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April 11th, 2012:
Obama could Care less.

Today on the front page of Investor's Business Daily is a report on what the ObamaCare will bring US. No matter who studies it, they all say that it will add to the federal deficit, and raise the cost of health care. Even the federal government released a report last summer stating that health care in the last five years have climbed at a rate of 4.7% and the projection said by 2014 it would at about 8.3% and the fallowing years it would climb at about 6.2%.
     A report says that with ObamaCare, will cute Medicare by $850 over the next decade and will use most of it's finances to new health care insurance subsidies. Gee, I have to laugh, because I wrote a long time ago about my opinion was that the ObamaCare Plan must have been written by the insurance companies.

Just like the Lemon Law was written by the auto manufactures. (It's set up so that they can sell you junk and make money off the junk, because it's just like a lease agreement. Then after the lease is over, they can put the car back on the lot and sell it without even telling the next buyer that it is a lemon.)

Obama teaching Alinsky socializum

I'd advise anyone who can get their hands on today's (Jan.24,'12) Investor's Business Daily, to check out page A-3, Gingrich Vs. AlinskyAnd on page A-12, there is an interesting article titled:
      "Obama Flunks His Own Fairness Test."
It mentions how corporate profits are up 68% and the Dow is up 50% but the Median family income is down 5%.
     Do I need to say any more to the 99%-ers?

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

Gingrich is trying to sell you swamp land

Vote for grampa Ron Paul.
The government pulled the wool over your eyes once already.

We spent a trillion dollars on a war and only have 8 Billion in equipment left over. something is wrong there.
     Let the rich 1%ers like Richard Branson, do the space travel thing. Sure it's not really space yet but profits in a commercial industry will attract competition and competition for those profits will create progress on it's own. Space travel should not have to cost the tax payers a dime, because the government would only have US paying for solid gold lug nuts when plain steel would do just fine.
     I figure eventually, if not already there will be sub-contractors who launch things into space and the government will be able to ask for bids when it wants something shot into space.
     Gingrich is only saying what he thinks you want to hear, just like the other gal did with her $2.00 gas. And she was the only one out of all of them that actually had a track record that people actually say was pretty good.1.29.12

Update Jan.30: Some would say I sure swayed one way real fast, but I realize that the only likely way in which Ron Paul could make it to the presidency, would be by getting nominated for the Republican party. Therefore any ground swell I can create right now during the primaries, the better. It would likely be taking votes away from Gingrich and bettering the chance at Ron Paul come out the victor no matter what, even though I realize we may need a miracle here. Never the less, if Paul comes in second during the primaries, you can bet Gingrich would be in third and that's the better of the two evils in a G an R race, but we would just get stuck with another Obama health care plan, and Wallstreet would continue to gobble up our money.
      But you see Gingrich is nothing other than a criminal. About 20,000 of the smartest people in this country die every year because of his decision to sign on to the GATT Treaty with 26,000 pages writing by the Corporations that paid them to sign it.
      Another thing that is scary about Gingrich, is that I'm sure he knows how to hide money, because he doesn't claim to have much. But I realize when corporations are able to give someone like Barbara Boxer $1,1 million just to get her to vote one way or another on changing the patent laws to first to file, to eliminate private inventors and small businesses. Come on, you know 6 million is a drop in the bucket and why else would Gingrich pay 30% taxes on it?
     Think about it: If Gingrich actually made it to office. And his expected primary goal would be to create jobs. BUT, then two months into his presidency, the new patent laws become effective, the ideas of private inventor and small business getting funding is going to be a pipe dream. That's what I call a pile of shit in one's hand.

January 22nd, 2012:
R U Voting for the lesser crook?

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to kick myself in the ass voting for someone like Obama.
     Regardless, you folks have to find someone. But how can you do that when anyone that isn't a crook would just end up dead. So, let's look at what options we have.

You got this Rick Santorn guy who came out of nowhere. He Reminds me of so many preachers I've met through my life. The think this guy just annoys me. He saying the same thing as so many others say. He selling point could be filed under ethics. But isn't that just like preaching a sermon?
     The guy is just too wimpy.
     And if you ask him about me, I'm sure he'll fold because he know that the auto manufactures will give them all millions just to keep his mouth shut. So the ethics go right out the window just as if he was donking the neighbours daughter. .
     I'm sure he'll stash away some of the campaign contributions before the funds dry up. He'll probably be sipping matinees in the Bahmas after he bails..

Romney talks about his success with Staples and The Sports Authority. Talking jobs and all. But most of those jobs don't pay enough to even raise a family with. Not only that but both the Sports Authority and Staples are public traded companies. But hey, wasn't Occupy Wall Street just a big camp out in New York City Party?
      Gee, without Staples? would there just be more Office Maxes and Office Depots? So what is the Dif? And if there wasn't a Sports Authority, would there be more Mom and Pop's sport shops?

