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The stuff they put on TV

This column's main focus is to present my thoughts about the weekly television shows many of us are stuck watching.

May 26th, 2021:
You just have to laugh
       The other morning, I noticed the young activist from Stockholm Sweden, Greta Thunberg was on a zoom call while appearing on The View television show.
       She was about to comment on the Biden administration and all of a sudden the video feed began to stall.
       Shortly thereafter Greta's video feed began working properly again, but there was no word about what she was about to say beforehand.
       From where I come from, that was blatantly censorship and it only show you just how bias the ABC show is.

Oh doesn't he look funny?
He got lips that look like the Joker's Lips
       Talking about Bruce Jenner.
       Makes me laugh every time I see him.
       Funnier then hell.

Rule Numbers- 50
August 26, 2015:
Saw that old gal who is afraid to show her neck,
on Ellen Degenerate's Show

       They Goofed Up and Ran the portion of the show they thought they cut-out.
       Boy, I would like to say that my parents brought me up with better manors than that.
       A sure clue, she must not be getting any herself that is normal and conventional.
       Just a Defective 8%er I say.
       I will be nice when I see the day when we see less of her kind.

The Shark Tank is a fraud
April 30th, 2015:
The show is a fraud. It's a marketing ploy, played in reverse.
       See the deal is, they never actually tell you what they paid for the big ticket idioms, the larger deals that are about $100,000.oo or over are already locked up in a contract before they ever make it to the TV show. (I've been corrected just as I thought in the first place. I guess no one asking for more than $50,000.oo actually goes on the show with no prior deal already set-up.) Even though, they still have their new partners show up on the TV set and play out a fake negotiation.

There has been so many clues to that, -one lady even jumped the gun one time. Cut the whole show short. And you have to also realize, they would rather have people thinking that a million dollar deal is rare, so people coming to them don't expect to get as much.

And now as they accumulated a bunch of product, the tv show has tuned into a look at what we've done show. And folks, when these folks say that they've made, or how much product they have moved, -it doesn't really mean that they are telling you anything that resembles the truth, -that they will stretch if they can, they want you to think they've got the hot products to buy.

January 6th 2014: The Shark Tank
      must be tanking

And while were in that general area, the guy sitting on the left on the Shark's show gets a few brownie points for restoring some of my faith in mentality of the human race. Like when this guy came on the show with an online computer instruction course, mainly targeting people over fifty.
      The first comment I can recall was from the guy on the left. He came right out and said, "you are an idiot," to entrepreneur; right off the bat.
      I also started laughing when the entrepreneur didn't even understand what packaging meant, for software or anything for that mater.
      I'm left wondering if it was all a just a script and no such business, because I would think that the producers of the show would have at least had a bit of common sense when it came to pre-screening people before the show. Lost a few points in my faith of the human intellect if I do say the least.
     But really folks, don't you get a feeling some of the presenters are just actors playing out a script?

October 2nd, 2013:
Running her mouth off:
I get a kick out of how phoney Sarah Mechelle Gellar is. She always said shit like be happy with yourself just the way you are no matter what other people say.
     Well her mother wasn't smart enough to tape her ears down after she was born, so after the Burger king commercial, she had them surgically cropped.
     Then after her gig as Kendell on the soap opera in New York as a teenager, the ridges on her front teeth disappeared, so I can assume she had bright white veneers put on when she got to Hollywood and landed the Buffy gig.
     It's my guess she found out that veneers don't let you floss very well and she probably ended up with gum disease because of it.
     And now of course, I had to laugh last night when I saw her on the Letterman Show; showing off her new long bright and shinny teeth for the cameras. They look like the same implants that everyone else seems to be waring now days.
      And the outfit she wore only confirmed what I thought was going on in her new show. That she's picked up a fat ass after dropping a couple kids and she's obviously trying to hide it.
      What a phoney bitch and boy, the way she turned out, I figure she'd drive most guys a little crazy just listening to her run her mouth off, and that's not crazy in a good way either.
     I have to say it was a little bit insulting as to the ways she started out on the Letterman,s Show talking about the good aspects of stalking; referring to how she landed her new gig, but considering the way things are, fuck you bitch!

