. Even though Page was well aware of the search engines preferences, the co-founder and CEO did nothing about it.
Jordan Rohan, an analyst at Stiel, Nicolaus & Co said, Mr. Page, "has been a pretty quick study," with investors, "It's clear Page isn't satisfied with Google's dominate position in web-search and intends to broaden the areas of dominance."
     Rohan added, that it is inviting more government scrutiny and bumps in the road.
    I don't know about what you think, but I feel the guy is money hungry and he'll do just about anything to get it.
   Having so much money, it clear to me that he's above the law when he can had over $500 million just to see something go away. Never the less, the scary part about it is how can a government not be aware that he is involved in redirecting web-sites just to cause character defamation on a person who is considered a national security mater.
  I just don't get it, the government is watching him, while the government is watching me. In the mean time, the government is trying to act as if non of it is actually going on.     Pretty stupid if you ask me.
      I happen to think the government should be taking money away from Google and giving it to me to revive the economy. The tax payers would get jobs and prosperity with out even having to pay for it.
 I say rob the criminals and give the money to the victims. Oh yeah, everyone in the government is on the take so who cares about the victims, or jobs.
    You have to look at it is that the US government just profited $500 million from illegal drug sales and Google helped to do it..

July 14th, 2011: I love seeing this, Murdoch's News Corp bit blown out of the water.
Make the whole thing with Ted Turner sound a lot more believable.

May 1st, 2011: Gee, It took long enough to get the man on TV to tell us that we killed the guy. But then the speech  writers came in and brought us back to experience 911.
After yeah, yeah, yeah; I'm still left wondering how they got them.
      Dam marvellous as how they do that.
       I'm not stupid, I still want to know what had gone down. The Compactness, told us where they were?
      Hell, I just want to know if we found him in a hole.

Update 5/2 the go in by foot was the way better idea than just blowing the place to smithereens,
     The reason I said this is that his computer is one thing we got to truly advance on the war on terrorism. (But what about the war right here?)

   The only person that came right out an said what I felt needed to be said, was Kathy Lee Gifford.

What's amazing, is the media has gotten coverage on kids hooting and hallaring, but none of the networks even thought of showing coverage of the troops overseas when they heard about the news.
It's all the New York people that matters I guess.

    It makes me want to mention about how it is reading my journal, unless you are a local, and hear what is said on the streets, you may feel a bit left out and wondering if you can make any sense of what I'm  writing about.
    Like the days before my last court date, there were rumors that Martin had killed himself.
   I didn't want to even say anything until had at least confirmed it with my Court Appointed.
   Anyhow, the night before that court date that landed me in jail, I had wrote the next days journal entry mentioning how I was a little disappointed that people would actually think of me anything resembling some kind of hero.
   So I'll have to dig it up, the one on April 9th I Kinna spilled on old Martin rumor, it was rubbed in my face so much I jumped the gun.
On April 9th, 2011:
IThe first hit of acknowlegement

On April 12th, 2011:
The post that was never posted
 because I was in jail and confermed phony rumor about Martin's death..

March 19th, 2011: I've always thought it was stupid to build more than one nuclear reactor in the same location. With all this radioactivity floating around us, there will be strange mutations brought on in the human race.

Then put the fact that we are selective breeding stupid people on top of that. The cave men some of us happen to think we evolved from may just look at us as a bunch of dumb ass monkeys before too long.

February 25th, 2011: Two and a half men - Charlie Sheen. Someone should tell him that you can't fix syphilis, with your brain, you can only treat it, but it will get you in the end.
     The writers are what made the show work and I think the creator should prove that by coming back next season with a replacement. There are many actors who would love the opportunity to play the part.

January 10th 2011: 
In the news is the story about the shooting in Tuson AZ.
All I can say is: Gee what the hell do you expect when you are breeding stupid people. Yeah lets get more crazy people than we already have. Dumber by the day.
February 2nd, 2011: do you realize how many writers sold have page bits in the USA today mag and such? I was totally amazed that they hadn't even made arrangements for a local cop to stand by. These folks thought they could go do some public appearances with out any security at all. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Now they are widdling away at the gun laws. Arizona has some of the craziest gun laws I have ever heard of like- in the court rooms? - my god..