Then you've got Ron Paul, who has been in office for what? 30 years? And only got one bill passed? The guy has gone around for years saying the stuff everyone wants to hear. I happen to love the guy and I like everything that comes out of his mouth. Unfortunately, the answers he has are too short and way too broad. He reminds me of Ralf Nader who has gone around for years saying the same kind of things he knows people say themselves.
      However, he's a little bit niave when it comes to understanding just what he's up against. But maybe he does? Maybe he's just in it because it makes him somebody. The thing is, if he did mange to find enough idiots to put him in office, in two or three years, he wouldn't just have gray hair like the rest of them, I happen to think he is so frail that it would do him in. They would have him so hoped up on drugs by the middle of his term, he'd be delirious . I happen to think of him as a Ross Perot. I bet the democrats are funding him, just to take votes away from the Republican party. Of which he'll jump ship if he doesn't get the nomination and run as an independent, and that's when Obama and company will sponsor him. Just like Clinton hiring Ross Parot. Although he has a growing fallowing, he should just stay out of it.

And now we've got the choice of Newt Gingrich, who I'm afraid to fire up the search engine on and I wonder how he voted on the GATT Treaty. Oh oh.... He was referred to as the GATT MAN. He didn't like it at first, but decided to put it on the fast track before a new congress came into office. I found out about this (a clip from at NewsWithVeiws.com)

      As Gingrich himself has noted, "the people have spoken," and have elected a new Congress; and that new Congress should have the right (and responsibility) to vote on something as important as GATT. It should not be passed by a body that has been repudiated by the voters.
      The GATT system and negotiations have been going on since 1947. It is absurd to suggest that after nearly 50 years we must now rush this new agreement through, that it cannot wait a couple more months for a new Congress to consider.
      The GATT accord runs some 26,000 pages. No member of Congress has read all of this monstrosity. Gingrich promised to make all bills and documents accessible to the American people, but we certainly have not had full access to all of this document.
      If the Clinton health care program deserved to be knocked of the "fast track" because it was a costly, bureaucratic, socialists nightmare, GATT/WTO deserves the same.
      I truly suggest reading more of this article WHO IS THE REAL NEWT GINGRICH? @

And get this: I read that in 1995 he said that drug smuggling should carry a death sentence. He later said that someone charged with having marijuana should be executed! In fact, he introduced H.R. 4170 which demanded a life-sentence or execution for someone bringing just two ounces of marijuana across the border! -- I say he should smoke a joint and mellow out some.
      I realize there is a reason he started a media Empire of a sort. He's a smart man who knows that Hollywood and the Media tend to favour any Democrat that happens to be running.
     never the less, there is a large amount of dirt out there to be found on any of them, but it's refreshing to see that Newt has joined the clan because I happen to like the fact that Newt is likely to slip up and speak his mind and whether it's off the rocker or not, it more entertaining than a bunch od sound bites that must have been influenced by that stupid book by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Anyhow, from what I have seen, I think Newt has the hottest wife and that is probably what really matters, right?.

December 19, 2011:
I never did get around to commenting about this Cain dude. Gee, what an idiot. I can see where a person like him can jump on the band wagon, but hey, he's an idiot.
     The Amazing part about it is that the media actually playing him off as a real competitor. And the real fools are the ones who put money in his pocket to run in the first place.
   I wonder how many books he sold. And what happens to the campaign money when he quits..
       Like Stupid Rule Number 7 and Number 10.

I found this thing on Obama and his campaign contributions. Barack says that he won't take money from lobbyist; but he is sure to take money from blanketed fund raisers. The word for it is Bundlers, for taking lobbyists money in lumps I guess.
     Ah what the heck, you say one thing but you've got another on to cover it.
   Yeah, I get it.
       Like Stupid Rule Number 7.

Sept. 21st '11:
I don't know about this Banard R-guy. The other day he was referring to the President as a cocaine addict. In my opinion, he has ran out of one liners for his sound bits.
     But just as I've said before. They need to let the president do what he said he was going to do when he ran for office. The voters supported his ideas when the voted for him and because of the opposing party, he keeps getting road blocks.
   He said he wanted to tax the rich, so let him. You've gotta remember Ragan took away the tax burden to the rich a long time ago and I think since 10% of the people here in the country, has control of most the money. I say go after it. (And just because they get a little less that before, doesn't mean that they are going to start less business or hire less people.
    Never the less, we may keep in mind, because the US has lower income taxes than many other countries, we get these guys like Murdock who became a US citizen because of it. So we've become a tax shelter for the rich.
   I say raise the taxes on the rich to equivalent to the other countries that are as developed as we are. The key here would be setting the tax rates just under the competition; if you know what I mean.
   I happen to think Social Security and Medicare should be off limits to cuts.