And I have to say I'm a little disappointed with Joss Whedon’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Unfortunately it resembles just another egotistic cop show like NCIS, but with fancier gadgets.

Cortney Cox, soon to be staring as the Black Widow as she sits in jail.

Cortney Cox the balck widow

Maybe it wasn't a very good idea to give Marta Kaufman my Lousy Book.
     I figure that Cortney Cox found out about me through her. Whether it was Matt Damon or Steven Speilberg she told about me next; I'm not sure about.

Marta Kauffman who recieved Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Never the less, it's pretty creepy how the media and motion picture industry is willing to protect their reputation by not informing the public about it.
     Folks, these people are a true example of just how the rich and famous get preferential treatment, even if they are flat out criminals and should be in jail. Apparently Matt Damon is out on bail and what is remarkable about it is that they let him leave the country to work on a film.

Matt Damon Criminal who should be in jail

No telling what kind of favours Speilberg got, but the media is getting paid to tell you that he is on a sailing trip around the world this summer. And lets not forget they made him the head of the Cans Film Feastable, not to say that he would ever have to show his face there, never the less, I would think that position would be a conflict of interest, but I'm sure it's just a title they gave him and he truly doesn't have a thing to do with it. It was just posted to make Spielberg look busy when he is actually not.

Steven Spielberg in jail

October 3rd, 2012

Yah see that Sandy relief show Matt louer put on for New York?
     Man-0-Man was that ever depressing. The only thing I felt was worth was the song Down by the Board walk.
     As for the rest of the show: it just couldn't compete with what ever was going on on the other channel.

September 14th, 2012 Friday :
What else can they do?

Can you believe, a dog show won America has Tallet? I was going to post something yesterday, saying that I thought the young kids with their dancing were the only finalist that had any talent. Lady Osborn and the idiot sitting next to her lead the way to make me feel even more ashamed of this place called America.
     But what else are you to expect when we worry more about a bunch of animal than we do or inventors.
     As for me, the day I want a pet is the day they can sell me one that cleans up its own shit. I sure don't want to be the one who picks it up for them.
     And on the other channel, Simon is patting himself on the back for hiring Britney. Got a wood be stalker and I did miss what ever that guy was crying about Brittany was all about but I'm sure Simon will broker few deals for reruns of the first show as while as others, and I'm sure his advertising fees just hit the motherload.

Oh yeah, and that thirteen year old, I'm sure she's one that will be difficult for anyone to fallow. I just hope they don't push her to extend her range more than she did there at the end of the song. And I hope her parents are smart enough to take another look at Simon's contract. If it's anything like Simon's American Inventor show, -if she goes to the finals, he owns her for five years. I'd be finding out if she could go one more round and then pull the plug on her because if she's the real deal, there will be better deals than Simon's for the taking.
     Update: although I haven't seen many of them, I happen to think Willie Jones is the winner and I would be backing out if I were him.

Go OnAt first I thought it was kinna funny, but by the end of the second episode, I thought it was just too stupid for me.

ArrowSo far, it hasn't lost the fantasy yet. I'm still interested and I have to admit, I didn't expect much, but it's fairing better than some other newcomers.

Chicago FireI wonder if this producer Wolf ever got a high school diploma. Oh maybe rich parents? What ever made the guy think we are such fools. Got a lot of laughs out of the stupid shit, however I did see some mighty fine legs.

Revolution It seemed pretty cool at first. I thought gee, it will help make people realize that we can't have enough guns. But when it came down to some stupid pendants that are behind it all. Gee, I'm no idiot.