September 10th, '10:  In the past couple days, there have been a couple of nasty fires. My condolences to the folks in San Francisco.
        However I would like to congratulate the firemen in Detroit. I know things were really messed up and I figure that they were ill prepared for something like that. But they got it out anyway and that is what matters. I figure it could have been a lot worse.

On the other hand, from what I see in the media, the San Francisco fire is the one that got the most attention and just from looking at the photos, it looked like more of a photo op for the firemen. I didn't even see much of the fire, it was all staged looking as if it was all about getting pozzen pictures of the firemen and their little red fire trucks.

Gag me.

September 9th, '10: 
In the news around the world is a story about a pasture with a lousy fallowing of 50 idiots and a couple web-sites, who plans to burn a few Koran's on Saturday Sept. 11th. Now embassies all around the world are tightening security for fear of some adverse out come from it.
      Gee, all this fuss over this is only the fault of the media for covering the story in the first place. Yet a story about a public sting operation like the one we have going down here at MyStupidRules is over looked. How stupid can we get?

Around here one the Central Coast, the front page news is about a guy's dog Annie.
A guy lost his dog when it got scared from a gun shot and the local animal shelter ended up selling his dog to someone and now the new owners won't give the dog back to the original owners. Gee, I happen to think the media has paid the new owners to keep the dog until the story has run it's course. I'm sure the old man will get his dog back but the media knows that stupid people will rally for such a thing. It's pretty bad when the media will sensationalize such hog wash just to have a story that will captivate a bunch of fools, just for a silly story to run with. This Annie story is just like the stolen dog house story I talk about in my introduction.
Aug. 13,'10

Update: Aug 30th: Just like I said, the guy got his dog back today, but not after people rallied at the court house as well as other places. The deal is, the media here got a couple new stories to cover, like the guy who impersonated a police officer with his car and all, and he was stupid enough to have two laptops with almost 2000 images of child porn on them inside his imitation squad car. Also a lottery winner here in Morro Bay. So the stupid dog story got pushed aside. And gee, get this, the people who had the dog turned down about $1000 people put together for them and get this, the guy who had lost his dog ended up giving the money to the same place that gave the dog to someone else. Now how stupid is that?

Second Update: September 7th 2010: Tonight on the news they said that they think the dog story had gone a little too far. Get this, a guy running for Sheriff has invited it to dinner. Man oh man are we stupid or what?

That thing with Jesse, playing around with tattooed girls.
I lost my respect for him when the trashed the rock crawler. It was the only thing that he had a crew who knew what they were doing. It was the best thing ever built on the stupid show. Jesse not only went out and broke the thing, he went future destroyed it for his sickening amusement.
       I knew that relationship with Sandra Bullic was doomed from the start. What was she thinking ? Was all I said to that couple. 
April 21, '10

Gee, what is it? Madonna  just can't live those kids in Malawi alone. What the hell is wrong with her? Doesn't she get the hint? I guess it must be some kind of contest between Angelina and her as to who can buy up the biggest batch of kids. Boy I thought these people already had a life. It must be some kind of addiction shrinks haven't come up with a name for yet. However I would like to suggest that she go see a shrink if she doesn't already. If so, find another.
May 4, '09

March 28th, '09:
It's bad enough that we have a fat ass single woman on the government payroll because three of her six premature babies turned out to be autistic, but to let the ding bat have eight more is proof of just how stupid we are.
     The thing that really annoys me is how celebrities like Dr. Phil hops on the bandwagon because it's the hot current event. He lines up everything for her and hands it to her on a silver spoon. The four bedroom house, (with all new flooring donated by another bunch of idiots) and two full time care givers.
  Then the ding bat fires the care givers.