So far we have seen withdrawal of troops from these money hungry wars we've got going on. Some where along the way, we've lost over $60 billion that isn't accounted for. (I wonder how much of it Cheney's  Halaberton has scammed.) I feel further reductions would be good, but another thing we should look at is what brings up the expenses of such wars.
   Like I can't see the value of purchasing million dollars bombs to blow up when they value a human life at only $400,000.oo.

They've got to figure out how to participate in battling terrorism more cost effectively. We should be trying to achieve more bang from each buck.

And by the way, having Obama give the Marijuana laws back to the states have kept more people out of the courts with more money in their pockets. Also the industries involved in growing the plants have found a source of revenue. It's only changed many lives for the better knowing that they are not criminals because they happen to like a certain type of medication.

As for Banard and company: They should go with Obama's plans even if they think he will fail. The deal is, he's only go a little more than a year to screw up and if it don't work, the people will only vote for someone to undo what he does. So far, no one has the clear cut solution, but we all know we have to cut expenses and get some money from somewhere.
         Update: p.m. I've read a bit about Obama's plan. It would have been a lot better if some of the provisions were left out.
    Like the one where a unemployed worker can sue a company for discrimination for hiring a worker who is already employed. That's not going to go over well.
   There are other provisions in the bill that many stats already have but no one uses them because of all the red tape involved because they have potential to be scammed.


Sept. 17th, '10: 

Gee, you can actually e-mail Obama. Take it from the experience of a 17 year old who is now banded from the US of A. I like the kid's name, Luke Angel.

>Gee maybe I should give it ago.    BBC - Kid

September 11th, '10: 
Gee this pastor TerryJones has to be the moron of the month. I bet I know how his little talk with Obama went.

I'm sure it could have been done with a one sided conversation. Just like I would have said.

Sure you can go burn your little books if you want to. I can't stop you from doing that, but the odds are, some of our service men may end up harmed because of you little antics. If you think you can do it and nobody will get harmed, fine.
But if someone, just anyone, even if it's not an American. I will have you arrested on any frivolous endangerment charge I can think of. I don't care what kind of lawyer you got, I bet I can hold you for a year on $5,000,000.00 bail before your case will ever go to trial.
So is it worth a year to you bud.
Yeah, end of story.

September 6, 2010:
Golly gee, I looked at the news to see what Obama is up to. Yeah, kinna like a year or two late and a dollar short .

Like this oil spill. It took him two months before he realized that the oil company wasn't doing as much as they should have and then he decided to see if he could round up any more skimmers from other parts of the world.

Hell the government had hover crafts to move stuff quickly. He should have made in nothing short of a military attack on the problem and just sent the oil company the bill later.

Now he's going around the mid west wondering how he can convince people he can create jobs.

Didn't I write somewhere around this lousy web-site that infrastructure was the place he should have been spending our money on in the first place? I even compared the US to the Australian bailout at the bottom part of this page.

Somewhere I said that he should not be trying to save the automotive manufacturing jobs, that he should make them learn how to build roads.

Then he's going to cut the revenue by easing up the business taxes. But then where is he going to get the money for the new roads trains and airports? Oh yeah, your kid's pay check. Oh that's it.

However, we are going to spend over $50 billion on just the development of top secret weapons of mass destruction this coming year. Of which we can't even tell where the money is going.
Oh yeah, the defence contractors.

I was reading Michel Moores book - Downsize This
It's pretty interesting where he talks about the cold war and how we the United States are always looking for a war to keep the economy running. I have to agree with him. Nobody want to go to war with us because we are such a super power. But we look for enemies.

Kinna like the cops in Morro Bay, they want trouble so they go out looking for it and fabricate it if they can.

December 20, 2009: So far about half of Obama's presidency had been haggling over health care reform. It's been a long of enough time for all those insurance companies to pad the pockets of the politicians. I bet there overseas bank accounts grew tremendously. Because Friday the health care insurance companies stocks where at a 52 year high. Boy if that doesn't tell you something about what's been going on, you are a moron.

Stupid Rules - 10, 12 & 88

March 28, 2009:
So far president Obama has done three things that I'm happy with:
That is to allow travel to Cuba.
To let the states take care of their own Medical Marijuana laws and let stem cell research move forward.

The only problem is that the Medical Marijuana laws is that it lets only a few exploit the use of pot for profit. I think it should be legalized for small scale consumption, I just don't want the cigarette industry stepping in and applying their addictive insert ingredients into the market.

As far as his bail out plans, it looks as though it's just a way for Congressmen and senators to get kick backs.
I got a kick out of a congressman bitching about the IGA and other banks bonuses. But at the same time he has received thousands in contributions from the employees of the very same institutions.

