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Bill Clinton mud

Over the Hill dirt

Bad Lawmakers

Busted Crooks

I've decided to post an old log from my stats I saved since last summer.
It's from the:
US Treasury Department.  
Executive Office Of Asset Forfeiture

I take it's the Office that has everything to do with damages the government pays out in law suits. And boy did they spend some time reading the good stuff. 
     Funny: on the same day I got a visit from the CIA also.
August Stats  enjoy.

Today Sept.16, '07: I took a look at Bill Clinton's new book titled, Giving. I read the first paragraph of inside the cover sleave. It was all about saving lives and wanting people to be successful at anything they want to do. It appears to me the guy knows all the things that people want to hear. But the fact is: If you believe anything he says in his book, you're a damn fool.

This guy sure didn't want you to know about the problem with Affermitive Action at the cost of the lives of many private inventors.

I found this web-site that is titled
Clinton's body count

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger screws over the Solar Industry in California, and Newsweek Magazine still calls him green.

Hey check out this e-mail
I got from a political robot.
Are we so Stupid?

An illustrated guide to
GOP Scandals

I found this web-site and they actually let me post something on it.

Imagine seeing that face on your TV after another four years in the White House. After eight years, she'd be real scarry.
But tell me, how dam stupid can people be?


"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

-- Harry S. Truman,
message to Congress,
    August 8, 1950

Fall of 2008:
Some wonder who I'd vote for.

Well to be honest with you, the only thing I can say is that it would most likely be the underdog.           Reason being is that the part of elections proceeding, we find that every other election we end up with the incumbent and (a pre-chosen) one appointed by the opposing party.

Another way to say it is that every other election, we get to chose between the same old president or the only opponent which had been arranged by the apposing party.

The party in third place needs our votes because if that independent  party doesn't get at least 15% of the votes, they don't get any free secrete service security the next time around. (At least if I'm still right.) 
      Basically, its hard to find an honest guy who will stick his neck out and risk getting snuffed out by the two main opposing parties.

There are so many people on the west coast who realize half the time their vote doesn't really matter much because by 5:00 pm it's predicted a land slide and the polls don't close until 7:00 pm.
      So if you are on the west coast, wait until 5 or 6:00 pm before going out to vote.
       If it's a land slide, give the underdog your vote. Then maybe the next time around there will be three that is kept alive long enough to possibly win,  

Because wow, you folks sure have a bad selection to choose from this time around. The ones who have all the money scare me the most. Come on folks, they get bought off. Yeah gotta wonder who has any morals left.
        I find it hard to believe that the Democrats favor their worst Clinton and Obama. If we end up with either of them, you can be sure we will continue breading stupid people.

Anderson should be ahead of the two worser evils. He probably doesn't have a chance at wining because he doesn't have the corporations dumping money into his pockets. But then I really don't know if the guy could really swing it. Does he have what it takes? Or is he just hanging out for a chance at the vise position where he would just be a pee on with a good retirement plan.

Do you wonder which candidate I would vote for?
It's quite obvious to me what kind of platform they would have to stand on.

It's quite simple, it's the one who you can get to promise to undo what Bill Clinton and Bush has done to the patent laws, and to leave them alone. Then they should also pledge to try to abolish the GATT Treaty globally. And the icing on top would be if promised to abolish Affirmative Action. You get one who promises to do those things, I'd vote for them in a heart beat.
     But just try to find one.
     Find out which ones could care less.

Hey I read in this pamphlet that Ron Paul (who ever that is,) says that he would abolish the GATT and NAFTA treaties.
I don't know what he has on the numbers, but if there was to be an underdog to vote for, I guess he'd be a good one.

And for this Ralf Nader running, don't waste your vote on him because he only cares that you know his name so he can go around day in and day out, saying the same ol stuff and sell his books to you. Rule No. 43. Ralf is what I call a pauts.

Hillary became quite desperate, but I want her to stick in there and fight all she can. She hasn't got a chance in hell or high water but I want her to keep wasting her time.
     She couldn't fix the health care problem when her husband was president, what makes people think she could do it now.
      She needs a million dollars a day to come up with those scare tactic television commercials. I'm amazed that the media will even take money to post such commercial spots on public television.
   Someone, please gag me with a spoon.

Obama Reminds me of the one and only high school pep rally I ever went to.
        Boy if he doesn't have the corporations in his back pocket, somebody sure is.

