Guess What?

April Fools!

Congress woman Louis Caps

I've just recently realize how I came up with the bad habit of asking the simple praise- "guess what?"
     The insulting part about the phrase is that it's a question of what and decades ago I realized it was a bad habit whenever I used it to start up a conversation with a woman.
     I eventually learned that you don't want to ask a woman to think about anything other than what they want to think about or else you will end up being the fool. I don't know what the reason for it is, but you can be sure that it is true.
     Anyhow, I figured it all out the other day while watching "The Rockford Files,"
and now I'm glade because I may have just saved thousands of dollars worth of brain therapy and internet dates that would have freaked me out even more than I was already.

The point I'm getting at is that lately there have been a few those moments where it seems to have a Rockford Files feel to it.

Rockford had the right set up, to be able to be a bit of a good cop at times and never have to write a parking ticket.

It's probably another reason why most of my relation ships with real life cops over the years have felt similar in ways to the ones Rockford and Dennis and the rest of the police department had over the years. I have doubt any shrink would just come right out and just tell me that I must have seen too much James Rockford.
     The part I've always liked about the relations to what's going on is being a part of figuring out what adds up. When someone is trying to put something over on you, you better be able to figure what it all means.
      Rockford had the knack for putting two and two together but what always fascinated me was how he could pull off those acts on the fly and make fools of others, -just to get information.
     Never the less, when something smelled fishy, Rockford always seemed to have a strong hunch about it from the beginning.

Anyhow, the other night....

During the evening of April 9th, I had a lot of things on my mind, but I usually keep my eye in check over my shoulder when I'm pulling into something, -even when I'm not in the water- and I'm only trying to pull a two point turn.
     It's like dragging an eye on the playing field when you are about to turn a huge billboard around and you keep an eye on out for those people who try to snake you out of your spot while backing into it.

      Some of those people are pretty fast and they only honk when you are getting in "their" way.
     All it took was the second time in 30 seconds or so, before I started thinking this guy was either an idiot, or something is up.
     Once I looked over his dent and heard him say, "what do you care, it's the company you work for insurance company that will have to pay for it, your insurance won't go up," --that got me thinking even more.
      Before I even had my insurance papers in hand, I was asking myself, "where did this guy come from?"
     Now most of you would tend to think what I was thinking to be considered being a little paranoid, but I'm also one who told my own father that I was wondering if I was better off without a driver's license because I somehow felt that there was going to be some challenges involved in just trying to keep it;
-something I was wondering about of from the get go.

Measuring up the scene....

Naturally, I'm gonna want figure out if I did anything illegal. I said, "DAMB!" I don't want to go to jail for a probation violation; just because some moron planted his truck in my way.
     Something stupid like this become a probation violation and I could have my ass thown in jail for six months.
The last thing you want to do at this moment is do something like Chris Brown would do.

Never the less, I wanted to see where the point of impact happened, because I was pretty sure there was a marker light involved.
     Didn't see one cause I was doubting I'd made it into the lane of my origin, because it was right there, right after I got it into rolling in reverse. I figured there was one more check over my shoulder before backing into the lane that wasn't coming up the hill to the left of me where I went into reverse.
      All I saw was a black out area of where the double yellow lines disappear for the entry of the seven eleven. I figured that I'd be luck to walk away without some kind of illegal turn ticket on my hand . Another reason you don't want to do something like Chris Brown would do.

Anyhow; when I did get back to this moron on my ass; the fallowing question I might want to mention was to whether he had the cops on the way. That's when I had to wonder what kind of judgement call I was going to run with.
      I was well aware that within minutes there would be noisy people around, because from what I hear on the street is that there were others who got in on his conversations over his phone.

Oh hey, I posted a bit of stuff at In the NewsWell as the story goes. (Someone had probably heard the morn talking to his brother on his phone, because the next morning all I heard most of was that he had turned off his head lights so that I wouldn't see him coming.)
      The underground was probably already uncovering phone calls as we waited for the cops to show up. The cops probably jumped on it because they could understand just how something like this goes down right inform of them every day, but thanks to my quick observational skills, I embarrassed the hell out of the two by flagging the guys for the cops.
      I'm still wondering if the insurance company new about it before I did. If so; Chris was probably laughing because I'm not sure if I'd got off the body shop scams yet and maybe I wasn't sure about Louis Caps yet. Can't remember.
     Body shop scheme is much easier to convince others with. Even with cops the night before night stopped me from going there.(And I/m sure I received a phoney call, pretending to be Chris fallowing up this post)
     Anyhow, I'm willing to bet that those phone calls from my insurance fraud buddies must have been connected at one point in time or another. Probably those phones connected up when we were all in Ventura and I got a knife in my tire and a drill in my tire the other.

But really folks, this morning wasn't the first time this week I changed the channel to catch people talking about me. (Had one on KSUI where this girl was talking about me calling the Pope a rebel and all.)
     And now they've come up with signal words, like the term "oh my God," I suspect. I've made coffee shops go dead the minute I walked there the door at least a decade ago. I can see the same thing going on with the television. Once one plays into the game an steals ranking from the others. We're talking about those rankings of which decide how much the offered 30 second commercials are worth. I'm sure I receive commercials that they don't even have to pay for because commercials are often used to block out what they don't want me to see. This has been going on for some time now during live recorded shows as well as your morning and evening news.