February 13th, 2009:
The president is trying to get his stimulus money give away plan on the road. But I just heard from a Republican Senator about how much of the money would actually go to schools, roads and bridges.
                               (A whole 6%.)
 The funny part of it is that it sounded like it's just a big hand out to lobbyists. Basically a bunch of money is like pork barrels spending for the arts.

Ah, it's all a bunch of crape when you think about it. Like the senator said, that it will make borrowing money harder to archive and in the long run, it will actually hurt the country's economy.

And now the parts makers for the auto industry are asking for a bail out of something like $25 billion. (Johnson controls and such, who have lots of money.)
However they say if we loan them money, it will help them get paid sooner from the auto manufactures. Gee, I sure don't under stand what one has to do with the other, but getting a loan has nothing to do with accounts receivables if you ask me. I just don't get their reasoning as to how they think the line a bull can't actually convince the American public. But what the hell, the tax payers are not in control of their on money anyway, just getting dumber by the day is all.

However, law makers should be looking at how much of the Australian bail out is going to schools, roads and bridges. Basically 50% of the $50 billion. Now with a county only a 30th the size in population, that's a hell of a lot better than the shit the USA is burning.
For a link to more about the Australian's government bail out plan, go to
BBC.Com Aussie Money

January 14th, 2009:
I came across an article on A11
of the
Investors Business Daily today.
An article written by Phyllis Schlafly titled:
Barak's Big bailout for Trial lawyers.

In the article Schiafly talks about two bills that the Democratic House Passed and are waiting for approval from the Senate and Barak Obama says he want to sign them.

What we are talking about here are the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that would eliminate the current statute of limitations on discrimination claims so that an worker can sue in federal court for alleged pay discrimination 20 years earlier. (The bill would reverse the 2007  Supreme Court decision in Ledbetter -vs- Goodyear tire and Rubber Co.

Also- The Paycheck Fairness Act would remove existing statutory caps and allow unlimited money damages to be awarded, even without proof of discriminatory intent.

If these two bill become law, companies will have to spend their time and money defending against frivolous claims of discrimination instead of hiring new employees and manufacturing products for sale.
(That is unless they set up shop in another country where they don't have to worry about laws as such.)

So it looks like Obama's administration plans to get 18,000 job for every billion dollars they spend Well in my book it's a money pit because you can't keep buying jobs to replace the jobs that will go over seas with that kind of legislation. Lets just hope the folks in the senate have more common sense.

I wish the IBD had a web-site with the article because it is something worth checking out at your local library..

January 13th, 2009:
Hillary Clinton's sound bite for the day was "smart power." She has pledged to use a "smart" mix of military and diplomatic power as US secretary of state, in testimony before a US Senate committee.
Gee, that's pretty head strong considering that her husband has got us breading stupid people.
      Before long finding anyone smart enough to make a difference will be the challenge.
      But then again, the dumber we are, the easier it is to pull one over on us and I think that is the way
  they like it, considering all the places her husband is getting money from.

However there is one good bit of news that is coming out of the new administration, or should I say Obama? That is he want to lift the US ban on travel to Cuba. Which I happen to think is long over do. Cruise ships have been circling Cuba for years and it's about time to help those folks out down there.

More on all this bit in the news today can be found at

December 9th, 2008: Federal authorities in Chicago have arrested Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and they've accused him of attempting to benefit financially from his position to appoint Barack Obama's Senate replacement.
       U.S. Attorney's office spokesman Randall Samborn says both Blagojevich and his chief of staff John Harris were arrested Tuesday.
      The allegations include that the governor took money from at least one individual in connection with naming a successor for the U.S. Senate seat that was vacated by Obama. Blagojevich is charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and solicitation of bribery.
    Stupid Rule 86

 December 8th, 2008:
      I have to wonder where Barak Obama is getting his ideas from. For one thing I certainly got a kick out of his statements during his interview on November 4th election day, with someone on MTV. I heard him comment about the saggy pants issue. (Were as in Florida they had made a law against it.)
       Barak Obama felt the same as I do about it as if our law makers have better thing to do than to worry about such a thing. However the way he laid his opinion out about it was just as I would. Taking about how someone's mother could end up seeing their under ware and as in his opinion he didn't want to see them either.
     When I heard that I had to laugh and figured that since we are about the same age and generation, we would probably get along like a couple of peas in a pod.
       ( I happen to wonder how he feels about Congress holding special hearing to haggle about whether a ball player had lied about taking steroids or not.
    And the point of this whole entry today is the fact that one of the headlines in the New York Times, Online says that Barak Obama considers himself a mutt.
    I have to wonder if he got that from the entry I made on the morning of November 4th (see below.) congratulating him for the winning the election that was going on that day. I wanted to be the first and somehow I brought up the issue that people should just get over the idea that he would be our first black president.
So I compared him to my bass guitar
   Barak Obama referred to him self just as I refer to my bass guitar; a mutt like a dog.  >
   (He's brave.)
  Oh well, but anyway, if you want to know what he said though David Aaronovitch
@Times Online
               (Sorry it's a lot of bull getting to it.)