McCain,  just scares the hell out of  me. We don't need an old man from the old boys club. He'd be keep those defence contractor in the black alright. When all we really need is a fence.

Update 3/8/08;   Looks as though Ron Paul is thinking of pulling out.
And what really scares the hell out of me is the thought of Obama taking on Hillary as his sidekick. Oh gag me with a spoon. How stupid would Obama be to think taking her on would even be beneficiary. As long as I'm around, I'll be underneath her boat with an agar bit.


I have to give the RollingStone Magazine a plug for their Sept. 6th issue. They got a bit on the money wasted and lost in this war Bush has got US into.
        I wish RS would post the whole article on their website so I could just post a link to it. Boy, Halliburton sure took US to the cleaners.

March 10'08 New York
Eliot Spitzer, this governor of New York, who based his whole career on cleaning up the place. One time as an attorney general he prosecuted 16 people in a prostitution ring. 

However, he was done in by setting himself up with call girls at $4,300.00 a night.
     Boy, I want to meet that woman, cause she must have been really something.

      Feel sorry for his wife though; to have to stand up there next to him while he's spilling the beans in public.
     Today they showed a clip of a politician spilling the beans about playing around with another guy. I got a kick out of the expression on his wife's face, like. So you've been playing around, you naughty little boy. (The only thing I can think is that she was probably fooling around on him and he was the one who got caught.) 
     And of course they showed the clip of the Clintons, where Bill is lying his ass off and Hilary is standing by his side. (With those two, it was just part of the job.)
     It was funny in Australia, they had a politician who thought of himself as some kind of rock star; with the ladies. Even though he was married man, he got himself in trouble for propositioning a reporter.
      I thought, boy what a looser, he got in trouble and he didn't even get any.

June 3rd,'08
Hillary has done enough of her tough talk and she lost it. She looks beat. Time to hang it up.

May 5th'08
Hillary is scratching. Gas tax vacation my ass. She's just saying what she thinks idiots want to hear. If we breed enough stupid people, a back stabbing woman like her may just have a chance.
       What I think what is really funny is that Obama come on saying that it's just a ploy. But then he had already tried it in his own state and it didn't work. What's that say about his own credibility?
       Aren't these two people senators? If they are, why aren't they working like the rest of them. Instead they are flying back and forth from state to state polishing their speeches. I just wish they would get off my TV. I'm sick of the both of them. They haggle over spilled milk, over and over.
       Oh yeah, Hillary talked her tough talk about the fact that she would attack Iran and make them suffer. Boy, gag me with a spoon.         


March 27'08
Hillary got caught lying AGAIN: Saying that she was she had to dodge sniper fire. She's not only a ding bat, she's delusional. I wonder what kind of drugs they have her on.
        She also thinks that Tax payers should bail out the banks that financed risky loans. I say let them suffer, and let the folks on Wallstreet pay for it.

March 21'08

Hillary got caught lying: As to saying that she opposed the NAFTA Treaty. Well wasn't it her husband Bill who signed the treaty that has lead many manufacturing jobs to go south of the border?      Where the busing of workers has lead to dead women's bodies being dumped in the Mexican desert?
     However it sure has help the Canadian Steel manufactures, because they weren't subjected to tariffs as other countries have.
       As for me, I'd have to say that the NAFTA treaty is good for me because if I build my truck in Canada, I could import it to the US at no extra cost.
More information on Hillary and her lie can be found
@ Yahoo News

How about going to

My Flyer in

Oct. 10th'07: Hillary wants to hand over $5.000.00 for every child born. Gee, isn't that like US borrowing a bunch of money to hand over to all the Mexicans who sneek over the border and drops a child on our hands?
        I'd say that's opposite from saying that if you don't have any kids, your property taxes aren't going to include the taxes for education.

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Book Excerpts


         Election Coverage of 2008

November 23,'08:
There has been a steady flow of visitors from Chicago dropping by my web-sites. Gee, I wonder if they are looking for ideas or something.
     I got a kick out of reading what Obama said in a weekly address, he said he wanted to rebuild America's ageing infrastructure, including roads and bridges, as well as develop sources of renewable energy.    
   For you who have read my economic stimulus package idea, you may get a kick out this posted today

   (Oh yeah I agree with his saggy pants bit I heard in his MTV interview. I had to laugh when I heard him talk about the fact that we shouldn't waste time making laws about saggy pants. And I don't want to see anyones underware either.)