Joss Whedon has a new show out called  Grim.
I'm not one for horror movies,
but I think I can handle this show.
    Once again his show was placed in the difficult to make it,
Friday night time slot.
       However, this time I happens to be signed up with a different Network.
       But once again, Joss has put something together that I think will work. Update:Oct.'12- still my favorite

Ringer: I got burned out on the trailers.
But for the sake of drama; how many hoops does the poor  girl have to jump through.
I betcha Sarah's agent managed a executive producer title for her (which means another royalty check.) However, I'm not much of a fiction writer but I just don't know how they expect to keep it going.
Also: some things just don't work in their details.
Good luck to the writers, cause they've got a difficult task on their hands.

The Voice: I happen to think they were a bit too fast to push the button. I see no advantage of even hitting it until the end of the song. But at least they were pre-screened somewhat.

Two and a Half men: This thing with Charlie Sheen. Someone should tell him that you can't fix syphilis, with your brain, you can only treat it, but it will get you in the end.
     The writers are what made the show work and I think the creator should prove that by coming back next season with a replacement. There are many actors who would love the opportunity to play the part.

Harry's law: The first one seemed kinna neat and all, but I thought it was a little more supportive of a thug than people truly would be (showing up in court and all, I know that wouldn't happen.) But now I've seen another episode and saw how the writers have the thug going around beating up people - I don't care if the are good or bad - I don't believe in supporting any vigilantism either. In my opinion, the characterization is good, but the writers don't know what kind of stories fit reality. Bummer.
      But the lawyers ex-girlfriend:
        she's got some of the finest arms I've seen in a while

Nikita: Man oh man, that gal's legs go on forever. But they kinna kill the whole fantasy part of it with the thought she could go into a party (by herself,) with a bunch of the bad guys who want her dead. And if she has to high tail it out of there, she's going to ditch the heals. And no assassin is going to use round points. But the whole plot with having a new girl on the inside is interesting. (Kind of stolen from Joss Whedon's Dollhouse though.) I know I'm stupid enough to tune in next time and give it a go, reluctantly.
   Update:10.25, I'm hooked on the young girl.

Undercovers: What a joke.

Joss Whedon and crew sure did an excellent job with Dollhouse. Even the last episode was better than I would have expected. I often wondered where he would end up going with it and he never disappointed me.
       I guess the show got cancelled, what a bummer, but with the time slot they gave the show, I kinna expected it.
     However, I'm sure it's not the last we will hear from Joss, and I'm he will not disappoint.

Melrose Place: Never really cared for the show, but the character Ashley Simpson plays is quite over the top and it got me tuning in for more. I heard that she got fired, but I still she her on the show. She may not be wanted in the music world, but I think acting may just be her calling. besides, she's hot.  
      Melrose Place 
writers provided much better scripts than can we say 90210? Which has lost any of my interest in watching.

Life Unexpected:  At first I thought it was kinna cute with the whole plot and all, but the girl is just too selfish.

High Society:  Gee, is this shit real? This Paul guy has got to be the biggest loser. And by the way, Dancing with Stars is bad enough, but the Biggest Losers. show to me that it's getting pretty bad, there just has to be something else.

Trauma looks like they could use some valium. Because the show is just too busy with effects and lacks character development. Nah, throw that one back.

Gossip Girl - Gee what a bunch of pretty faces, but they should be because the filters the cinematographer used almost turned them in to cartoon images. I just couldn't tell if it was another 90120 or Melrose Place. Good thing the Girl from Buffy landed a second gig at Mercy because I think Mercy has a chance of making it through the season. The folks who produced Mercy must have wanted to do something like House, but with a gutsy girl nurse instead of a doctor and of course she has to be eccentric too. Kind of a rip off, but what the heck, I can't watch Fox in my cage.

On the new Jay Leno show?
It looks like a game show, it smells like a game show,
it's as stupid as a game show; it must be a game show.


July 3rd '09: For those of you who would like to know how I rank the new (and old) shows that have started up this fall:

1. Fringe
I've seen many of them and it's still pretty good,
      it hasn't let me down yet.

2. House
The first episode of the season was excellent.
     It's getting a little predictable, but still worth watching.