December 4th, 2008:
So far I have to say for the first time in a long time that I'm a little pleased at Barak Obama and our law makers.
    Obama is realizing that helping the home owners keep their homes with lower home mortgages is important to keep the economy going.
    And so far the auto manufactures are proving to waste our law maker's time.
     The deal is: the automakers have lost more this year than they are asking for and it takes about 14 months to produce a new model of a car. They would be back within a year asking for more money.
     It's quite clear the Big three don't know what they are doing and besides, nobody wants to help them anyway.

Got link to Associated Press.com - begging for dollars


November 23,'08: <
There has been a steady flow of visitors from Chicago dropping by my web-sites. Gee, I wonder if they are looking for ideas or something.
     I got a kick out of reading what Obama said in a weekly address, he said he wanted to rebuild America's ageing infrastructure, including roads and bridges, as well as develop sources of renewable energy.    
   For you who have read my economic stimulus package idea, you may get a kick out this posted today
>@ BBC

   (Oh yeah I agree with his saggy pants bit I heard in his MTV interview. I had to laugh when I heard him talk about the fact that we shouldn't waste time making laws about saggy pants. And I don't want to see anyone’s underwear either.)

If they are looking for advice, I'd say forget about Hillary and think of all the smart guys her husband Bill has knocked off. Why don't we save the ones we have left?

I would also invite any of you to voice your opinoin or comment about the topics covered here at: 

November 16,'08:
Senator Richard Shelby, the top Republican on the Banking Committee, said that the U.S. automakers should not get $25 billion in proposed federal loans to save them from possible bankruptcy. On CBS's "Face the Nation" today, Shelby "Companies fail every day and others take their place, There's not a bank in this country that would loan a dollar to these companies.">
For more on this
@ Boomberg.com

I happen to think: the stimulus package should be partially used for offering affordable government home  loans for the people who are losing their homes..
 The rest should be used for creating jobs, like building new road whether we need them now or not, because we will certainly need them later. And another thing that is being over looked is the fact with the down turn in the economy, communities all over the country are looking for the funds just to maintain the roads they have.

Also if Obama and government officials want to go green so much, they should penalized companies like Ford Motor Company that use coal fired plants to make electricity.   
    And if they want more economical and cleaner vehicles on the road, he should sponsor by helping approve low interest government  loans to start up companies that have no affiliation with the Big Three auto manufactures. I think it's about time we quit giving hand outs to companies that show us they don't know how to weather the storms because there is always high and lows in any industry. So the first thing they should have done along time ago is how to put money way for a rainy day instead of handing out multi million dollars bonuses to their management and board members.

And the cars we should be sponsoring and producing should a shift to electric cars because if the government would have its head on straight, it would realizes that just like new road, we should be building government owned solar and wind generating plants. I'm sure the government already has enough land for them so we should creating jobs building them.
   And as far as sponsoring commercial vehicle manufacturing  companies, as for the trucks we need, we should help those who can supply us with trucks that can run on natural gas, which is about as clean as we can get for heavy duty applications. If we don't help provide funding for the production of such vehicles, the auto manufactures we have depended on are not very likely going to invest in the technology because they already know that the gasoline and diesel engines are cheaper to build and the bottom dollar is all they are concerned about.
    I also think it would be a good idea to approve low interest loans to companies who want to build wind and solar energy generation plants because that even means more jobs and more clean power to the grid.
    Reason being is that, if everyone shifted to electric cars, there would be every Tom Dick and Harry in the energy business wanting hand outs for more nuclear plants because of all the energy being taken off the grid for charging those vehicles. Since we have more nuclear waste than we know what to do with, we sure don't need to be creating more.
    And for the employees who would be losing jobs at the Big Three and their suppliers: I say you better learn how to build roads and bridges. However, many of the suppliers would eventually pick up new accounts from the newer start up companies, so they would just have to whether the storm just as the carpenters  and construction workers have every time the housing industry takes a shit.

November 14,'08:
It's amazing how many people happen to think they know something about politics.  Lately I've been hearing people run their mouth of as if Barak Obama is some great savior. I say to them Rules Number 23: "Don't count your chickens before they hatch."
    So far, the impression I get is that he's assembling something quit similar to Clinton's cabinet.
    Yeah that's what you might want to do if you want to make things look good on paper and you want people too damn stupid to figure out that you just performed lobotomy on the human race.
   Now there is talk about the possibility of Hillary being picked as the Secretary of State. Boy it's a pretty sad day in history when you can't find someone better than then her. (I happen to think it was probably a said and done deal when she pulled out of the race and told her supporters to vote for Obama.)  