If they are looking for advice, I'd say forget about Hillary and think of all the smart guys her husband Bill has knocked off. Why don't we save the ones we have left?

I would also invite any of you to voice your opinoin or comment about the topics covered here at: 
Poop @

November 16,'08:
Senator Richard Shelby, the top Republican on the Banking Committee, said that the U.S. automakers should not get $25 billion in proposed federal loans to save them from possible bankruptcy. On CBS's "Face the Nation" today, Shelby "Companies fail every day and others take their place, There's not a bank in this country that would loan a dollar to these companies."
For more on this

I happen to think: the stimulus package should be partially used for offering affordable government home  loans for the people who are losing their homes..
 The rest should be used for creating jobs, like building new road whether we need them now or not, because we will certainly need them later. And another thing that is being over looked is the fact with the down turn in the economy, communities all over the country are looking for the funds just to maintain the roads they have.

Also if Obama and government officials want to go green so much, they should penalized companies like Ford Motor Company that use coal fired plants to make electricity.   
    And if they want more economical and cleaner vehicles on the road, he should sponsor by helping approve low interest government  loans to start up companies that have no affiliation with the Big Three auto manufactures. I think it's about time we quit giving hand outs to companies that show us they don't know how to weather the storms because there is always high and lows in any industry. So the first thing they should have done along time ago is how to put money way for a rainy day instead of handing out multi million dollars bonuses to their management and board members.

And the cars we should be sponsoring and producing should a shift to electric cars because if the government would have its head on straight, it would realizes that just like new road, we should be building government owned solar and wind generating plants. I'm sure the government already has enough land for them so we should creating jobs building them.
   And as far as sponsoring commercial vehicle manufacturing  companies, as for the trucks we need, we should help those who can supply us with trucks that can run on natural gas, which is about as clean as we can get for heavy duty applications. If we don't help provide funding for the production of such vehicles, the auto manufactures we have depended on are not very likely going to invest in the technology because they already know that the gasoline and diesel engines are cheaper to build and the bottom dollar is all they are concerned about.
    I also think it would be a good idea to approve low interest loans to companies who want to build wind and solar energy generation plants because that even means more jobs and more clean power to the grid.
    Reason being is that, if everyone shifted to electric cars, there would be every Tom Dick and Harry in the energy business wanting hand outs for more nuclear plants because of all the energy being taken off the grid for charging those vehicles. Since we have more nuclear waste than we know what to do with, we sure don't need to be creating more.
    And for the employees who would be losing jobs at the Big Three and their suppliers: I say you better learn how to build roads and bridges. However, many of the suppliers would eventually pick up new accounts from the newer start up companies, so they would just have to whether the storm just as the carpenters  and construction workers have every time the housing industry takes a shit.

November 14,'08:
It's amazing how many people happen to think they know something about politics.  Lately I've been hearing people run their mouth of as if Barak Obama is some great savior. I say to them Rules Number 23: "Don't count your chickens before they hatch."
    So far, the impression I get is that he's assembling something quit similar to Clinton's cabinet.
    Yeah that's what you might want to do if you want to make things look good on paper and you want people too damn stupid to figure out that you just performed lobotomy on the human race.
   Now there is talk about the possibility of Hillary being picked as the Secretary of State. Boy it's a pretty sad day in history when you can't find someone better than then her. (I happen to think it was probably a said and done deal when she pulled out of the race and told her supporters to vote for Obama.)

First of on the agenda is just about what I expected. He want's some of that $750 billion to go to the auto manufactures even thought it's meant to go to finance institutions. It's probably the reason Cerberus Capital Management/Chrysler talks with General Motors hushed up real quick.
The funny thing about the GMAC finance company (which is suppose to be qualified for the financial aid) is actually owned by Cerberus Capital Management/Chrysler and General Motors at 51% to 49% respectfully.
   That's a dirty deal in my book. As I mention in my News and Pesky Car guys Columns, it sounds like another Microsoft trying to eliminate the competition. Law maker's anti-trust laws are suppose to protect us from those kind of things.
   And another thing: this financial aid bit is suppose to be actually the US tax payers investing in the finance industry.

