My Korny Tax Plan

I got to thinking:
I don't think I got around to devoting a web-page,

To My Take On Taxes:
To start off with,
--I want to undo what Ragan did.
I want to raise taxes on the wealthy.
We will give Corporations a tax cut down to 20-25%; depending on whether it is foreign or domestically owned, favoring domestic of course; -making the US among the most competitive in the world. It would simply create more development of new industries. Making it amongst the most attractive country in the world to set up large businesses in. (Which of course creates jobs.)

As for personal income tax:
       If you are one who's person worth is $1 billion to $10 Billion, your tax rate would be 35%
       If you are worth over $10 Billion Dollars, you are in the 40% Tax rate.
       If you are worth $100 Million to $1 Billion, you find yourself in the 30% tax rate
       If you are worth $25 Million to $100 Million, you are in the 25% tax Bracket.
       Upper Middle and worth less than $25 million should be set at 20%
       Middle class tax rates should be set at 15%.
       If you are low income, you pay just 10%
       And for each child being the third and over, are to be taxed at $3,500.oo per year to help with schools and it will cut back on the welfare load when there is less money every month with each child they have instead of more.
       And since I've noticed that there is less obesity in woman who have less than three children, the whole medical industry winds over the tax that says that you better have the money for a big family if you want one, because it will cost you money for them .
       Pretty Simple isn't it?

But it actually might not work --because the tax rate is based upon how much wealth you own, and not on how much you actually make.
       However the Two variable that need to be examined in order for it to work successfully is base on the assumption that people are able to hide money they make, easier than the money they have hide and we don't know of it's value because of the whole stock market liquid assets issue. Kinna blows the whole thing out of the water. never the less, I think it is a good approach. And what they say about it tomorrow just may not be the same a week later when people get a better handle on which one we hide the most, income , or a persons wealth.
       The Middle and Upper Middle class, the tax rate may have to be adjusted to according to how much income they had made that particular year of which they are paying taxes on.
       As for the hole in the variable for the middle and upper middle would be where to draw the line as the wages of an upper middle class person, and the amount of property an upper middle class can own before reaching the hight tax rate base on how much you own.
       -quite right because for the Middle and Upper Middle class, the tax rate may have to be adjusted to according to how much income they had made that particular year of which they are paying taxes on.
       I would have to have some figures sitting in from of me in order to get a hold on how it would be measured, not only properly, but fairly also.

And if that don't pencil out.
       I figure we draw out the Tax Rates on earning to be base in which the earning is being taxed as if it is equal to the percentage on wealth.
       One of the goals of this plan it trying to do something about the guys who are living in a $5 million dollar house, but says he only made $60,000.oo last year.
       I happen to think the taxed base in the wealth of a person biggest strengths is that they may not hide as much of their income if they don't own anything and there are less taxes to pay because of it, --Lower Middle class.
       I know it's a Korny Idea, I just wanted to see what everyone would get form it. I'm sure it will be back and forth, we'll worry about it next week when they actually get a handle on it.
       I bet it all boils down to how much wealth a person is able to high in the stock market and whether they can hide it there.

       Never the less, the goal in mind:
-is to take the tax code, -simplify and reduce it from thousands of pages to under 100 pages; as if it is even possible.

Everyone all agrees the tax codes need overhauled, but all they ever seem to do is add to them.
       Instead, I'd like to simplify them and in the long run, just that alone will make collecting the revenue from its sources would be streamlined and by the whole process alone would cost less to maintain and operate.

July 27,2015
It Still Sounds like it's a Good Plan:
Apparently my Korny Tax Plan:
       They are saying it would help pay off the National Debit faster and the rich people would be providing a larger part of it.

It is revolutionary and a better way of placing different tax brackets on incomes, regardless of what they say they made.
       And that hole: about what to value someone's stock portfolio:
       Simply go with what they valued it a year earlier on their tax return.

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Immigration 101

Speilberg's Lousy Page

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

Obama's Poop


And there are those who worry:
Whether I would take away same sex Marriage.

February 17th, 2016:
I'm sure I've said before, "what ever floats your boat."
I will say I would work to take away any tax breaks or loop holes or even penalties that go with marriage.
       (I should mention, in the 70's my parents claimed that they would pay less taxes if they divorced.) However I would want to take away the tax deductions for having kids, because I don't think it's unfair for people who don't have kids, to have to pay for the education of the children of others. But then the cost of schools and education is usually paid by property taxes, so that is at a state level and that's out of the President's hands, or should I say that it isn't a federal concern for the president to have control over as far as I know,

       And I do admit, my tax plan needs a little work.
       I think there should be some kind of compromise, or at least there should be some kind of influence of both income and accumulated wealth determining what tax bracket one should be in.
       Maybe the answer for married couples would be combining the accumulated wealth and income as one. But then you have some states that say each partner owns half and others don't, so we might have to get the States to even the playing field, if that's possible.
       I think what each individual owns before the marriage, stays their's individually, and once married, the new wealth accumulated becomes both of theirs, 50/50. Just the price you pay for getting married.