First of on the agenda is just about what I expected. He want's some of that $750 billion to go to the auto manufactures even thought it's meant to go to finance institutions. It's probably the reason Cerberus Capital Management/Chrysler talks with General Motors hushed up real quick.
The funny thing about the GMAC finance company (which is suppose to be qualified for the financial aid) is actually owned by Cerberus Capital Management/Chrysler and General Motors at 51% to 49% respectfully.
   That's a dirty deal in my book. As I mention in my News and Pesky Car guys Columns, it sounds like another Microsoft trying to eliminate the competition. Law maker's anti-trust laws are suppose to protect us from those kind of things.
   And another thing: this financial aid bit is suppose to be actually the US tax payers investing in the finance industry.

  However, I happen to look at it from another prospective:
  If a company like Ford Motor Company can send guys fallowing guys like me all around the world with phoney child molester rumors; that's called slander and that would be classified as a libel suit in the court of law.
  And if  a company like General Motors can go around offering employers, $10,000.00 to $50,000.00 to fire guys like me so they can't succeed in the American dream or get their inventons on the market; that would be called company espionage and exactly what anti-trust laws are suppose to protect us from.
  And if a guy at Chrysler can hire a guy to rig a toe board in an attempt on my life; that would be conspiring to commit murder.  
(BX_Rule No. 77)    The said thing about this bit with the toe board, apparently there are people within the news media who know who paid the person to rig the toe board, but they aren't saying anything about it, yet they say that you can trust them for the news.
    (Isn't thate witholding evidance, which is against the law too.)
       Bottom line is that these three major auto manufacturing Companies are constantly in violation of the laws that are put in place by law makers to protect the citizens of the USA. Therefore the law makers should be protecting us from these corrupt companies who are obviously in violation of the very same laws our law makers have created. Making the tax payers invest their hard earned money into these currupt companies is like investing in criminal activity, which should be considered against the law.
   If we invest in the criminals, we would make the criminals stronger against us.

I have to agree with the person who wrote a letter in the LA times today. I quote:
For two decades, the Big three American auto makers have been making a fortune building and selling gas-guzzling SUVs while Toyota and Honda were developing energy-efficient, well-designed, long lasting cars.
 The Big Three were able to profit so mighty because their SUVs were exempt from the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards after they lobbied Congress aggressively.
 Now the crybabies want a bailout? I say, "Heck no." Let these companies wither or get bought up by companies that know how to make useful cars for the 21st century.   

November 4th,'08:  Although it's only 9:00 am, I would like to congratulate Barak Obama for his place in history. My condolences goes out to him for loosing his grandmother only a couple days before the big day for her grandson. It's too bad that she didn't get the chance to stop by the oval office.
     I think it's safe to say that Barak will win by a land slide and I think it is unfair that the media narrowed the race to only two candidates. I'm sure there was enough undecided or republican voters who would have cast a vote for a third party. If so we would not be stuck with one choice (chosen by the republican party) to replace Obama four years down the road. I'm sure Barak Obama will have and would have had more than enough votes to secure the seat even if a third party would have gotten 15% percent of the votes, enabling them to get secrete service security the next time around in four years from now.
   Any how, I share the same hope that many of you have for our new president. I feel he is the brightest guy who has come alone in decades. I hope that we will be able to look back on his history and many do with JFK, who I feel was the best president in my life time.
   Then there is that first black president bit going on, but I happen to realize that he is just as much white as he is black. He's a mutt as I would say, just like my bass guitar, it's a Fender, but its not stock, so it's a mutt. Its not worth anything as a collectors idiom, but I wouldn't want it any other way.
    There has been a positive aspect for him looking as a black dude. Since if many of you refer to him as the first black president, he owes it to the rest of the black people out there to be a good one because it he isn't, I would think he would be the last black president we see in a long time. (That there alone should hold him to a higher standard if he has any pride in himself.)
     And I happen to like his so called lack of experience. That means there is less chance of him belonging to the old boy's club which has plagued both parties.
  Another positive thing about not only Barak Obama, but this election as well, is that he got more of the younger and lower class people voting for the first time. This shows both parties that they no longer can count on the older and the wealthy for the votes to win an election.
    Since only 5% of the people in this country controls 95% of the wealth, I like the fact that Barak plans to tax the wealthy, because it is common sense to me that is where the revenue is at.
    I can only hope that he gives back the funding that Bush took from the US Patent Office, because just as I received word from a fellow inventor in Carlsbad, it's gotten so expensive that he has had to give up percentages of his patents to investors because of the higher expenses accrued with the patent process now days. Basically a private inventor doesn't have much chance at getting and keeping a patent any more.
   And most of all, I hope he gets not only congress to drop the GATT Treaty and its terrible patent terms. It and the sneak peeks spell doom to the private inventors as well as the human race.
    And for your information, I  didn't vote. I really don't know if I could since the Justus system that we have had made me into a felon. But the real reason I didn't vote is that after near fifteen years since loosing my house to a fire department and haven't been able to live in a house since, I know just how corrupt this place is. I would want to kick myself in the ass for voting for a guy who I happen to think knows who I am and if he doesn't fix the patent laws; well I just wouldn't want to look back and say to myself I voted for the wrong guy.
    Face it, the problem with Affirmative Action, NAFTA or the GATT Treaty was never addressed during the long campaign.
    The election was quite simple minded because the agenda was all about the economy and the war. They didn't even have to touch on the hard stuff.
     However, we can all be happy to say that within two years, we won't have to be considered as war mongers in other countries no longer. We should be peace keepers not fighters.