Nikita I have to say that they have a pretty good writing crew.
4. Bones
 I liked the back story of their first case together a lot
5. Event
It's pretty good but when its about the guy and his girlfriend; I change the channel to Gossip Girl
6. Gossip Girl
 I don't know what it is about the show but it's
   a toss up with the
Event. I happen to think it's Blake Lively
7. Life Unexpected.
This one gets a little korney at times,
     and a bit more dramatic than life could ever be, but it's
     better than watching Chuck.

8. My own worst enemy
(I guess it got dumped)9.Chuck has gotten a little too stupid for me anymore
10. Heros
Got a little bit to confusing to keep up with what is going on. I think they are losing me.
As far as sit coms go:
I'm still a Two and a Half Men, fan.
I've been known to watch:
Boston Legal
How I Met Your Mother, (once in awhile.)

I'm kinna out on the rest.
   I tolerate
Lipstick Jungle because I happen to think its just a wanna bee Sex in the City, and I just don't care for any of the characters. Funny thing: At first I didn't like the Billionair guy, but now I think he is the only one I can even identify with. Desperate House Wives is kinna old but I still watch it occasionally because there's just nothing else to watch.
Brother and Sisters have better scripts than DHW's
I touch bases with
Gray's Anatomy once in a while.

Ugly Betty is just too gay for me anymore
Cruso is just screwed up.

What is your opinions about the shows we watch:

Feb. 12th 2009:  The Fringe has continually proven to arrive with good story lines and the character development is some of the best work to come out of Hollywood lately. Good work guys.

October 17th 2008:  I checked out the first episode of the mini series from ABC called Cruso. Now this Brit named Robinson Cruso was portrayed as quite the creative and quite brilliant kind of character. And the show seemed pretty interesting and entertaining with the tree house all full of every kind of contraption you could imagine. However the whole script took a dive soon after they discovered the golden canon. For one thing any guy with half a brain would have rounded up all the guns with plenty of ammo. They would have taken cover and had one hell of a shoot out over getting control of the boat. The last thing they would do is walk up to the guys and be either shot or as they were turned around to be left stranded.
          Then the part that poured salt into the wound, or what I think insulted my intelligence was that two guys would have even been able to carry such a canon. And cursed? My ass.
.  The last thing any intelligent man would do is throw a ton of gold away. Apparently the writers from Disney don't have their heads on straight. Boy that script sure a tanked on the first episode. Kinna like Chuck with the guys hiding under the counter, it's just too unbelievable.
     Doesn't anyone in Hollywood believe that we actually want to be able to fantasize? Well make it fanaticizable! Don't go putting in crap that doesn't go along with human nature.

October 13th 2008:  My own worst enemy was a little too strange at first, but when the communication between the two different identities began to communicate with one another the plot became interesting. Looking forward to the next episode.

October 14th 2008:  The father's funeral episode of House will be a memorable one for me. I liked the human relations part of it. I thought the part where the cop was like a shrink was great. And the idea of ordinary people as being boring to Wilson and House. That torment they give each other is only see as fun to them. I'm glad that Wilson never got written out of the show.
        I actually saw some of myself in that episode. Good job writers; one of your best.

October 12th 2008:  I not one who's normally big on cop shows, but I happen to like the character of the new show of Life. I watched it twice now.
  And the Life on Mars has me back for a second round too. I have to say it's an interesting take; being sent back in time and not really wanting to. And the part of trying to get people to realize that you are not crazy. (I guess I can relate.)

October 9th 2008:  I checked out  Private Practice for the first time last night. Gee, the background music that was always in there gave the show the same feeling as the perfume in the air at a casino. The show resembled some kind of rich folk in LA theme. Like and adult 90120 or something. However, it's hard for me to relate to them having any kind of problems when their office is right on the beach. My overall opinion of the show resembled the episode's theme: sucking fat. 

Lipstick Jungle was so predictable it wasn't even funny. The story ark is about the only thing it's got going for it, so they haven't lost me yet. (Guess there wasn't anything else on.) Looks as though they gave up the show orientated commercials that I hated last year,

Desperate House Wives did an interesting thing by setting the show ahead a few years. I'm still out on that one. it's marginal and can go either way.