4-8-13: I can only guess most of you have come to the same conclusion. That Speilberg was trying to press the prosecutors into running a plea deal in an effort to continue a run out of statute of limitations.
     However, I'm strong on the suspicion that the prosecutors felt a bit light on evidence that Stielberg was planing to kill me in the long run. (Because anyone just looking at the situation can't imagine Speilberg could even feel it was possible to pull off his ultimate film without me being dead.)
     It's like there just wouldn't be a justifiable end to his story to convince me or anyone for that matter to go along with his more than a decade of hell.
     He would have to have me dead before it would work so now I'm suppose to be a sitting duck for Speilberg or who ever else wants to kill me.
     The most ridiculous part about it is that you will all sit there and watch me sit in a cage another day.
      Do you have any morals left? Humanity is in what condition, may I ask you?

4-9-13: last night I caught Jimmy Fallon apologizing for Matt Damon last night. Guess that work release bit adds up to a bunch of legal fees if he's to appear on a talk show to promote the so called Russin movie we've been told he's working on.

April 11th, 2013:
Is Louis above the Law?

On second thought: What if the insurance company doesn't go after Louis Caps instead of just going with what her goons tell them. Yah have to realize that insurance companies often donate money to congress through law firms all the time. A little $1,000.oo fender bender is just chump change when you think about it like that.
     Sounds like her boys phone records alien with the two times I lost my tires in Ventura.(I was pretty much willing to bet on that.) But like I was hoping I could get the information I need for a law suit from the insurance company law suit. Do you have any idea as to how much I would have to spend to get the information?
     The question we are all asking here is whether or not Louis Caps is above the laws against insurance fraud and stalking?

January 2008 thru April 11th, 2012

         Politics stink   

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morrobaynews info sign

I've decided to post an old log from my stats I saved since the summer of 2007.
It's from the:
US Treasury Department.  
Executive Office Of Asset Forfeiture

I take it's the Office that has everything to do with damages the government pays out in law suits. And boy did they spend some time reading the good stuff. 
     Funny: on the same day I got a visit from the CIA also.
August Stats  enjoy.


January 2008 thru April 11th, 2012

2008 campains & elections

Bill Clinton mud

Over the Hill dirt

Bad Lawmakers

Busted Crooks

Reasons I would not want to be President


I found this web-site that is titled
Clinton's body count

I'd advise anyone who can get their hands on today's (Jan.24,'12) Investor's Business Daily, to check out page A-3, Gingrich Vs. AlinskyAnd on page A-12, there is an interesting article titled:
      "Obama Flunks His Own Fairness Test."
It mentions how corporate profits are up 68% and the Dow is up 50% but the Median family income is down 5%.
     Do I need to say any more to the 99%-ers?

Dooms Day for Private Inventors
-happened yesterday,
when Obama took his mighty pin to the bill.

December 14th, 2010
     I the news it's all about the Bush extending the Bush Tax cuts. And extending the unemployment benefits.
      My take: It's best to extend the unemployment benefits.
But people seem to forget that Reagan had already gave the rich tax cuts. Then Bush came along with more tax cuts for the rich. And when Obama ran for office he said he was going to tax the rich and leave the middle class alone.
    I happen to think he should take away the Bush tax cuts for the people over $300.000.oo per year. That way the people at $260,000.oo won't be the ones that got screwed for being just over the limit.
     And the inheritance tax should not even exist because it puts families out of business and or it takes a fancy lawyer to figure out how to dodge the whole thing, which I think isn't fair..
    Oh yeah, you would be amazed at the attention this column has been getting. Thanks readers, and for telling your friends

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger screws over the Solar Industry in California, and Newsweek Magazine still calls him green.

Hey check out this e-mail
I got from a political robot.
Are we so Stupid?

An illustrated guide to
GOP Scandals

N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer
hooked by
Ashley Alexandra Dupre

March 10-14, 2008

I found this web-site and they actually let me post something on it.

Sept. 17th, '10: I've been wanting to.
write this bit for a while, as to why we need to do some kind of drastic campaign reform in order to keep from becoming nothing but a big war machine.
     Got this friend with the sneakiest laugh.
He's an ex- Marine, who fought the Vietnam war.
We watched the Hurt Locker together.

Mr.M. was involved with blowing up POW's that were use as human shield for fuel supply.
I had read all about this stuff in a book by Terry Read who started out as a marine and ended up working for the CIA later figuring out where all these POWs and Fuel Stations are.. (Somewhere - need to find- BooK Reviews)

Anyhow Mr.M somehow found himself in trouble for doing something wrong or another. But the reaction was that the military, used it against him in order to make him do some more crazy stuff that wasn't exactly on the level.
 What ever this crazy stuff was, his wife would not watch the Hurt Locker with us.

What really bothers Mr.M is the fact that a person can walk into a building in Nevada, sit in a comfortable chair, in an air conditioned room, can fly and airplane on the other side of the world and drop bombs on people and watch it all on a TV screen.
A man can do this all day and then walk out of the building at the end of the day and drive his car home to his wife and kids.
"There's just something about that, that really gets me." he said.
                  I hear you bud.


My Synchro-link truck
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"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

-- Harry S. Truman,
message to Congress,
    August 8, 1950


I have to give the >RollingStone Magazine a plug for their Sept. 6th issue. They got a bit on the money wasted and lost in this war Bush has got US into.
        I wish RS would post the whole article on their website so I could just post a link to it. Boy, Halliburton sure took US to the cleaners.



How about going to

My Flyer in


September 10, 2010:
OMG, it happened, a lousy pastor with 50 idiots and two web-sites have disrupted our president's day.
And he did it with no teleprompter. Gee, they must have figured that it would look more like it was from the heart.
I wonder how much this cost tax payers.
I'm willing to bet that the media has paid for the ticket for to take the idiot to New York.

Like I just told this guy,; I'll bet this $1000 computer against you $100 that the media didn't pay for the ticket.

I couldn't get any challengers. I probably couldn't find on for $10          I'm sorry, I had to laugh.

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