Rule 51

Another thing I'd like to mention, prior to Dr. Phil latching on to the dig bat with fat lips for his show material, he had a show about police brutality in an airport, then the same show moved onto how corporate businesses snuff out the small guys (including an appearance by Ralf Nader.) And I can't remember what the third segment of the show was about, but it sure seemed like he's been to my web-site and got an ideas for a show.
However, Dr. Phil nor Nader even mentioned anything about me. Pretty shitty if you ask me.

It all goes to show you just how these people will use others to boost their own image.
   Update: How come nobody is coming to the rescue when the house Dr. Phil set her up with is foreclosed upon. The gal sure didn't think about where she would make the income to raise such a tribe.

February 16, '09:
In the news is this story about a single woman who has had some of her fat ass put into lips so that she would look like a movie star. She was living with her mother with 6 children; three are know to be disabled and on the government's payroll. I would think that the doctor who pumped full of so many embryos at once should be flipping the bill for those screwed up children.
     Now the California tax payers will be paying the hospital for the birth of another eight children. I happen to think that the doctor who pumped he full of over 8 embryos should pay for those kids until they are eighteen.
      I think the women who dropped the 14 kids should have here head examined. And of course she should have had her cords cut after the first 6.

December 8, '08:
Front page of the LA Times featured and incident in Pakistani where suspected Taliban insurgents destroyed more than 150 vehicles that where carrying Humvees and other military equipment destined for US - led troops in Afghanistan. US officials called the losses militarily insignificant. At least one guard was reported killed in the bran attack on two truck stops outside Peshawar.
    I wonder how many were guarding all the over $15 million worth of Humvees? Too bad someone ended up dead, but I'm sure it made General Dynamics quite happy.
Defense contracts: isn't that what these wars are about?
Oh yah, the one in
Afghanistan was all about the Unical oil pipeline. You know: the Bush and Bin Lanbin thing.

Just Googling General Dynamics On Dec. 9th '08 I see that they just got awarded $18 million in contracts this week.
See for yourself at  (boy that disappeared real quick.)


OJ Simpson got 9 years.
The judge and jury had it so easy, everything was recorded, before during and after. Kinna like there was a documentary made of the incident. The thing that blew his defence out of the water was that he walked in the room with a gun and said:
"Nobody leave the room."
(He took hostages not just his stuff.)

December 5, 2008:


October 5, 2008: Looks as though OJ Simpson finally got taken off the golf course. Good riddens.

May, 2008: I read in the USA Today Newspaper about the fact that there are 60,000 defense contractors that owe back taxes. The funny part about it is that many are still billing the US government and the tax payers are still paying out money to most of them.  I bet those defense contractors will tell you that the US is the greatest place on earth. LOL.

April 9, 2008: In the news is a story about some young cheerleaders beating up another class mate. They filmed it and then posted it on the web. I guess this is a trend and they just haven't figured out that assault is a criminal offence, punishable with jail time.
       Like go rob a bank and video tape it. Then post it on Youtube or MySpace. Boy if that isn't a real sign of us breeding stupid people I don't know what it is, but this entry belongs on Morons of the day.
       Just hope your son or daughter don't being home some friends like them.  Rule Numbers:
51 & 85


On March 7th, I saw a little bit on page B3 of the WSJ about the four guys that went down for selling 70,000 tubes of toothpaste containing diethylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze. Can you imagine two of the guys got off with Misdemeanor criminal charges.

Vernon Sale, inc, Pres. Kamyab Toofer and Vis. pres. Pejman Mossay each were charged with 14 counts of receiving, selling and delivering an adulterated drug.

Selective Imports Corp. Pres. Frahad Nazarian and Vis pres Yone Ghermezi were each charged with two counts of the same.
Gee, all their names sound Chinese to me.

However, I notice that none of the media groups had picked up on the news that was furnished by Associated Press

January 23, 2008: Kinna late to mention this but:
            In the Dec. 27- Jan. 10th'08 edition of the
Rolling Stone magazine, they had a bit on page 15 called - The Death of High Fidelity 
       It report on how the way music is being compressed and mixed to be loud, a lot because of the way MP3's have caught on.
    Believe me when I say I can tell. It's probably the reason I haven't got into the MP3's by now. I like the idea of the format, where as its not likely going to get a scratch and skip during your favourite song. But the problem is that you can't hear the room of where the song was recorded.