  However, I happen to look at it from another prospective:
  If a company like Ford Motor Company can send guys fallowing guys like me all around the world with phoney child molester rumors; that's called slander and that would be classified as a libel suit in the court of law.
  And if  a company like General Motors can go around offering employers, $10,000.00 to $50,000.00 to fire guys like me so they can't succeed in the American dream or get their inventons on the market; that would be called company espionage and exactly what anti-trust laws are suppose to protect us from.
  And if a guy at Chrysler can hire a guy to rig a toe board in an attempt on my life; that would be conspiring to commit murder.  
(BX_Rule No. 77)    The said thing about this bit with the toe board, apparently there are people within the news media who know who paid the person to rig the toe board, but they aren't saying anything about it, yet they say that you can trust them for the news.
    (Isn't thate witholding evidance, which is against the law too.)
       Bottom line is that these three major auto manufacturing Companies are constantly in violation of the laws that are put in place by law makers to protect the citizens of the USA. Therefore the law makers should be protecting us from these corrupt companies who are obviously in violation of the very same laws our law makers have created. Making the tax payers invest their hard earned money into these currupt companies is like investing in criminal activity, which should be considered against the law.
   If we invest in the criminals, we would make the criminals stronger against us.

I have to agree with the person who wrote a letter in the LA times today. I quote:
For two decades, the Big three American auto makers have been making a fortune building and selling gas-guzzling SUVs while Toyota and Honda were developing energy-efficient, well-designed, long lasting cars.
 The Big Three were able to profit so mighty because their SUVs were exempt from the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards after they lobbied Congress aggressively.
 Now the crybabies want a bailout? I say, "Heck no." Let these companies wither or get bought up by companies that know how to make useful cars for the 21st century.   

November 4th,'08: 
Although it's only 9:00 am, I would like to congratulate Barak Obama for his place in history. My condolences goes out to him for loosing his grandmother only a couple days before the big day for her grandson. It's too bad that she didn't get the chance to stop by the oval office.
     I think it's safe to say that Barak will win by a land slide and I think it is unfair that the media narrowed the race to only two candidates. I'm sure there was enough undecided or republican voters who would have cast a vote for a third party. If so we would npt be stuck with one choice (chosen by the republican party) to replace Obama four years down the road. I'm sure Barak Obama will have and would have had more than enough votes to secure the seat even if a third party would have gotten 15% percent of the votes, enabling them to get secrete service security the next time around in four years from now.
   Any how, I share the same hope that many of you have for our new president. I feel he is the brightest guy who has come alone in decades. I hope that we will be able to look back on his history and many do with JFK, who I feel was the best president in my life time.
   Then there is that first black president bit going on, but I happen to realize that he is just as much white as he is black. He's a mutt as I would say, just like my bass guitar, it's a Fender, but its not stock, so it's a mutt. Its not worth anything as a collectors idiom, but I wouldn't want it any other way.
    There has been a positive aspect for him looking as a black dude. Since if many of you refer to him as the first black president, he owes it to the rest of the black people out there to be a good one because it he isn't, I would think he would be the last black president we see in a long time. (That there alone should hold him to a higher standard if he has any pride in himself.)
     And I happen to like his so called lack of experience. That means there is less chance of him belonging to the old boy's club which has plagued both parties.
  Another positive thing about not only Barak Obama, but this election as well, is that he got more of the younger and lower class people voting for the first time. This shows both parties that they no longer can count on the older and the wealthy for the votes to win an election.
    Since only 5% of the people in this country controls 95% of the wealth, I like the fact that Barak plans to tax the wealthy, because it is common sense to me that is where the revenue is at.
    I can only hope that he gives back the funding that Bush took from the US Patent Office, because just as I received word from a fellow inventor in Carlsbad, it's gotten so expensive that he has had to give up percentages of his patents to investors because of the higher expenses accured with the patent process now days. Basically a private inventor doesn't have much chance at getting and keeping a patent anymore.
   And most of all, I hope he gets not only congress to drop the GATT Treaty and its terrible patent terms. It and the sneak peeks spell doom to the private inventors as well as the human race.
    And for your information, I  didn't vote. I really don't know if I could since the Justus system that we have had made me into a felon. But the real reason I didn't vote is that after near fifteen years since loosing my house to a fire department and haven't been able to live in a house since, I know just how corrupt this place is. I would want to kick myself in the ass for voting for a guy who I happen to think knows who I am and if he doesn't fix the patent laws; well I just wouldn't want to look back and say to myself I voted for the wrong guy.
    Face it, the problem with Affirmative Action, NAFTA or the GATT Treaty was never addressed during the long campaign.
    The election was quite simple minded because the agenda was all about the economy and the war. They didn't even have to touch on the hard stuff.
     However, we can all be happy to say that within two years, we won't have to be considered as war mongers in other countries no longer. We should be peace keepers not fighters.