Brother and Sisters<, for some reason impressed me more this year. Whether it's the ark or the story-lines, I don't know. One thing for sure, when I see the two guys kissing, it makes me pick up the remote to change the channel. I just can't stand watching two guys kiss. That was one thing I didn't like about some of the shows I saw in Australia. Icky poo.
     And this little romance with the cute girl on the show, gee, be a man, you fought in a war, you can handle a little tail. (But I know, it's what kept Who's the Boss going. Every show has to have that suspense thing going somewhere.

October 8th 2008:The other night Chuck and Terminator - the Sarah Conner Cronicals were on at the same time. I bounced back and forth a bit. However, Sarah Conner Conicals won my attention. Chuck is cute, but it's just another Mork and Mindy,or Who's the Boss. I happen to think being a comity, it just gets a little too stupid for me. 
To night I'll check out the new Bones; which I'm known to watch from time to time. And it will be the first time I will get a look at Private Practice. Check back on that one.

And oh one the Award shows: the Academy Awards was handing out awards to shows I don't even watch. It was quite the stale atmispher if you ask me. Shows and people I don't even know about.
   As for the MTV Music Awards: Although I'm not such a big fan of the new pop and rape music that much, I thought the production as a whole was great. The way they use the Paramount Studios as the sight and the settings as well. I thought it was a good show. But this brit guy who hosted it - the wanna look like a crazy rock star guy - was trying to pull his foot out of his mouth all night. Funny guy, but what an idiot.

Sept 10,'08 I've got to say I'm into the Terminator - the Sarah Conner Cronicals. Kinna like I've said before about the computers may become smarter than us if we keep breeding stupid people.

And the first episoid of the Fring was pretty good. (I think it is produced by the same outfit as House -Bad Hat productions) 

I'm not a fan of American Idol, but I happen to watch a part of it the other night. This guy name Chris sang, and Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson said he was great, but Simon mentioned that he was struggling in the middle of the song. I say the guy had no sense of rhythm and timing was off. He sucked and I was wondering why the other two couldn't figure that out since they are suppose to be professionals.

Oh yeah, I bought Paula Abdul her nylons as well as other things. I worked as her runner when she did a concert in Tacoma, Washington. 
Paula Abdul T-shirt 1991-1992

April 25,'08: It appears that American Idol is just a popularity contest because even though Carly was the best they ever had, she was sent packing last night. I guess I can dodge the rest of the season.
March 15,'08 I'm not much of an American Idol fan, but the best one going this time around isn't even an amateur as they are suppose to be.       However Carly Smithson from San Diego is the one that should win because she is the only one that has a good sense of rhythm  when she sings.
      March 19th she was voted to the bottom three out of the top 11. Either it was all about ratings, (meaning that the show rigs the votes,) or it's just a popularity contest and the general public is even dumber than I thought.  
     Feb. 19th 2008: It's funny how folks disregard the fact that
American Idol is all about producers exploiting individual talents for their own gain through a contract. Like the fact that Randy Jackson  was with AM Records and when a contestant appeared on the show with a new name still over looked the fact that these people had already contracts with record companies, (even his own.) Now it turns out that others on the show aren't amateurs either. Well I for one know that it's not always the vocalist that make the hits. It's the band and the music as a whole that counts. Like would AC/DC even consider any of the fluffy contestants? Would a guy like Bob Dylan even have a chance
     There is a reason this bit isn't in my
Tunes column. It's because it's not about music at all.)

I also like to watch House. I don't know if it's because Dr. House is so arrogant, or if it's his wittiness I like about the character. Regardless, the line they give him are usually pretty good.
    The writer who wrote the lines for
House on the episode where the woman who dies of cancer, but produces a child did some wonderful speachy stuff for house.

March 1, 2008: I got a kick out of the House episode, (The Katrina Victim and Cuddy looking for sperm at a sperm bank.) I thought it was funny how House brought in Cuddy's sperm donor so that she could meet the creepy guy.
      House said that genes really matter and apparently he convinced Cuddy of that. The question I have is: did House donate his sperm or did they have good old fashion sex. However she was thanking him for something and he was asking her if it wasn't just the injections. Yeah, when it gets down to it, smart people want smart kids.
  And I happen to think Lisa Edelstein is mighty fine.