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Reasons why I would not
want to be President


I found this web-site that is titled
Clinton's body count

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger screws over the Solar Industry in California, and Newsweek Magazine still calls him green.

Hey check out this e-mail
I got from a political robot.

Are we so Stupid?

N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer
hooked by
Ashley Alexandra Dupre

March 10-14, 2008

Stupid people tend to vote Democrat by default.

I know I've mentioned before about the fact that there are many people who feel that the the Republicans are for the rich and the democrats are for the poor and working class.
     BUT as I've mention before, both parties happen to know who actually goes down and votes in November. Both parties know that it is not the poor and the youth. It's the elderly and the wealthy that vote and contribute to the campaign money chest; both parties have known that for years.

However lets assume there are number of those who vote with one party or another just as many of you happen to think the same way with the religion they choose. Some are born into a religion and some decide one their own.
     Regardless, what ever the method they chose to decide is up to them, but I'm afraid that there isn't much thought put into it. (Like Clinton said him self, that it is usually one little thing, like how he was on abortion.)
      Basically it's usually one simple reason in one area of expertise if I might say in such a way.

Never the less, I'd like to mention the stupid voters that are bound to be on the rise in all the states.
     Well the way I see it, the Democrats would rather have us all stupid. Stupider the better because stupid people tend to vote Democrat by default.
     Why, Must you ask?
      Well, there just happens to be more poor stupid people than rich stupid people.

October 16th, 2012 :
They got a article on A-13 of the IBD about Obama Care.
     It is pretty pathetic. About 15% of the Hospitals are predicted to go bankrupt because of OBama .

Another thing I wanted to mention
is that they just made it legal for members of Congress to make profits in the stock market from insider information. Something they had made illegal back in 2004. So much for stopping the corruption they say.
     I've got a bit of information about the defense contractors profits I'll try to post tomorrow. And get this, just by cutting defense budget by 11%, it is saving the tax payers 4% of there annual debit. Gee, that means if they would cut it by 55%, that would equal a savings of 20% of what we are suppose to hand over to the government. Now you have to ask yourself: do you need a killing machine that bad?

I found this web-site and they actually let me post something on it.

Sept. 17th, '10: I've been wanting to.
write this bit for a while, as to why we need to do some kind of drastic campaign reform in order to keep from becoming nothing but a big war machine.
     Got this friend with the sneakiest laugh.
He's an ex- Marine, who fought the Vietnam war.
We watched the Hurt Locker together.

Mr.M. was involved with blowing up POW's that were use as human shield for fuel supply.
I had read all about this stuff in a book by Terry Read who started out as a marine and ended up working for the CIA later figuring out where all these POWs and Fuel Stations are.. (Somewhere - need to find- Book Reviews)

Anyhow Mr.M somehow found himself in trouble for doing something wrong or another. But the reaction was that the military, used it against him in order to make him do some more crazy stuff that wasn't exactly on the level.
 What ever this crazy stuff was, his wife would not watch the Hurt Locker with us.

What really bothers Mr.M is the fact that a person can walk into a building in Nevada, sit in a comfortable chair, in an air conditioned room, can fly and airplane on the other side of the world and drop bombs on people and watch it all on a TV screen.
A man can do this all day and then walk out of the building at the end of the day and drive his car home to his wife and kids.
"There's just something about that, that really gets me." he said.
                  I hear you bud.


My Synchro-link truck
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"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

-- Harry S. Truman,
message to Congress,
    August 8, 1950

Obama's Lousy Page


I have to give the >RollingStone Magazine a plug for their Sept. 6th issue. They got a bit on the money wasted and lost in this war Bush has got US into.
        I wish RS would post the whole article on their website so I could just post a link to it. Boy, Halliburton sure took US to the cleaners.



How about going to

My Flyer in


I've decided to post an old log from my stats I saved since the summer of 2007.
It's from the:
US Treasury Department.  
Executive Office Of Asset Forfeiture

I take it's the Office that has everything to do with damages the government pays out in law suits. And boy did they spend some time reading the good stuff. 
      Funny: on the same day I got a visit from the CIA also.
August Stats  enjoy.

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Guess what Craps?
An analogy about how I was set-up by Congresswoman Louis Capps with the use of insurance fraud.

Louis Craps

Congress woman Louis Caps

Congresswoman Louis Capps Making millions from the defense contractors by aiding them the efforts to steal inventions from the inventor Dennis Sattler of the Synchro-link by the way of criminal prosecution for hire and using San Luis Obispo as a social experiment.
More info to the story at:


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Bing Bang Boom

My Take in Wars and Defense:

Originated on May 25, 2015:
Giving War and destruction its own page
       Gotta have it I guess.
       I think this topic of discussion has been covered in spots throughout the years. But in the past few days, I've realized I should be building a page just for that, just so everything is in one spot and accessible, like I've been doing with the My Theory Page that is an extension my Profile page.
       Maybe I should call it the Bing Bang Boom page, the page on Defense and the Wars we pay for.

Book Excerpts at

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