January 1st, 2008:I guess Bush played around with the Freedom of Information Act lately. He said it was to make getting information easier. Well hell if that's true: Please then tell me that there is someone who can get their hands on an Arrest Report created by the Malibu Sheriff Department on Sept. 9th 2000.
      It was called a 5150 Hold
       File No. 100-07324-1029-461
I would be great-full if you could get me a copy of it.
I'm even willing to give you some pocket filler for it.

I read something that Bill Gates said. He said that small companies and private inventors shouldn't have to pay for patent filing fees. I read that Bush took away 50% discount on filing fees for small entities, (private inventors.) but after checking out the USPTO web-site, I noticed that we still have a discount. I also read that he took that away 2/3 of the operating budget away from the folks down at the US patent office, but I haven't been able to prove that way one way or another. But if he did, it could get corrupt just like many Asian countries.
       Gee, even if we can find a patent lawyer that isn't working for the corporations instead of us, we'll have to worry if we would have to send an extra check for 10% for bribe fees like they are known to except in the Asian countries. (Yeah, otherwise an application is likely sit on a shelf for a very long time.)

Wondering how I managed to stay alive this long?
Sure there are times I wonder why I'm still alive after all the hell I've had to go through. Sometimes I just wonder why they hadn't just killed me already. Maybe God just wants me around to fight the good fight. What ever the reason, things would be pretty screwed up if  I'd end up dead with the way I wrote my will.

To the beneficiaries in my will, their best interest is to not to make any money off the inventions until at least three years after my death. Because of the way death taxes are set up in the US, they would end up having to hand over 60% of the profits to the US government.
        The way my will is set up, the beneficiaries would have to lease the inventions in order have control over where they were build, used or sold.

Think no computer in the state of Nevada, (white collar.)

Better yet, think of no nail guns in Nevada, (blue collar.)


My Will

My name is Dennis James Sattler, born on May __, of 1960 in the city of Tacoma, Washington. Being of sound mind and body want to make a will for future ownership of property I own in case of my death. This will is to supersede and revoke all other wills and amendments to the wills I have written prior to this one. In the case I end up dead I want my patent rights on the tilting by linked pivot point type dump that can comprise a double chain hoist type roll system, as well as the intellectual property rights to my other inventions go to my father Mr. James F. Sattler as in first priority. If James F. Sattler demonstrates no interest in my pending patents or intellectual property rights to my inventions or plans to shelf or try to keep any of my inventions off the market other than as I have instructed or shows no interest in filing for patents on the individual inventions I’ve created or dosen’t make efforts to market the individual inventions and/or fails to carry out my request within four years and there after, after my death, I want my patent rights on the invention that I’ve received a patent on in Great Britain as Patent Number GB 2317380 as well as the other individual intellectual property rights to my other inventions go to the second person in priority in this will. The person in second priority in this will is named K T whom lives at 1??? V???Dr. South, in the town of W????, Washington. If K T demonstrates no interest in my pending patents or intellectual property rights to my inventions or plans to shelf or try to keep any of my inventions off the market other than as I have instructed or shows no interest in filing for patents on the individual inventions I’ve created or doesn’t make efforts to market the individual inventions and/or fails to carry out my request within four years and there after, after my death, I want my patent rights, as well as my other individual intellectual property rights to my other inventions go to the third person in priority person in this will. The person in third priority in this will is named P B whom lives at ??? S????Ave, in the town of H???, Washington 98???. The intellectual property rights to each individual invention are to be considered individual property rights that came be passed down through the various priority orders of beneficiaries. The individual property rights to ownership to patent rights in individual countries are to be considered individual properties that can be passed down through the priorities of beneficiaries. The individual pending patents are to be considered as separate properties that can be passed down through the priorities of beneficiaries. With exception of inventions numbered as 23 and 23, I do not want any inventions in part or whole, to be built, used, or sold, in the States of Arkansas, Virginia, New York, Texas, Nevada, and Washington DC, of the United States of America. It is my request that the inventions numbered as 22, and 23, of the listed, can only be built, used or sold in the United States of America only the last eight years of the terms of the patents that may be granted if they are of utility type and the last seven years if they are of the design type. Nine of my at least 20 inventions including Number 22 and 23, are described and discussed in my journals. Numbers 18 and 20 of this list are witnessed written descriptions in my safe-deposit box. Numbers 9 through 18 are witnessed drawings in my safe-deposit box.Numbers 2, 5, 7, 8, 15, 19, 20 and 21 are prototyped.1- 23 inventions. As for my personal belonging: I wish that my screw drivers go to my brother in-law B__ H____. I wish that my two hammers go to my sister D____ H____. My book collection is to go to my sister D____ and my compact disk collection to go to M____ M____. I wish my bass guitars to go to my niece A___ M____. I wish that the remainder of my tools and equipment may to go to nephew A___ M____. I wish that my television and stereo go to my mother D____ Sattler. If I don’t sell my Airstream Travel trailer prior to my death, I want it to go to D_____ M_____. I wish all my literary rights as well and the serial rights to my literature to go to K T. I wish that the money owed to me by any government agency to go to K T. I wish any money owed to me by any private or corporate entity to go to P B. I wish that my personal Synchro-Link changeable payload system and custom beds to be destroyed.