Lisa Edelstein

Oct. 28th, '07: Here on the central coast, I only get NBC and sometimes Fox. So far the only new show that stands out is Chuck on Monday nights. (Ain't she a babe or what?)
     Dec. 18th, the writers of
Chuck kinna lost me on the Black Friday episode. Having two guys crawl under the counter because of their fear of a large amount of shoppers is pretty dam stupid. It insulted my intelligence and it makes me find it hard to give the writers and producers any creditability.  

However I would like to congratulate the folks who produce Journeyman. They have something that you would want to believe in. And good writers.

Las Vegas is Friday nights. So this year this column is going to be a little dry. Sorry.

I would like to congratulate the writers who work on the new show, October Road. However the intro to the first episode was kinna tacky and I almost changed the channel. (Being about another writer and all the air guitar bit, just about turned me off.) But I'll have to say that their characterization is pretty interesting. It's one show where you could almost believe that people could be as such. It's realistic and interesting at the same time and I'm wondering where it will go.(I just hope it doesn't get tacky for ratings.)
     He, (the writer guy) is in rule 22. He's got a girl who just adores him, and a son who has an old flame attached. (I think the student is my kind of girl and I sure would have a hard time pushing her way. She's the real catch. The lines the writers have given her are like poetry with wisdom.)
      And the guy and the pizza girl; kinna romantic and fun at the same time. I'm wondering if she will get him out of the house, or will she settle for the way he is. (My question is where in hell does he get the money to stay at home all the time and order out? A big hole.)
 You got the bully contractor who will look for revenge and the womanizer who wants to settle for a woman with a little substance, or is it that she's the one who actually knows him the best, but he's afraid of it cramping his style. And she understands.
     Update: The network must have signed them on for a shorter than normal session, (I'm guessing it was 5 or 6 episodes.) That's a short story curve. Let's just hope they don't loose their audience by next year.

Like Desperate House Wives. The first season was pretty good, I got a kick out of the character Bree. But this year, it's gotten a little to desperate. Almost like a Jerry Springer show/soap opera.

I thought Men in Trees was pretty cute for some reason, but then the realization hit me. I bet the writers of the show are playwrites, with a theater background, because most of the scenes look and act like theater to me. But being on TV, some parts tend to be a little desperate for ratings. I can't stand the whinny boyfriend who's mom is the cop. He's bogus.

I like Boston Legal because I like the arrogant contemptuous bastard that Spade plays. I just get a kick out of him when he's in court. (But Jan 16 it was kinna lame Kelly.) It's like Allen has a superior way of presenting things and he knows it, his closing are usually works of art but that one was kinna lame. However, the Denny Crain character played by William Shapner is a bit on the over board if you ask me. But that Gal that pays Denise is pretty fine.(Feb.13th was real disappointing.) Apirl 24th (the doll episode.) was pretty good. And isn't the blonde judge supper hot? And Allen never called her? I guess she gets busted with drugs the next episode. I guess Allen might get to defend her? This was the first episode that the Denny Crain was tolerable in a long time.

Ugly Betty has touched me on a personal level sometimes, but it works too hard for its ratings. A little bit too gay for me too. It's the kinna show that steps in and takes the Suddenly Susan spot for viewer and advertisers. I think Just Shoot Me did it funnier in a half hour show.
        Maybe it was because I was drunk, but I thought the person who wrote the Feb. 15th episode did a bang up job. They carried a whole lot of stuff going on in one show. I don't remember a thing about it, but I was amazed at the way it was organized and arranged.
    Update: since the brother came back as a woman, the show kinna lost me, it's just too weird.
2nd Update: I Thought the special show with writer narrating a summery episode was a pretty good way of letting people know where the creative ideas are coming from. 