October 21,'08: 
The thing that gets me is that Palin and Mcain are calling themselves the underdogs. Gee I wonder where they got that idea. Hell I want to know who is in third place. (As mentioned in the side bar.)
     And gee, $150.000.00 for Palin's make over. The question I have is: Did it inclued lipo-suction?

Can you believe Obama was handed $150 million in September. (And over $ 600 Million so far.) Don't you think that is a little scary considering that one term as president only pays $4 millon? Something is wrong hear folk.

Hell, if everyone in this county would only give me $1.00, I could put my inventions on the market and everyone in this country would be saving more than $1,000.00 per year in less than ten years.
        But no, we're so stupid we would rather have an inventor as a freak show. Spend millions on fallowing him around with rumors and making sure he stays broke. Gee, Rule # 51 

October 12,'08: 

The Foo Fighters have told John McCain to stop using their song "My Hero" in his presidential campaign because it "tarnishes" the track. 
          They said, " The saddest thing about this is that My Hero was written as a celebration of the common man and his extraordinary potential."

Earlier this month, Heart singers Ann and Nancy Wilson said they had sent a cease-and-desist letter asking the Republicans not to use their 1977 track Barracuda. They called in lawyers after vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin used the track at a party rally.

And, in August, it was announced that singer Jackson Browne, 59, was suing McCain for using his hit song Running on Empty in an advert for his campaign.
     Browne, who is seeking more than $75,000 (£40,000) in damages, claimed the advert was an infringement of copyright and will lead people to conclude he endorses McCain.

Hey Jonny Boy, just because you some how get the rights to use someone's song. You better find out if they even like you first.
      Apparently a bunch of musicians are hot about him using there songs. I got this information at the web-page
@ BBC Rock Songs.
PS: check out the last line that was the retort for the republican party. I will leave it for the credit of BBC.

October 8,'08: 
Since there wasn't anything else on TV I had to watch the later part of the presidential debates.
       Both of them exaggerated numbers like crazy.
Funny how McCains used the term "friends" so much. 
Like he talked as though we have friends in Pakistan.
    Hell, nobody really likes the US unless there is something in it for them.
     At least Obama talked of giving them some kind of aid and using it a leverage to get them to be more democratic.
       However, both of them use the same game play as before: the flowery crap while they think of an answer, and then they finish up by pointing the finger at the other guy.   Boy less than one month of this crap left to go. And for a guy who is over 72 years old; whatta punk.

GOctober 3,'08: 
I didn't watch the vice pres debates, but what I saw in the news clips: looked like Palin was trying to pull off the Obama pep rally type hype. All I've got to say is: nice shoes.

September 23,'08:
Well, it looks pretty clear to me that Obama will be are next president. The reason I say this is because McCain picked a crook for a running mate. Hell she has more ghosts in her closet than one could shake a stick at. Clearly Mccain didn't check her out very well.      
     Apparently Palin tried to get an ex-brother in-law who is a State Patrol Officer fired and then instructed everyone not to say anything about it.
    She's so bad that they even want to make her husband testify. Then not to mention the pregnant 17 year old daughter and the son who is said to be a hard core drug addict.
   Basicly my opinion is that if she can't even lead her own family and take care of her own personal family problems, who's to say that she could run this country if McCain crokes? 
     However if we were voting on a first lady,
       I'd vote for Cindy McCain because I think she's hot.

But what is this with the way she often combs over her hair into some kind of old lady bun?
      Folks, we need a third party, so please read the side bar and vote for the underdog who is in third place.

January 30th, 2008: I got a kick out of these pictures that made the news. Check out Obama budding up for the Kennedy family vote. Hay we bros man.

Then this picture show just how polite Hilary actually is. She knows that she has to look like buddies too, so she puts on that big chipmunk smile and jump right in. But hay lady, how about giving the guy a little space. Like Stupid Rule Number 21

I have a feeling Clinton even gives Obama the he be gee bees

January 1st, 2008:I guess Bush played around with the Freedom of Information Act lately. He said it was to make getting information easier. Well hell if that's true: Please then tell me that there is someone who can get their hands on an Arrest Report created by the Malibu Sheriff Department on Sept. 9th 2000.
      It was called a 5150 Hold
       File No. 100-07324-1029-461
I would be greatful if you could get me a copy of it.
I'm even willing to give you some pocket filler for it.

Scary Pooped

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