Dennis James Sattler                 Dated 17th of February 2003

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morrobaynews info sign

I've decided to post an old log from my stats I saved since the summer of 2007.
It's from the:
US Treasury Department.  

Executive Office Of Asset Forfeiture

I take it's the Office that has everything to do with damages the government pays out in law suits. And boy did they spend some time reading the good stuff. 
     Funny: on the same day I got a visit from the CIA also.
August Stats  enjoy.


2008 campains & elections

Bill Clinton mud

Over the Hill dirt

Bad Lawmakers

Busted Crooks

Reasons I would not want to be President


I found this web-site that is titled
Clinton's body count

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger screws over the Solar Industry in California, and Newsweek Magazine still calls him green.

Hey check out this e-mail
I got from a political robot.
Are we so Stupid?

An illustrated guide to
GOP Scandals

N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer
hooked by
Ashley Alexandra Dupre

March 10-14, 2008

I found this web-site and they actually let me post something on it.


Sept. 17th, '10: I've been wanting to.
write this bit for a while, as to why we need to do some kind of drastic campaign reform in order to keep from becoming nothing but a big war machine.
     Got this friend with the sneakiest laugh.
He's an ex- Marine, who fought the Vietnam war.
We watched the Hurt Locker together.

Mr.M. was involved with blowing up POW's that were use as human shield for fuel supply.
I had read all about this stuff in a book by Terry Read who started out as a marine and ended up working for the CIA later figuring out where all these POWs and Fuel Stations are.. (Somewhere - need to find- BooK Reviews)

Anyhow Mr.M somehow found himself in trouble for doing something wrong or another. But the reaction was that the military, used it against him in order to make him do some more crazy stuff that wasn't exactly on the level.
 What ever this crazy stuff was, his wife would not watch the Hurt Locker with us.

What really bothers Mr.M is the fact that a person can walk into a building in Nevada, sit in a comfortable chair, in an air conditioned room, can fly and airplane on the other side of the world and drop bombs on people and watch it all on a TV screen.
A man can do this all day and then walk out of the building at the end of the day and drive his car home to his wife and kids.
"There's just something about that, that really gets me." he said.
                  I hear you bud.


My Synchro-link truck
Check it out at


"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

-- Harry S. Truman,
message to Congress,
    August 8, 1950


I have to give the
RollingStone Magazine a plug for their Sept. 6th issue. They got a bit on the money wasted and lost in this war Bush has got US into.
        I wish RS would post the whole article on their website so I could just post a link to it. Boy, Halliburton sure took US to the cleaners.



How about going to

My Flyer in


September 10, 2010:
OMG, it happened, a lousy pastor with 50 idiots and two web-sites have disrupted our president's day.
And he did it with no teleprompter. Gee, they must have figured that it would look more like it was from the heart.
I wonder how much this cost tax payers.
I'm willing to bet that the media has paid for the ticket for to take the idiot to New York.

Like I just told this guy,; I'll bet this $1000 computer against you $100 that the media didn't pay for the ticket.

I couldn't get any challengers. I probably couldn't find on for $10          I'm sorry, I had to laugh.

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