Brother and Sisters, almost every time I've watched it I just couldn't think of a good reason for watching it. Last time I shut it off to save my battery. And guys kissing guys.... that's one thing I can't stand watching. Isn't Disney the folks that own ABC? And ABC produces the show? Not exactly Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner.

Gray's Anatomy, has to have about one of the best writing crews out there right now. Certain characterizations get on my nerve sometimes, but they got me tuning in. I get a feel of the weather I left behind sometimes too. The first boat accident one pretty much lost it for me. I laughed at the second boat accident episode. When they were about to show spots to the third boat show, I turned of the TV, passed out and missed Men in Trees. The show has turned into a typical soap opera. But isn't Kate Walsh one hot babe? I can't get over all the facial expressions she has. I'd bet she's never had any botox to speak of and I'd be ashamed if I'm wrong but, dam I think she is nice. I even saw Kate on the tonight show and she didn't even seem tripped out like many of the actresses are.

I think the biggest mistake that the folks at Gray's Anatomy,  Desperate House Wives and Men in Trees, are doing is that they all make trailers promoting the next episode, and the give away the whole damn plot. They must expect us to be pretty stupid because they sure don't leave any mystery to the storyline.
            I can already guess the blond is going to take $200,000.00 of that $8.7 million and fix the poor girl's back.  And Gee a Free Clinic and no funding and you are not gonna think of the girl you work with who is giving money away. Sure the girls going to come up with the idea herself. For what? Advertising dollars? I sure don't know but I think they're shooting themselves in the foot. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

And I've been known to watch Smallville once in a while. I think it's pretty good.
I've always thought Clark should leave the puppy dog eyed Lana, and her lovey dovey ways behind.
Because the real catch is the blond reporter Chloe Sullivan, (played by Allison Mack.)

About the only reality show I may be guilty of being a fan of is--Blind Date.
    Vicariousness might be the reason: I don't know.

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       Just an Evil Product of Oprah.
       Can't stand the look of his eyebrows myself.

Joss Whedon has a new show out called Dollhouse.
       Too bad he's getting stuck with the bad Friday night time slot as he did with his show
Firefox. I just hope this one will get moved to a better night,
      For those of you who don't know who Joss is, he's the creator of
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
       It looks as though Joss brought writers
Tim Miner and Jan Epenson over from the Buffy CrewJoss Whedon also created the The Office, but he handed the Office over.
       Got to see the first episode: The question I have is, she so wiped out that she doesn't realize a day or two has gone by? Because there is something about fantasy for me, I want to believe it could be true and that is something the whole story line has convince me yet. However it was a pretty good take on it, but something tells me that I'll end up thinking firefox was better, Feb. 14;'09

Heros' was a little difficult to understand at first, but after you know story line a bit, it has shown me that it's worth watching.

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The Inventor Shows on TV

Recently Abigail Breslin turned 12.
However I just saw her on the Jay Leno show.
   I'd say the Jay repeatedly insulted Abigal's intelligence; several times. I happen to think Jay is getting too old when an 11 year old is too intelligent for him.
  She was like: How stupid do you think I am? I had to laugh.

Lipstick Jungle:
I have to say that their writers are good at keeping it interesting.

It's kind of a Sex in the City, but with married couples mixed into it.
       However the thing I hate most about it is that they are sponsored by Maybeline cosmetics, and that they throw you into a commercial that can confuses the people at home.
      What I do like on the show is the eyes of Kim Raver. They just do something for me.

For more pictures of Kim Raver
(Just click on picture.)

Feb. 4'08: Saw Brook Sheilds on the morning talk show; talking up how the 10.00 pm slot has opened up the doors to showing more skin and racey outfits.
        Gee, lady I can only handle a love scene for a little while, because they get kinna boring pretty fast. If you think love scenes are what will keep guys like me tuning in every week, your dreaming.

It's like the Knight Rider and the Ford commercials that are screwing up the show.

General Motors had the same thing going with a new show it failed.

I just hope Lipstick jungle hangs up the commercial aspect before it ruins the show.