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Dumber by the day
Just like drilling out a bigger hole-
Turning an 1/8 inch whole into a 1/4

Jesse Jackson
is nothing but a racist.
 July 10, 2008

Lab Rat Lance
Oct. 23,'12:

Friday the 13th wasn't so lucky for Federal Judge
Alex Kozinski,
was to reside over an obscenity trial, but  posted sexual material on his own personal Web site. June 13, '08




May 14, '08: In the news is a deal where some cops got out of hand in Philadelphia and thirteen were taken off duty. Gee, just hope they can find some new ones that aren't a bunch of bullies. Apparently a cop got killed and the cops thought they had the guys. And it looks like they beat the crap out of the wrong guys.

April 29, '08: A lot of fuss over the fact that there was a photo created by the famous Annie Leibovitz of Miley Cyrus published in a magazine.

April 23, 2008: People in the UK fussing over the fact that Prince Williams landed a Chinook helicopter at his girlfriend's house.

Prince Harry's cover was blown
February 29, 2008:
Thanks to some asshole American blogger.

April 9, 2008: In the news lately is all the protest about human rights violations that are going on in Tibet. I feel if they want to protest, they should all be in Utah at the offices of the Olympic committee, because the human rights violations were going on long before China was chosen to hold the Olympic games.
        I could care less about the Olympic games  or how China wants to treat its people.
       I know of something that bothers me even more. That is how the Chinese mafia is stealing timber from
Eastern Siberia.
      The police in Russia have just established a new forestry division to conduct spot checks. But because of the corruption there are many pay-offs and there are many points in the new Russian Forest Code that contradict each other. The lack of clarity leaves room for unlicensed logging on a large scale, with poachers avoiding taxes and pocketing huge sums of money.
    I found this bit very interesting
BBC News


Eliot Spitzer hooked by Ashley Alexandra Dupre
March 10-14, 2008


March 14'08 New York
Crane fell in NY. And the question is how much money is going to be spent trying to figure out what went wrong. (Let me save some time and money.) Picture and More

Eli Lilly, the drug maker, could and should have warned physicians as early as 1998 about the link between Zyprexa a medicine, and diabetes.

It's only a Ball Game
February 12, 2008

Funny how the US drops out of a global math and science competition.
August 20th"07

Feeling the pain of Clinton's and Greenspan's false economy.
August 18th,'07:

Baby Einstein -
dumber by the day

August 12th, '07

(the column on politics)


I read in the USA Today; 3/10/08 that a kid in Mobile, Alabama fired a gun into the ceiling of his high school gym and then killed himself.
      I guess the fact the he was charge in a robbery of a Dairy Queen a few weeks earlier had something to do with it.
      Gee, the next criminal who wants to do such a thing, protect the hearing of the other students by doing it outdoors.
      One less mess to clean up too.


The other day I read about what the Jacksons are doing. As in the original Jackson 5 that Micheal originated from. While Micheal and his sisters are doing so well, the others are not so much. One is even stacking shelves at a VONS grocery store.
    For some reason I can believe that. Because that's just how Americans are. They really don't care about others, even if they are family. People don't take care of each other like the media leads us to believe.



February 19, 2008: Gee something tells me that it was a good thing to be inspired by a vegetarian few months ago. Because lately I've sure been eating much more fruits and vegetables more than ever. I wondered if I could converted all the way, because I've always been the standard meat and potatoes kind of guy. But now I see what kind of stuff happens to the cattle they sell us, fruits, veggies and nuts are finding my shopping bag more and more.
          Kinna late on any recall if you ask me. I'd be thinking twice before eating fast food or having any of my kids eating school lunches.
          Even a wild game hunter wouldn't want to tag anything that couldn't walk on it's own feet.

Stupid Rule Number 43

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