As for the Knight Rider, I could care less, besides: I think the new Mustangs look fat and I always expect some fat chick to be driving them.


April 24th I saw Ivanka Trump on David Letterman's show. She made me want to bring back the Girl of the Day Awards because every time I see her, I'm so impressed. I think: She's only twenty five? She could of fooled me. Quite the pleasant lady and dam nice looking too.

I happen to like to watch Becker.  I like the episodes with the curly hair blond cafe owner best for some reason. I thing the off beat chemistry between the two of them is pretty cool. And who runs the place when she's out? The blind guy?
        Shawnee Smith
did an excellent job at playing her roll as Lisa. Boy some of the outfits she wares are hot. (She's hot.)

Shawnee Smith

She's pretty cleaver at times, but the thing I can't figure out is: Is she suppose to act like an air-head or is she suppose to act as if she pretends that she is? I just it doesn't matter, I'm sure many of us could handle a girl like her around, and some of us not.  
          But I wouldn't mind.


If you happen to wonder which TV shows are my favourite of all times? I'd have to say a kid, it was probably Gillian's Island.
     As an adult, I would have to say
The Rockford Files. James Gardner played the roll of Jim Rockford, a private investigator. A man I can I identify with and what was nice about the story line was they didn't revolve around some romance story. The relationship he had with is lawyer, was about has much husband and wife as it got. The show one & one & two together. Figuring something out. Back then they didn't get too fancy with Hollywood production. They had some pretty cheesy overdubs, but the show worked.
   I like the fact that the character didn't care that his home was a neglected looking trailer sitting in a parking lot. To him he didn't have to worry about whether the grass needed mowing or not. But if he wanted to be outside, he had just the place and it was only a few steps away.


One of my favorite shows was Firefox, created by Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the network put Firefox on Friday nights and that was a mistake, it killed a good show.

March 1st. 08: I check out the first session of Buffy at the library the other day. I'd never seen the earlier Buffy shows, and so far I think they're real cute and I get a laugh out of them.
      However, I have to say that the third episode titled the Witch, and the one about Zander turning into a badger have got to be on the list biggest pieces of junk I've ever seen go through Joss Whedon's hands.
    Good thing they weren't among the first shows I ever seen of his, because he could have lost me on those two. 


ABC's news show,
Notes From the Underbelly:
If you have to practice changing dippers and set the alarm to get up in the middle of the night to feed a plastic doll - abort -because we don't need any more idiots.



Kate Walsh

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The Media


Two and a Half Men is one of my favorites, because I could identify with the fantasy life Charlie has. And I've got to admit their writers are pretty good; funny as hell.


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Vegas, is nothing like Vegas, but I think they have a talented writing crew. I can't think of a time where they've left me disappointed. And they have some mighty fine looking gals on the show. But don't go to Vegas and expect to see even a fraction as many.

I don't watch cop or lawyer shows. I think they are a egotistic as hell and I think it gets to the heads of real cops. We have enough bullies, why make more.
       I have watched my share of Columbo and I do like Cold Case, its unlike the typical egotistic cop shows and the way its presented with the flashbacks, is kinna cool if you ask me.

quad surfboard bottom in purple


 M & D Warning

Girls of the Day


The Bachelor, Officer and a Gentleman : Boy for a doctor, he's quite the goof ball. And they set him up with a nice car and boat to make him look like he makes something off the military. (I knew a couple who where medics in the military and I know better.) I guess the nice car and boat would get those young girls all fired up though.
    The 28 yr Tiffany was the catch and she couldn't but help laugh at him. Sure the discussions aren't much with the cameras in your face, but getting rid of Tiffany pretty much left him with bottom drawer ding bats. The other 28 year old is pretty hot. However I bet she's been around the block a few times and he has big feet and I bet she's willing do anything for a doctor. If I were in his shoes, I'd be making some alone time with her. Hell, isn't the game all about having sex with as many of the girls as you can?
      The only guy they ever got to appear on the show that was worth a shit was the Goodyear guy, and man, didn't he get to pick from some top notch women.


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